High Top Converse With Shorts Men 2022

One brand stands out from the rest: Converse high-top shorts despite continuing the sneaker wars between Nike, Adidas, and Yeezy. The well-known American brand has produced iconic sneakers for over a century and is still at the top of its game. 

Converse has become resistant to the ebb and flow of fashion trends by offering consumers a timeless style that is always trendy. Today, the company provides various exclusive shoes in numerous styles and hues. Converse has a sneaker for every man’s style, ranging from classic black high tops and plain white low tops to colorful styles and everything in between. Choose your selection, and we will demonstrate how to style it. How can fashion affect your life? 

According to Chris Gove, creative director of British brand Percival, “the appeal of a pair of high top converse with shorts is their ability to match virtually any outfit: the style spans the gym scenester, the smart/casual blazer man, and even the [classic] lad.” Converse is a timeless option in a minefield of trendy trainers since it is both retro and modern and significantly more affordable. 

With so many styling options, deciding how to wear High Top Converse with shorts men. Because we’re kind, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to wear them. 

How To Wear High Top Converse With Shorts Men 

You could be excused for assuming I’m insane for mentioning high-tops and shorts in the same sentence. And while this combination is not the easiest to pull off, it can look sensational when appropriately styled. 

The key is to manipulate proportions. Because high-tops typically fit close to the foot, they look best when paired with loose-fitting shorts and shirts. This outfit can be updated by selecting neutral colors and high-quality materials. 

Look to retailers such as Venroy and Bassike for versatile, easy-to-match options compatible with timeless high-tops from Converse and Springcourt. 

Best High Top Converse With Shorts Men 

At first glance, the combination of high-top sneakers and shorts appears to be uncharted territory for an adult male. Inexplicably, the pairing works, and it works exceptionally well. When everyone is playing it safe in the sun, exchanging your worn-out Plimsouls for a pair of box-fresh Converse high-tops is a great way to stand out. 

Follow the rule of opposites when pairing these shoes with shorts: if your shorts are dark, choose light Converse, and vice versa. Then, to dispel any lingering suspicions that you are on vacation, wear a bold stripe shirt rather than a plain t-shirt on top. 

Whether you choose light or dark high tops to wear with your thigh-grazing shorts, you must ensure they are always clean: cleanliness is next to godliness. 


White and Black Converse 

Converse’s iconic black and white lace-up shoes are immediately recognizable. Not only is the style well-known, but every man should also possess it. The casual shoe pairs well with various ensembles but look best with your off-duty attire.  

These sneakers pair well with casual, rough-around-the-edges ensembles, adding a touch of edge to your look. To style black and white Converse, begin with your favorite pair of distressed or relaxed jeans. Then, without excessive consideration, attack the upper half. Layer loose garments such as a T-shirt, chambray shirt, and bomber jacket for an ideal, effortless look. 

Red High-Top Converse 

Red high-top sneakers Converse shoes are a daring alternative to standard black-and-white styles. The striking hue is sure to draw attention to your feet. Keep your wardrobe colorful and light to maintain equilibrium. Instead of wearing monochromatic or all-black ensembles, opt for more vibrant hues.  

It pairs well with blue and navy, and its complementary color is green. Just remember to keep the tones subdued to avoid clashing colors. Regarding neutrals, a light brown hue is an excellent base for your ensemble. 

High Top All Black Converse 

Converse all-black high tops exude an edgy vibe. Put on the appropriate attire to complement the rock and roll theme. These dark sneakers pair well with skinny black jeans with cuffed hems.  

Please keep it simple and classic with a white t-shirt or go bold and bohemian with a short-sleeve shirt with a pattern. Don’t forget to add a pair of dark sunglasses to complete your look. The ideal accessory for a rock star would be a pair of classic black wayfarers. 

White High-Top Converse 

White Converse high tops give men a classic appearance. Pair the tailored style with casual denim or simple chinos for a modern weekend look. Since high-top sneakers end higher on the ankle, they may clash with trousers with cuffs. Instead, wear your pants long and uncuffed for a healthy and comfortable appearance.  

However, it is recommended to wear slim-cut pants because their slim silhouette complements the slender design of the sneakers. A simple white shirt and a dark jacket round out the ensemble. Also, the cleaner your white Converse is, the more professional you’ll appear. However, if you’re going for a stylishly unkempt appearance, you can leave your sneakers a bit muddy and dirty. 

Converse with Shorts 

The key to wearing Converse sneakers with shorts is maintaining a casual appearance. Choose from denim and chino shorts in simple styles and solid colors to start. To maintain a balanced appearance, ensure that your shorts are above the knee while wearing high-top sneakers.  

Conversely, low-top shoes look great with classic knee-length dresses. Low-top sneakers pair well with simple, classic tops, whereas alternative high-top sneakers pair well with innovative and exciting styles. Add a hat and sunglasses to your converse and shorts ensemble to complete it. The accessories will detract attention from your footwear and give your outfit a summery vibe. 

Can guys wear high top converse with shorts?

You can wear high-top converse with shorts if you appropriately style both items. Use this guide to determine the appropriate shorts length for high-top shoes based on your height and leg length. 

You can and should wear high-top sneakers with shorts, but you must do so correctly. This applies to men and women alike. 1980s fashion took the streets by storm, and Millennials are attempting to recreate this look due to a revival of 1980s fashion. Although these shoes originated as basketball shoes, you are not required to style them accordingly. 

There are a few fashion rules for this look, but they are simple to master. These guidelines apply to both genders wearing these shoes with tailored or denim shorts. 

Rule One 

High-waisted shorts work best with high-top sneakers. The misnomer “mom jeans” or “mom shorts” has given these waist cuts a lousy reputation among teenagers and twentysomethings. This may have resulted from a middle-aged woman claiming that those jeans were popular when she was in high school or from the fact that they likely purchased the retro look as soon as they returned to stores. 

Here is the reality. Before the last four or five years, the fashion industry referred to them as high-rise or high-waisted jeans. Additionally, there are mid-rise and low-rise jeans. Please abandon your dislike for high-rise shorts and jeans. 

They make your legs appear longer and provide the illusion of a slimmer physique by creating the illusion of longer legs. This is a positive development, so stop hating this time-honored fashion trend. 

Rule Two 

The shorts worn with high-top sneakers should be form-fitting. The shirt or top should have a looser fit. In the 1980s, this was perfected with fitted, formal shorts and a boxy top. 

Combination of an oversized sweatshirt and high-waisted, cuffed shorts. Pair them with a pair of Converse sneakers, and you have a perfect match. You may wear shorts with or without pleats. 

Bermuda shorts, chino shorts, and walking shorts, among others, offer various options. However, they should have a fitted silhouette instead of bell-shaped or wide legs. 

Rule Three 

Opting for thin or thick high tops depends on the rest of your ensemble. In general, light high-top sneakers pair well with more formal shorts. Denser high-tops pair well with athletic attire, such as basketball shorts. 

Those cuffed, midthigh shorts with a pleated front that you have? They will look best with a pair of thin, high-top Converse sneakers. 

Rule Four 

Your high-top sneakers should be a different color than your shorts. This means that if you wear light-colored shorts, such as white or cream, you should opt for dark-colored high-top sneakers, such as black or brown. This adjustment provides color harmony. 

Therefore, choose your white Chuck Taylor high tops when wearing black shorts. Remember: black/white, white/black, brown/cream, brown/cream, red/pink, pink/red, etc. You should also learn from the latter that you can contrast within the same color family; if you choose navy blue shorts, pair them with light blue high-top sneakers. 

Pair a pair of light blue shorts with a couple of navy or dark blue high-top sneakers. 

Rule Five 

Your footwear must be kept clean. The convenience of canvas sneakers is that they can be cleaned in the washing machine. They can also be dried in the dryer. Use the tumble setting for optimal results so that you do not shrink your canvas or cause unnecessary wear and tear. 

Regarding leather high-top sneakers (their 1980s moniker), you must polish your footwear. Regardless of the color, you must purchase shoe polish and leather cleaner. You apply it to the shoes at least once every two weeks or as needed to maintain their appearance. 

Rule Six 

Matching is still crucial. While sneakers should contrast with shorts, they should complement your top or shirt. This does not restrict you to wearing only solid colors. 

So long as you select a shirt of the same color as your shoes, you will be fine. Whether you wear a paisley or plaid shirt, if it contains the same color as your sneakers, you will be coordinated. The pairing is effective. It is in style. It is recommended. 

As the Nike slogan suggests, “Just do it.” If you want to be rebellious, choose underwear that no one can see. Regarding this, gentlemen, please pull up your pants. Who knows why this became fashionable, but nobody wants to see your underwear beneath your jeans. 

Please raise your pants. Purchase pants that fit you properly. They should highlight your butt shape without revealing your buttocks. When the waistline of your pants or shorts hits your natural waistline, and you can see the shape of your rear end in a three-way mirror, you know you’ve purchased the correct size. 

This holds for both men and women. Men miss this fact far too frequently. A person walking behind you should be able to determine whether you have a “cute butt.” 

If you cannot see the shape of your buttocks in the pants, they DO NOT FIT you. You should only wear high-top sneakers with fitted shorts, making this an essential element of your style. Your shorts must be the correct size. 

Exceptions to High Top Sneaker Wearing with Shorts 

You are not required to always wear shorts with a high waist with these sneakers. You may also opt for shorts with a mid-rise rise, but when you do so, you need to pair them with only a fitted top. This deviates from the preceding shelter rules, but the explanation is straightforward. 

When you choose to wear shorts with a lower rise, you reduce the amount of material. This alters the appearance of your waist’s location. This causes your legs to look shorter. To counteract this, you must wear a fitted top, as loosely fitted tops and shirts only complement high-waisted, fitted bottoms. 

Special styling rules apply when women wear skorts, consisting of shorts and a skirt sewn into one piece. At this point, to everyone else, you appear to be wearing a dress, so you must style your outfit accordingly. Therefore, the skirt must be proportional to your actual leg length. 

If you have short legs, pairing a mini skort with high-top tennis shoes will only make them appear even more straightforward. If you have shorter legs, a midi-length skort is a minimum requirement. Women with long legs can wear skorts of any length. 

Use caution when styling mini skorts. If you wear a white or another solid-colored t-shirt with a miniskirt and high-top sneakers, you will alter the appearance of a middle schooler’s ensemble. Consider the look of a Catholic schoolgirl without necessarily wearing plaid. 

In conclusion, it is possible to wear shorts and high tops. Men and women can create fashionable outfits with these shoes but pairing them with shorts requires careful styling. You can pair them with shorts of all lengths but pairing them with shorts with a low rise will only work if you have long, lean legs and a slim build. 

Tall people are the only ones who can wear low-rise shorts with high-top sneakers. 

High Top Converse With Shorts Men – FAQs

Tips for cleaning Converse shoes. A scoop of laundry detergent is dissolved in a bowl of warm water. Remove as much dirt as possible from the shoes using soapy water and a bristle brush. To remove excess soap from the shoes, wipe them with a clean cloth. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove any stubborn stains if your shoes are white. Using water and a clean cloth, wipe down the surface. Allow footwear to dry normally. 

No matter what you’re wearing, high-top sneakers are a must-have. To keep the overall look relaxed, pair them with a formal item. A pair of high-top sneakers and shorts will never disappoint you this season. Consider wearing longer or knee-length shorts to dress up your outfit. 

Converse high-tops are a unique alternative to the suit-and-sneakers look (and you don’t have to look like Doctor Who to wear them). In the winter, a navy, charcoal, black, or green suit pairs well with white or cream high tops, but a stone, beige, or grey suit pairs better with a dark pair in the summer. 

Converse All-Star “Chuck Taylor” basketball shoes, with their distinctive high-top and low-top oxford styles, are a worldwide favorite. 

Unquestionably, white is superior. Nevertheless, it depends on your objectives. White Converse sneakers look great with nearly everything. White stains easily, while black reveals dirt almost immediately. 

I own both, but low tops are more versatile because high-tops often look awkward with shorts. If your legs are not thin and long, wearing high-top sneakers will make them look shorter. I enjoy both. Depending on the rest of the outfit, I would pair high-tops with jeans and low-tops with shorts. 


A pair of high-top converses worn with shorts deceives the eye into believing that your waist is higher than it is, making your legs appear longer. Most high-waisted shorts have a hem rolled up at an angle, which elongates the legs. Due to the optical illusion created by your high-waisted denim shorts, you can practically wear any top, including those with a looser fit. 

Since the first rubber-soled basketball shoe was released nearly a century ago, the brand’s Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic (to give it its full name) has been one of the most enduring styles of all time due to its timeless design and recognizable silhouette. 

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