Walking – a source of health and happiness

Walking: Here, truly, a clear demonstration of the truth, “What we have – do not appreciate.” In fact overestimate the benefits of this, at first glance, such a natural and habitual activities, it is impossible! Believe it or – no, but the ordinary walks can work wonders. “A short digression for inspiration

Let me describe a little episode in my life played a very important role. Rushing in the morning on business, I often met Nikolai Mikhailovich Amoz (lived in the neighborhood). Academician, the famous heart surgeon worldwide, and, without exaggeration, a great man, carried out his daily jog.

There were eyes like that, I will greet, honorable bow (so people have to bow to, necessarily, as long as they live with us, and not only then, when it lays flowers at the monument!).

He was a man of modest and he apparently fed up with my bow. One day, a great man, a little slowed down, he suddenly said: “What do you all bow down! Stavan better there and run! “I’m frightened, of course, did not find anything better than bryaknut:” I can not, Nikolai Mikhailovich, I do not like to run, then feel unwell. ” 

“Then at least go, but a lot and really! You are still young, you can still walk, but will become a little older – will run themselves, if the mind is, of course, enough or too lazy to gobble up all the time is not healthy. “I must say I have this short dialogue simply discouraged. 

The idea that a young man enough to walk, but with age this is not enough, I seemed paradoxical.The answer I found much later, in an article or interview academician: “To be healthy, need their own efforts, permanent and substantial. They can not replace anything. The man is so perfect that you can restore the health of almost every point of its decline. 

Only the necessary efforts increase with age and the deepening of disease. “I really hope that it will inspire you farewell, just like me, at one time.Why walk, and not to runBenefits of walking before running, for example, are primarily in the fact that it is the most natural state for man, therefore, the least traumatic. 

Professor Zatsifsky, a specialist in biomechanics, for example, writes: “70 – 80% of people over the age of 30 years have some abnormalities in the spine and related various neurological diseases – sciatica, and so on.”This is explained by the fact that the locomotor system of man is adapted to walking, first, barefoot, and secondly, on the soft soil. We, instead of all this we have what we have tough shoes and hard coatings. 

As a result, when running, we get a shock wave that spreads throughout the body and, on reaching the intervertebral discs over time, creates a particular pathology.Science to goLeaving aside the self-confidence (in any case it is a bad counselor) and use long-term experience of experts who developed the basic tenets of the “Nordic Walking”.So, in order.EquipmentIt is important to choose the right shoes. 

It should have good shock-absorbing properties, is well Foldaway flexible sole. It is useful to use a soft insole and thick woolen socks, at worst.As for clothes – there are no special restrictions. Most importantly, dress for the weather.And more. Speaking about the outfit, do not forget, please, put a smile and good humor, and so will catch up with you!How and where to goAir walk – at least 120 steps per minute. 

This condition makes walking wellness.Of course, the best place for hiking – places with soft soil: forest trails, park dirt track. But where did they take? That is why it is so important to choose the right shoes.It is better to choose the route with the rugged terrain (mountains and hills, in our case – the best assistants).

You can treat yourself to your favorite music. Perhaps physicians and otolaryngologists oppose this advice, but all the same music from the headphones – it’s better than sky-high number of decibels of the metropolis.Good posture is also important. Avoid vertical movement of the body, separated from the support heel shaking leg after a free leg will be vertical. 

Simply put, the “roll” the foot from heel to toe. This is not only good for your health, but also beautiful!What you need to walk. Strive to be the figure of 7-10 thousand steps a day. For ease of measurement, you can use a pedometer. 

They are a great many: mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, built-in (in the mobile phone, for example) and even pedometers, calorie meters. And not so long ago, appeared on the market, the so-called “smart shoes”. But that’s another story, in which so many bells and whistles that your head spin. 

After reading about them for the first time, you start from complexes, “and not whether they are smarter than me?”.If you prefer to count everything in kilometers, please! The average is 5-10 miles a day.Keep your finger on the pulse. Another important detail. 

Be sure to follow the pulse. Calculate the heart rate that is best for you, is not difficult: 220 minus age x 0.65. So, if you are 30 years old, your heart rate should stay within the 123 beats per minute.Why this formula? Because low numbers of pulse rate, your body burns fat, high – carbohydrate. We need the extra fat? Definitely – no! But the carbs – it’s our energy!Energy to you, gentlemen! Stay healthy and active years to come!

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