How to lose weight fast, using jump rope?

How to lose weight fast? This question is probably the most relevant in people suffering from obesity. Everyone loses weight on their own. Someone exhausts themselves to death, someone watches aerobics, and some even go under the surgeon’s knife.

If all these people know that losing weight quickly is a snap using a simple portable simulator. You know what? This is a jump rope. Yes, yes, it is a jump rope.

Hard to believe that the same rope we were so fond of jumping in childhood will help us get rid of extra pounds. Having read this article to the end, you learn a lot of helpful information: how to choose the rope, how and how much to jump on it, and the contraindications of jumping rope.

How to choose a jump rope? Do not think that this issue is not essential. The optimal selection of rope needed for growth or jumping on it will cause you a lot of inconvenience. To find the right string length, store it in half and keep ourselves at arm’s length. I need to make it slightly touching the floor, but not on it. In other cases, it will be either too long or too short.

How to jump on the rope? It is essential to observe the proper technique for a jumping rope; it is not tricky: take our rope by the handles and rotate only the hands, starting to jump. It is essential to have your elbows close to the body.

When jumping, land on socks and seemingly spring from the floor; please do not jump on the meter; it’s not a high jump =). Congratulations, you’ve learned how to jump on the rope, and now let’s discuss how to jump on it for a maximum noticeable effect.

When you are not practicing jumping rope, then starts jumping every day for 5 minutes in the morning and evening. Once you feel that you can jump over, the time jumps, and I assure you that in a month, all your pounds disappear as if, by magic, to know yourself! Interesting fact: Scientists have proven that 15 minutes of jumping rope burns how many calories for one hour of aerobics, so you can not doubt the effectiveness of this method of losing weight.

Contraindications. What can be a contra-rope? But if you have problems with the joints, cartilage, or knee cap, it is best to refrain from jumping rope or jumping on a bit, but if you have discomfort or pain in the joints, it is best to stop training.

What other benefits of jumping rope? Well, first of all, is the loss of extra pounds, in fact, and for this, we are engaged in it, but beyond that, you get a great tone of your muscles, preventing varicose veins and a good mood! Lose weight for your health!

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