Fitness is a health and beauty!

Every woman wants to be well-groomed and beautiful. But as you know, visiting beauty salons and buying expensive clothes from designers not enough to always be irresistible. Need to be addressed and sports, so fitness classes – one of the most simple solutions to maintain youthful body, beauty and health.

Fitness – a system of various techniques such as relaxing (yoga, Pilates) and more rhythmic (aerobics, shaping), so there is always a possibility to choose the most suitable for your type of fitness in accordance with the state of your health and your ability.

When you select a method, you should follow the advice of a professional trainer. Pay attention to what the body needs after exercise recovery, so do not neglect the rest and a healthy diet!

According to experts, the most successful is a combination of cardio (aerobic) and access to the gym, but for beginners it is best to start with simple aerobics to get the desired effect and positive emotions, and not fatigue and injury.

After the first workout obvious result – a good mood and flow of vital energy, and this is a guarantee of health and positive spiritual attitude! Catching systematically, you will feel the result – increase immunity, improve the physical and emotional state, your body will be fit, will gain flexibility and plasticity, and from every workout you’ll get a boost of energy and positive!

Fitness: Why Be In Shape?

Fitness means keep your body in a healthy state (from the English. Fit – fit, match). Fitness under different programs usually involve physical development, including the development of strength, flexibility and endurance. Undoubtedly, these qualities are essential for the normal functioning of our body, in addition, having a physically active body, you greatly reduce the risk of catching any infection because along with the physical form is growing and the body’s ability to resist disease.

Another interesting consequence of physical fitness – is determination and calm. It would seem that where the relationship? But it does exist. Without going into the physiological features, you can see that a person with a healthy body is able to perceive reality and react to various events. Perhaps this is due to the fact that a good physical shape gives confidence that, of course, affects the attitude to life.

In a broader sense, fitness – it is not just physical exercise, but also the mental, as well as proper nutrition. The fact that these three components are interrelated: proper nutrition contributes to more harmonious physical development, which, in turn, affects the self-confidence and motivation in life.

Additional practice mental exercises not only strengthen our positive side, but also affects the physical body, increasing the efficiency of a fitness program.

How fitness affects our health? Our tissues and organs need to keep moving their correct functioning. Active physical life can lose weight, eliminate most (if not all) of heart problems, and even depression. In addition, the longer a person remains in good shape, the longer the body is able to function, ie live longer.

How can we maintain the form?

In general, you have two options:

  • Enroll in a fitness club – this option is for those who can not bring himself to do exercises regularly at home. As to the advantages of this approach include the professional guidance and assistance from the coach;
  • To study independently, this option is good for people who can organize themselves, or for those who have at health clubs do not have money, the main advantage of this type of training is the individual approach and its own rhythm workout, perfect for you (provided, of course that you will not be lazy and do not overexert). Also, while you are planning your lessons.

Whatever kind of exercise you choose, the main thing – to do it no matter what. Even if you are a little, but regularly, it will yield positive results, but the irregular practices can lead to disappointment or even injury, since the body does not have time to get used to a constant load.

Stretching – the path to beauty

Stretching – one of the areas of fitness, including a program to develop muscle flexibility. Elastic flexible muscles – this is the beauty of movement, graceful posture. What woman does not want to have a nice walk and perfect body shape?

In addition, cuts – is the promotion of health, because the trained muscles less injured. In addition to the flexibility of muscles stretching classes form self-confidence, relieve stress and nervous overload.

Stretching is useful at any age. Simply put, start classes is never too late, most importantly, the desire.
For each age group provided its own exercise program, depending on the degree of muscle development and health. Programs can be individual or group lessons.

Program for stretching include several types of exercises. The first type – is stretching exercises performed independently.

The second type, by stretching the muscles with a partner. Finally, the third type of muscle-stretching dynamics.
The most effective way to stretch the muscle is static exercise, when the body position is fixed in a certain position for a while.

Before the main program to warm up, a few exercises for warming will increase the effectiveness studies. Stretching exercises to run smoothly. It does not require sudden movements. One of the main conditions are relaxed muscles, muscle tension does not allow the stretch.

Stretching classes are good because you can do exercises in the fitness center, or at home. The instructor will select an individual training program.

During exercise you should not forget about breathing. It should be quiet not “shot down.” Classes take place in a smooth measured pace.

The effectiveness of training is stretching regular workouts. Hastily executed when-ever exercise does not bring the desired flexibility and wellness. Classes should bring satisfaction only comes positive.

In fact, many fitness programs start with stretching exercises that prepare the muscles to strain. Do you want to be beautiful and flexible, engaged stretching.

The secret to long life

Researchers at Boston hospitals have formulated, in their opinion, the seven factors directly affecting the quality and life expectancy.

These factors are:no smokingrejection of alcohol abusethe fight against obesityregular exercisecontrol of depressive mood”Happy childhood”harmonious family life.

Scientists note that the above factors particularly affect the quality of life after seventy, and create conditions for “healthy aging”.Many factors (especially the first four), amenable to correction in the process of life, although their positive effect takes decades. Even in the depressed mood can be influenced by modern therapy.

Is it possible to influence the last two factors? I doubt it. Indeed, in their family relations people are often simulates the behavior of their parents, that is, in fact, a pledge “a harmonious family life,” a person is laid in childhood.

So, no smoking, alcohol abuse, regular exercise, control cholesterol levels and is able to self-renew and improve our lives. And our personal example, the care and attention will prolong the life of our children.

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