Half strength training will make you beautiful

I think that the movie to blame. It is the art of illusion. On the screen are moving mannequins, which we naively take for the living. Then we had foolishly trying to be them. Some there actress corset, a talented artist puts on her body make-up, and now she looks dazzling.

Exactly half an hour of screen time. Well, you’re trying to look as always, at breakfast, at your desk, in the supermarket, the bedroom, on the beach, even weeding the garden. Sympathize with you in advance. It is difficult to always be taut like a string. What if you relax?

You know, the sport is the term “cyclic training.” It implies an alternation of different workouts – heavy and light. Well, I suggest you cyclic life.

This will mean your rejection of impossible tasks always look like a million dollars and a brand new philosophy of life. Here it is: look like a million at a time when it is most needed – in the summer! But between these periods can weaken the spring.

Let’s take this: you train hard, correctly, with full self-only 6 months a year. You begin in December and finish in May. All summer – June, July, August – you relax to the fullest, including the fitness.

In September, you start to slowly walk to the club, but it does work half-heartedly. And so on until December, when you dive back into serious training.

Believe me, you will find stunning progress. What’s the secret?

Fastest improving figure for beginners to fitness. Muscle, never known sporting loads or had time to forget, best respond to the load. This effect and built my program.

Period of six months does not throw you back. All achievements will remain with you, and if they surrender, then quite a bit. His new sprint fitness jerk every time you will start with a figure that is better than last year’s. However, the entire muscle system will be “fresh”, like a novice. The return will be a really fantastic exercise.

It is more important that “posvezheet” your mind, and you can give yourself a really extreme stress. In this mode, you will never be able to train year long. And indeed, it becomes easy to train hard when you know that it poimeet its end and front rest.

In the future, your regression in rest periods will be less noticeable, while you do not always “freeze” in a state of bodily perfection.

It is clear that the capital your enthusiasm too valuable to change for it to clumsy amateurish training. But here I will not let you down. My journal will teach you to train very well and Incredibly effective.

Secrets of Success

From the beginning – advises Laura – you have to make a figure. Figure – this is how to begin perception of women. Even if you’re a genius, but saggy ass you have not arranged for a single decent job. Figure – a capital for a million dollars! ”

For a figure, according to Laura, we must take as soon as possible. Here is why. That’s it rests in your spare time, but over the years it less and less. While no family, children, while not necessary to outstay boss at work, exercise more! Then write regular workout schedule in life will be much more difficult.

In theory, the figure-class need 3-4 years. However, with a guarantee to fit in these terms will help you only reusable training. Surprisingly, the figure is changing right before our eyes, if the exercise several times a day. We are talking about the following.

Let’s say today you have to plan the training back, biceps and calves. So, it is better to spend half an hour on my back in the morning, then half an hour on the day of the biceps and twenty minutes in the evening to spawn than a half hour train all in a row. Believe me, you’re so much more quickly come to a slender figure.

If you have a large excess weight, exercise should be a different way: the first exercise – the power, and the second, on the same day, aerobic. When to lose fat, go on a purely power sanding forms on reusable scheme.

Hellish work? The best kind of entertainment was a student when the boredom of life I want to howl at the moon. In fact, not everyone finds themselves in cramming.

After 4-5 years of training as if your accomplishments are cast in metal. This is after a week of rest before your figure turned into jelly, but now you can skip the training for months. Well, if all the same shape softened and covered with fat, it is sufficient and a half to two months of training, the impact that the figure simply returned the old magic line.

In theory, to maintain fitness rather two half-hour workouts a week, but “veteranshi” usually exercise more often – four or even six times. Just because it can not be otherwise.
“I would advise to start training in 16-17 years – says Laura. – Then adulthood you go to the main women’s capital.

Well, then how will the bank: the more, the higher the interest …” If you missed out this time, do not worry. Fitness “working” at any age. Here, again, everything is decided by your spare time and degree of persistence.

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