Is The Jump Manual worth it?

The Jump Manual is one of the most popular programs on the market, and for a good reason – it is based on sound scientific principles and can produce excellent results if completed.

This program is best suited for professional athletes, as it requires a significant time commitment and gym equipment, making it difficult to follow for those who lack these resources.

However, it is one of the most effective programs for increasing vertical leap height.

If you want to add SERIOUS inches to your vertical and are willing to invest the time, The Jump Manual is one of the best programs you could choose.

The Jump Manual has been the benchmark for dunkers since its 2007 release…

However, is it still the best option for becoming a +40-inch dunk machine?

Can the program increase your vertical by 10 inches in just three months?

Learn precisely what you must do to become an explosive dunker and how The Jump Manual earned its reputation as one of the best vertical jump programs available.

Are you prepared to start?

Here we go.

How I Discovered This Program

As a basketball enthusiast, I constantly looked for ways to improve my game.

I was the shortest player on my team, which made me feel insignificant and out of place on the court.

It depressed me…

I desired to be able to dunk like all the prominent men I was competing against… However, my vertical leap was never my strength on the court.

I didn’t believe I’d be able to get a vertical jump high enough to dunk – I’d failed too many times in the past when participating in programs such as Air Alert 3, and I’d given up hope.

A miserable failure – Air Alert
But fortunately, I was wrong.

In this review, I’ll explain how The Jump Manual helped me increase my vertical leap to a whopping 42 inches (that’s not a typo).

I will demonstrate how this program operates in practice and explain everything in depth.

Let’s immediately begin.

The Jump Manual is converting like CRAZY!

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What Is The Jump Manual?

Jacob Hiller designed The Jump Manual, a professional vertical leap training program.

This comprehensive training program teaches you how to increase your vertical leap gradually and guides you through each step.
The program promises to increase your vertical by at least 10 inches, which is a HUGE claim.

However, can The Jump Manual deliver?

The brief answer is…


It employs scientific methods that have proven effective for thousands of athletes. Therefore, following the instructions will likely have an explosive vertical jump when you’re finished.

And the author of The Jump Manual also has impressive credentials…

It was created by certified trainer Jacob Hiller, who has mastered the art of vertical jumping and taught thousands of others how to do it.

What is Jacob Hiller's identity?

Jacob Hiller published the Jump Manual. He is a world-renowned trainer who has worked with tens of thousands of athletes, including professional players and Olympic athletes.

Hiller is one of the few coaches in the world who focuses solely on vertical jump training, and he has assisted thousands of athletes in improving their vertical leaps over the years.

Jacob has mastered the art of vertical jumping to science after more than 15 years of practice.

And through his training, he has gained some profound insights regarding high jumping.

Hiller is one of the best people from whom you could learn how to improve your vertical leap.

These days, there is so much misinformation circulating on the internet that it’s easy to be misled by the false promises made by marketing “gurus” and people with little to no expertise in the field.

However, this is different here.

Hiller is an ACE (American Council on Exercise)-certified personal trainer whose methods and techniques are tried and true. So that you can be confident you are receiving accurate information from a reliable source.

In The Jump Manual, he debunks several of these myths and reveals precisely what works and what doesn’t so that you can concentrate on the things that work and avoid the pitfalls that lead to failure/mediocre results.

How Does The Jump Manual Work?

What is the scientific basis for this program?

The Nine Elements of Vertical Jump Hiller has discovered nine variables that affect your vertical leap for his years of research and development.

And now for the clincher…

Almost all programs available today focus on only ONE or TWO of these factors.

Indeed, that is the case… The majority of existing programs have a limited scope.

The Jump Manual, on the other hand, addresses all of these factors; it’s the only program I’m aware of that takes a multifaceted approach… Therefore, it is significantly more efficient.

Hiller explains that the nine variables create a “synergistic effect,” meaning that improving one aspect of your vertical jump will positively impact the others.

Conversely, if one of the variables needs to be sufficiently developed, your ability to jump high WILL be limited.

You can only jump as high as your vertical’s weakest link allows.

Other words…

What are these variables exactly?

Let’s examine each one separately.

1. Strength

This one is pretty straightforward. If you lack strength and your legs are weak, your jumping height will be limited.

By performing strength training, you can increase your strength.

However, not all strength training is suitable for increasing vertical leap height.

Jump Manual emphasizes the development of fast-twitch muscle fibers (also known as Type II fibers), which are directly responsible for the rate at which your muscles can generate force.

2. Quickness

Strength is irrelevant if it cannot be generated rapidly. The greater the rate at which your muscles contract, the more powerful your jump will be.

3. Muscle Recruitment

Your jumping ability is only improved if your muscle fibers are recruited to their maximum capacity.

The Jump Manual emphasizes maximum-effort training to ensure your body is conditioned to utilize every muscle fiber and maximize your jumping ability.

4. Form

Multiple muscle groups are utilized when performing jumping movements. Consequently, it is essential to ensure that they all work together in a complementary manner.

Developing proper form and improving technique facilitates this objective.

5. Nutrition

Getting the proper nutrients to allow your muscles to grow and recover is an often-overlooked aspect of vertical jump training. The same holds for eating before and after exercise. You must provide your body with the necessary fuel for peak performance.

6. Flexibility

Flexibility is essential from multiple perspectives.

First, your muscles require a full range of motion to contract as effectively as possible (a longer muscle can contract more than a shorter one).

Second, muscles and tissues that lack flexibility are highly susceptible to injury.

Thirdly, the resistance of opposing muscles (agonist and antagonist) must be decreased so muscles can contract without interruption.

Therefore, you must work on your flexibility when training for the vertical jump, which is why the manual places such a heavy emphasis on it.

7. Balance

If your joints and muscles are not stable, other parts of your body must absorb the force generated when you jump, resulting in a significant loss of vertical leap potential.

8. Physical Composition

The amount of weight you carry significantly impacts your ability to leap; each additional pound you have reduces your jumping potential.

Fortunately, the program offers concrete solutions for ensuring your body is in peak condition for maximum jumping ability.

9. Genetics

Lastly, the genes you inherit from your parents also play a significant role.

Some people have an abundance of fast-twitch muscle fibers and can naturally jump high, while others struggle.

However, with a program like The Jump Manual, you can retrain your slow-twitch muscle fibers to behave more like fast-twitch fibers, transforming nearly anyone into an explosive leaper.

These nine factors affect how high you can jump, and The Jump Manual thoroughly addresses each to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success.

Most other vertical training programs only address one or two of these factors, barely touching on the others, drastically reducing your likelihood of dunking.

The conclusion is this:

The Jump Manual is the most detailed and comprehensive vertical jump program available.

It provides comprehensive information on the mechanics of vertical jumping.

The Science Behind The Jump Manual

Surprisingly, even though The Jump Manual is a lengthy and comprehensive program that contains pages upon pages of science-based training methods, this is different from what has made it so popular with so many people worldwide.

The actual reason is significantly more straightforward.

Hiller analyzed hundreds of the most influential research papers, studies, and training manuals in the field of vertical jumping, tested their hypotheses, and condensed the findings into a 14-day training program that anyone can understand, absorb, and execute.

Will the Program Work for You?

The Jump Manual is undeniably capable of producing results… However, this is only true if you can follow all the instructions and complete all the exercises.

Nevertheless, this is easier said than done.

How determined are you?

Three-month commitments of this magnitude are certainly only for some.

Long workouts frequently necessitate extensive use of gym equipment, strict dietary guidelines, and even post-workout recovery time, which can leave you too exhausted to do much else.

The program expects you to train like a full-time professional athlete, although most of us basketball fans are not professional athletes.

Therefore, if you cannot make such a significant commitment, I advise you to investigate Vert Shock, a program created by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington.

It relies solely on “shock” training, requires no equipment, and has proven to be extraordinarily effective while requiring less than an hour on average for workouts.


In addition to increasing your vertical leap, The Jump Manual improves your basketball skills, overall physical strength, and athleticism.

If you’re genuinely committed to improving as a basketball player, this is one of the most effective jump training programs available.

However, it requires an enormous commitment on your part, and for many individuals with school or work obligations, it may be too much to follow.

But make no mistake… If you complete the program, you are guaranteed a solid vertical jump, which will enhance your game and help you achieve what every baller desires, but only a select few achieve: the ability to dunk.

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