Why are More Women Running Half Marathons?

Laura Clugston had started running for marathons soon after high school. She wanted to become healthier and deal with her changing emotions. Running can refresh your mind completely. Clugston’s friends supported her to increase her targeted distance and inspired her to run half marathon. She had participated in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon last year. This was her third half marathon. 

Men are not restricted from taking part in the race but the main motive for such marathons is to provide a comfortable environment to the women. It empowers the women to have a healthy drive towards a more active life. Half marathons is becoming the favourite event for all the women and it is treated like a festival.
 According to the records of Running USA, about 1.2 million women had participated in the event last year and Clugston was one of them. More than 60 percent women had completed half marathons. According to the National Runner Survey records, half marathons are becoming most preferred by both the genders.  Over 40 percent participants wanted to run for half marathons. 

Rich Harshbarger, the CEO of Running USA, revealed that the number of women participating in half marathons has increased and it forms an important part of social events. More and more women are becoming more and more of athletic kind of person. The CEO of the Continental Event and Sports Management Group LLC said that it is the way in which girls are advised to take more care of their health. 

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