How to stay in shape by skipping session in a fitness club?

Many people believe that skipping a few classes, weight returns with a breakneck pace and still take with a few extra pounds. But this is not the case, skip a few lessons will help to recover and achieve faster results.

Well, if you are moving, going on a business trip, or just for some reason can not go to the club for a long time – do not worry! There is a range of passive exercises to maintain myself in shape before returning to the fitness club.

Will not get better water! After the rejection of weight training comes faster because the body is used to spend more energy to exercise. And so it requires more food. The highest likelihood of weight gain during the first 2-3 weeks after giving up the sport. In this case, your appetite will help you overcome the water. Be sure to drink two liters of it a day. Plain water will help get rid of the feeling of hunger. And you can use the water in a different way.

Scientists have proved that douche for five – ten percent faster metabolism. Be sure to allow yourself 8-10 minutes for this pleasant and useful procedure. This way, you maintain your weight during the break.

Just as useful for steam baths and saunas. In this case, even a hot bath will help you. It perfectly stimulates circulation. Of course, it is better to take a bath every day without training. Especially well add the turpentine or sea salt.

Active instead of passive exercise. If skipping workouts associated with the trauma, rather than a simple unwillingness to go there, you can use a passive exercise.

This physical therapy procedures to stimulate the muscles of the body without affecting them at joints. First on the list is a physical therapy and muscle toning electrical myostimulation. This procedure is performed in a hospital or in a beauty salon. The doctor is individually selected by the impact and frequency of the current. So it turns out the effect is equal to the training. And so it is possible to maintain the tone to a full recovery.

Another way – hard massage. This massage tables and beds. They can also be used in the recovery period. The work is carried traffic simulator and due to this load is removed from the joints.

Just a wonderful replacement fitness – pressotherapy and mesotherapy. These exercises will suit those who are lazy to deal with the club.

In any case, all presented methods contribute to the maintenance of tone to return to employment. And lastly – the most simple and fun exercises will walk or just pass on the stairs.

Stay always in shape and do not forget to give yourself more time!

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