Myths of the gym

Argued that the gym – not the ladies’ class. The desire for femininity firmly holding the fair sex from classes with weights.

Myth 1. ARRANGEMENTS can be pumped to the size of TERMINATOR

You can, of course. But, fortunately for the women and, unfortunately, for professional athletes, sculpt muscles, such as that Schwarzenegger is not so easy. They do not appear just because you raise dumbbells 15 times the weight of 3 kg. If you knew how much effort, time and money spent on it to build muscle mass of this size, the kind where you throw it in the hot and cold!

In addition, the very nature simply can not allow a woman’s body to be masculine. Muscles grow due to the presence of male hormone testosterone, which is also in the body of the weaker sex. But the amount is so small that it is enough simply to create a beautiful sports figures.

And if you’re going to win the top bodybuilding – without the use of male hormones is still not enough. In addition, the female skeleton more subtle and not able to retain a large muscle mass, and therefore no additional stimulation in the form of special drugs, your body simply will not allow them to create.In addition, training to increase the volume (muscle) and the burning of excess fat are very different – as well as lifted weights and exercise equipment.

Take, for example, bodybuilding and powerlifting: in fact, and the other athletes are working with big weights, but if in the first all aimed at increasing muscle mass, creating the necessary proportions, the main purpose of the second – to lift more weight than your opponent.


The woman is associated with a cat: plastic movement, soft and graceful gait posture. Fear of losing it all unjustified. Did you ever see fitnesistok performance?

Incidentally, most of them in the past – gymnasts. Training in the gym does not have their “wooden”, and therefore you are not threatened. Especially if you do not forget to perform stretching exercises at the end of training and after the power load. On the contrary, strengthened back muscles will align your posture, will remove the bony protruding spine and squared his shoulders.

On the other hand crafted press will wear short tops, keep tightening belts, and after giving birth – is much faster to restore her maiden form.


Damaged joints, back problems, fractures and other unpleasant consequences are, in any sport. For thirty years, some athletes do not have the body of a living space that at least once did not hurt.

The same situation with professional dancers, dancers, skaters, etc. As an amateur medium, however, injuries occur mainly due to improper technique exercises, or ordinary negligence.

Engaged in aerobic exercise – sprained leg or martial arts are not calculated the impact – and broke his nose mate. While these troubles await us time and again, even in everyday life.

Therefore, in the gym, as in any other place, you must be a kind of safety:First, warm up before strength training;Second, before you grab for the severity, to try to learn the technique directly to the exercises without weights.

Myth 4. AEROBICS AND RUNNING – THE WAY to the ideal

Having seen pictures in magazines, you buy a subscription to a gym, aerobics, and hurry to the hours they jump, run, lift the pink and blue dumbbells weighing no more than 2-3 kg.

And every time I look in the mirror, waiting for the result – when the body becomes as taut as a figure with a glossy cover. But for your information, aerobic exercise alone has no effect.

Athletes spend a lot of time just in the gym to build up the necessary muscle mass. They sculpt your body like a sculptor. And the non-ultimate role in this play is “iron”, allowing you to visually change in a strictly defined volume.

Moreover, no mistake at the expense of that to lose weight is good only for the load on the treadmill or bike. Open secret: the same result can be obtained at the gym. And it all begins … with a healthy diet.

Without the required number of proteins can not be correct adjustment of the body and aerobic exercise will be ineffective if not getting enough energy in the form of easily digestible carbohydrates.

And another, non-ultimate component of success – rest. In order to lessons was a really good judge, the body needs time to recover.

Myth 5. In order to eliminate wrinkles at the waist, necessary to swing PRESS

This phenomenon is called “point discharge”. In fact, in nature it does not exist, but it still continues to believe. Women have resorted to the gym and start to work out hard “problem areas”. This is usually legs, buttocks and abdomen.

Mistakenly believing that will load more “bloated” part of the body, the faster they come down all unnecessary. In addition, the thigh is wrapped in cellophane and pull on the waist belt special, creating the effect of steam.

After training as tenderly squeezed out “tons” of sweat, evolved during the Occupation. But .. alas, not fat.During these studies used the energy of the whole body and burn fat throughout the body, not just around the group of muscles, which paid the most attention.

And our wise physiology decides where to take her calories – and first of all it will arm, chest or abdomen.As a rule, a waist fat goes last. Did not think why?

The secret is simple – the body needs to grow in proportion to and in combination, rather than selective places. The latter only by plastic surgery.The illusion of transformation

MOST popular misconceptions, firmly entrenched in the minds WOMEN – THIS INCREASED ABILITY TO MUSCLE converted to fat.

HOWEVER, these things assumption is incorrect, and here’s why: Muscles and fat are completely different tissue types, and each of them has its own unique purpose and “behavior”.

BTW, the reverse is ALSO CONVERSION is unfortunately impossible. THAT IS NOT FAT CAN SUDDENLY, by magic, acquire the properties of muscle tissue, even at high loads.JUST HAPPENS NEXT:People who decide to take a break on patrol in the gym, usually out of habit CONSUMPTION same number of calories, as during intense exercise. That they deposited in GREASE “DEPOT”, causing a rapid increase in the WT.

IN THE EVENT OF TERMINATION OF TRAINING muscles start to lose volume and shape, have a smaller (in general, is blown away like a balloon). And all of these process is accompanied by active growth of fat.

WTO creates the impression that the muscle turns to fat.To avoid this Nevesely PARTICIPATION, experts advise not to lean on a diet, and to secure at least an average level of physical activity.

For example, does exercises in the morning and in the evenings hiking. FACT TO SUPPORT A GOOD FORM IS MUCH EASIER THAN to rebuild it.

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