Best Black Friday Running Shoe Deals

Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on new running shoes! We have gathered some of the best deals from around the web, so you can find the perfect pair for your next race.  

Whether you are a seasoned marathon runner or just getting started, we have got you covered. Check out our favorite Black Friday running shoe deals below! 

Best Black Friday Running Shoe Deals 

If you are a runner, then Black Friday is your time to shine. This year, many of the top running shoe brands are offering some amazing deals on their shoes.  

So, whether you are in the market for a new pair of running shoes or just looking to save some money, be sure to check out the Black Friday deals below. You will not regret it! 

Is Black Friday a suitable time to buy running shoes? 

Being the biggest shopping holiday of the year, Black Friday is a big day for any type of retailer. But are all retailers affected equally? From personal experience, I have noticed that sports shops tend to be busier than normal on Black Friday, but do sports clothes and shoes see bigger discounts during this time? 

To investigate this further, I decided to focus on shoe retailers, and see how they compare in terms of price drops for this event. Shoes are an important part of people’s lives, particularly when it comes to sports activities, so it makes sense that discounts will be available for them at this time. 

Black Friday is a fantastic opportunity to buy any kind of product, and the fact that sport shoes mostly offer bigger discounts than normal makes sense. This way, not only people who want to buy them for their own use can benefit, but also sports shops themselves (at least by having more customers). 

For an average person, sports shoes may seem like a big expense: why would it be so important to wait for price drops when buying them? The answer is that shoes are especially important when it comes to sports, and the right ones can make a big difference in terms of skills. Therefore, having cheaper sports shoes available can have a significant impact on people’s lives by giving them more possibilities in their favorite sport. 

Having sports shoes with good discounts makes this day even more exciting, since there are big chances of getting the shoes, you want without having to pay expensive retail prices.  

In conclusion, Black Friday is a wonderful day for sports shoe retailers and customers alike, since sports shoes offer bigger discounts in comparison with other products. This will not only increase their sales numbers on this specific day, but also their sales numbers throughout the year, since people can buy them at a lower price and make use of them. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Running Shoes 

Running shoes are a major part of the runner’s gear and should be chosen carefully. Some people think that any shoe will do, but it is important to choose compatible running shoes for your body and intended use.  

Most experts agree that all running shoes share one communal area: they should reduce shock as much as possible. There are several factors to consider when choosing running shoes, especially for those who are actively training or competing. 

Running shoe types 

There are several types of running shoes available. The type you choose will depend on your weight, level of activity and intended use. There are running shoes specifically designed for men, women, and children. Some common types include the following:  

  • Stability shoes are intended for runners who overpronate. They offer greater medial support than neutral running shoes.
  • Neutral shoes are best for runners who do not roll their ankles excessively or who have normal arches. They offer more cushioning and flexibility, making them ideal for daily runs. – Cushioned models are lightweight, flexible and absorb impact.
  • Racing shoes are light and fast, offering minimal support and maximum speed. They can be worn in races of 5K and shorter distances.
  • Trail running shoes offer increased durability and traction on uneven surfaces like dirt trails or rocky paths. 

Shoe weight and flexibility  

The amount of cushioning determines how heavy a running shoe will be in addition to the flexibility of its sole.  

Lighter shoes are easier to maneuver and can help you go further at a faster pace. However, if you choose a model with too little cushioning, it may not provide enough shock absorption for your joints or muscles to handle the repetitive stress from long-distance running.  

In fact, a study conducted by the University of British Columbia suggested that running in shoes with too much cushioning – particularly those with thick heels – could lead to fatigue and injuries. 

  • Cushioned models usually have a heel-to-toe drop between 12 and 16 millimeters, or about one third of an inch. A thicker midsole decreases flexibility, but some shoes are made with a full-length air pocket for maximum cushioning. One drawback of these models is that they may not be as flexible as others, resulting in stiffness and shin splints. 
  • Neutral running shoes have little or no heel drop, making them more flexible during motion. These types also provide the runner with more stability and balance. However, some people may experience pain in their hips, knees and feet when running in this type of shoe.
  • Stability shoes offer greater medial (inside) support than neutral and cushioned models and can be helpful for runners with overpronation issues. 

Shoe dimensions  

The size and width of running shoes are important for comfort and injury prevention. Make sure the width of your shoe is appropriate for your foot type, which can be narrow, regular, or wide.  

Be aware that shoes tend to swell slightly over time due to moisture and heat, so it is a clever idea to buy them one size larger than usual. Experts say that choosing shoes with ample toe space is one of the best ways to prevent injuries, especially blisters. 

Some running shoes are available in different widths to accommodate different foot types. Experts recommend buying shoes at least 1/2 size larger than your regular shoe size for proper fitting and comfort. 

Shoe durability  

Studies have shown that the life span of a running shoe is 300-500 miles, depending on how often you run and the type of surface you run on.  

The more cushions your running shoe, the shorter its lifespan. Air-pocket shoes last longer than other models because they lack stitched soles that might wear out more quickly.  

  • Durable running shoes are treated with an anti-fungal agent to prevent odor and breakdown over time; some may be waterproofed as well.
  • Running shoes with highly visible reflective material can help increase nighttime visibility.
  • Running shoes should have a well-cushioned footbed, which is the layer of material between your foot and the insole inside the shoe. Experts recommend replacing worn insoles at least once a year to protect your feet from injury.  


All major sports shoe manufacturers make running shoes, including Nike, Puma, adidas and Reebok. However, the quality of their products may vary; before purchasing a running shoe, it can be helpful to read customer reviews on websites like or to get an idea of how other runners like it. 

  • A running shoe’s price can range from less than $50 to more than $200.
  • If you have a specific injury or medical condition, consider buying your running shoes in person at a specialty running store so that you can get personalized advice about the right type of model for your foot and gait.
  • Try on both shoes to ensure they fit properly. It is important to go to a specialized running store where you can get advice about the right type of model for your foot and gait; otherwise, you could end up with an ill-fitting shoe that leads to injuries. 


Running is one of the most popular exercise routines, with over 20 million Americans participating in it. It’s important to make sure you are buying running shoes that will give your feet the support they need for this type of activity. 

We hope you find this roundup of the best Black Friday running shoe deals helpful as you make your holiday gift list. Remember to keep an eye on our site, as we will be updating it with new information and discounts as they come up! Happy shopping! 

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