Common Hair Transplant problems answered!

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In case you’re thinking about a hair transplant, or are in the process of approaching your medical procedure, it is normal for you to have concerns or questions. We’ve assembled a manual to help answer the most well-known inquiries posed by those intrigued by a hair transplant. IS A HAIR TRANSPLANT DIFFICULT? We oversee neighborhood … Read more

Walking – a source of health and happiness

Walking: Here, truly, a clear demonstration of the truth, “What we have – do not appreciate.” In fact overestimate the benefits of this, at first glance, such a natural and habitual activities, it is impossible! Believe it or – no, but the ordinary walks can work wonders. “A short digression for inspiration Let me describe … Read more

Meditation: Time and Place

You will need perseverance to develop a new habit, and find time for a new occupation. You will be much easier if you train your mind to meditate in a particular time and place. Sometimes you’ll likely want to skip class in meditation and do something else, but eventually you start to feel uncomfortable, if … Read more

Half strength training will make you beautiful

Half strength training

I think that the movie to blame. It is the art of illusion. On the screen are moving mannequins, which we naively take for the living. Then we had foolishly trying to be them. Some there actress corset, a talented artist puts on her body make-up, and now she looks dazzling. Exactly half an hour … Read more

Fitness is a health and beauty!

Fitness is a health and beauty

Every woman wants to be well-groomed and beautiful. But as you know, visiting beauty salons and buying expensive clothes from designers not enough to always be irresistible. Need to be addressed and sports, so fitness classes – one of the most simple solutions to maintain youthful body, beauty and health. Fitness – a system of … Read more

Myths of the gym

Argued that the gym – not the ladies’ class. The desire for femininity firmly holding the fair sex from classes with weights. Myth 1. ARRANGEMENTS can be pumped to the size of TERMINATOR You can, of course. But, fortunately for the women and, unfortunately, for professional athletes, sculpt muscles, such as that Schwarzenegger is not … Read more

How to stay in shape by skipping session in a fitness club?

Many people believe that skipping a few classes, weight returns with a breakneck pace and still take with a few extra pounds. But this is not the case, skip a few lessons will help to recover and achieve faster results. Well, if you are moving, going on a business trip, or just for some reason … Read more

Good posture – the basis of health and beauty

the basis of health and beauty

Today, a total of information and computerization, when sitting at the computer many hours in a row was in the same familiar and natural as reading the newspaper or watching television for example, more and more people rely on sedentary leisure activities, and if you do not rotate like leisure activities or what types of … Read more

How to lose weight fast, using jump rope?

How to lose weight fast? This question is probably the most relevant in people suffering from obesity. Everyone loses weight on their own. Someone exhausts themselves to death, someone watches aerobics, and some even go under the surgeon’s knife. If all these people know that losing weight quickly is a snap using a simple portable … Read more

Ingredients For A Healthy Life

Cardio recipe for good heart health. Our priority is to help everyone to look after their heart health through evidence-based dietary interventions. This sounds simple. The CardioKit team wants it to be easy so that more people can benefit from our lifestyle advice. Find all Dr. Ali Khavandi’s tips for the ‘INGREDIENTS FOR A HEALTHY … Read more