Meditation: Time and Place

You will need perseverance to develop a new habit, and find time for a new occupation. You will be much easier if you train your mind to meditate in a particular time and place. Sometimes you’ll likely want to skip class in meditation and do something else, but eventually you start to feel uncomfortable, if not pomeditiruete.

Of course, you expect these days, and when necessary to forget about the usual daily routine, but it is your conscious choice, rather than simple forgetfulness, laziness, or a tribute.In your corner for meditation should be a few items on which to focus.

Any object can set you in the desired fashion.On a pillow in the shape of a crescent often sit in meditation. Meditation at the same timeVery well, if meditation is to become one in a series of habitual actions. For example, you meditate before the shower, or after brush your teeth, or before lunch and dinner.

Since all of the above – part of your daily life, then you will meditate daily. Good morning to meditate, as soon as you wake up or before a meal (after eating the people you want to sleep).

You can meditate in the evening, after a short walk or listening to relaxing music. You can read in bed before going to bed, and then meditate before sleep. Choose a time when you, as a rule, one does not and when you are alone.

The more intense was the day, the more you help meditation, restoring power and clearing stress. Couples often meditate together at a convenient time for both, or get up early, have not yet woken up the rest of the family. Whatever time you choose, stick with it to meditation became a habit.

Create a place for meditationIf you always meditate in a certain place, it will help to develop the habit of meditation. Choose a calm uncluttered place to, once you settle down there, your brain has become calm and focused.

You must be quite warm as body temperature drops, you will be pleased to light a candle before the beginning of meditation, and blow it with words of gratitude as a final gesture.

Stretching for postureIf you sit all day behind the wheel or at the table, you might want to regain proper posture straight before you start an evening meditation session.

You can try to stand up with a fairly heavy object on his head, to strengthen the spine and improve balance. Before learning to maintain your posture, pacing the room with a pile of books on his head.

Porters on the weight Glova world differ a strong straight back.When pulling up the spine against gravity, you get up in the “strong and convenient” pose for meditation, as recommended by Patanjali.

Objects of worship

Often, as a point of view of attraction used a candle flame. If you choose a candle, make sure to it that there was no draft. Oscillating flame causes a headache. (Epileptics, and people who suffer from migraines, you should not look at the candle flame.)

First, you look calm, without straining, then close your eyes and hold before the eyes of the picture. When it will be darkened, look again at the candle and repeat the visualization. The painting, which keeps your mind’s eye, will gradually become more stable, your concentration becomes deeper.

Perhaps as soon as you relax and pay your inward. In the corner for meditation, which is located in the quiet house, should be a special chair.

You can also sit on pillows or lay a beautiful rug. It also should be a table with candles, flowers or any other items that will soothe and inspire you.

Flame – a universal symbol of the presence of the deity.

Chances are you’ll like more and more clearly aware of his presence in and around you.

There are various forms Trataka. You can hold a flower in your hand and rotate it, looking at every detail. You can hold the crystal in his hand, feeling the coolness of its shape and its surface, and is also a form Trataka. But in this case, the eyes should be closed at all times – replace the feeling of sight.

You also can choose any subject that inspires you. Relaxing the horizontal stretchStretching lying on his back – a great preparation for meditation. Lie on the floor for ten minutes, stretched on his back. Your focus should be, but without the stress on the breath as long as the body relaxes. This simple exercise will give you a instant force.

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