Best Biker Shorts Black Friday Deals

Nowadays, bicycle shorts are becoming more popular. People are beginning to realize the importance of comfort when biking. Wearing bike shorts can help keep you focused on your bike ride rather than any discomfort that you may be experiencing. Because there is a wide variety of bike shorts for women available, it is important to know what they are used for and the features which make them unique. 

Bike shorts for women are made to provide less resistance while biking. They also have stretchy fabric, a relaxed fit, and wide waistbands to accommodate comfort on your bike ride. Bike shorts help eliminate chafing by keeping you comfortable on your entire route rather than feeling the need to stop because of chafing. If you are riding your bike to work, pants just do not cut it. Bike shorts are designed specifically for biking, and they really help increase the quality of your workout or commute. 

Bike shorts can be worn casually as well as during a workout because they are made with breathable fabrics like spandex and nylon. Most bike shorts are equipped with moisture wicking technology which will prevent you from feeling uncomfortable while biking. They can also be worn under dresses or skirts for the same purpose of keeping you comfortable during your ride to work or on an evening bike ride around town. 

They come in a variety of colors and designs, so there is something for everyone. Brands like Sugoi, Giordana, Canari and Garneau all make various kinds of bike shorts for women, so you are sure to find one that fits your style. Bike shorts for women can be found at most sporting goods stores or online on websites like eBay or Amazon. 

Best Biker Shorts Black Friday Deals – Sales Discount Offer 

Black Friday is coming. Avid fans of Christo Hanes Biker shorts who were eagerly waiting for this big sales day are now happier than ever as they know that the best biker short, Christo Hanes Men’s Thermal Padded Separate Bike Shorts (Black) would be available on discount prices at Amazon.   

Christo Hanes thermal padded bike shorts is the perfect gear for this season. This Black Friday, it would be available in a limited time discounted offer and so patrons need to purchase them today itself to save on their expenses. 

The breathable thermal fabric of Christo Hanes Men’s Thermal Padded Separate Bike Shorts (Black) is best suited for freezing weather. The interior linings of this bike short are padded up to the extent which provides insulation and protection. The Cycling Chamois pad used here ensures comfort on long journeys by absorbing extra pressure from the body. The quick drying abilities of this padded bike short prevents any discomfort due to perspiration or moisture during hot weather. 

The waistband used here is a double layered fabric which provides a snug fit even during high intensity activities. The zip lock pockets allow storage space for small essentials such as mobile phones, keys, and cash etc. A reflective strip added at the back of this padded bike short ensures security and safety of the carrier even during night hours. 

The fabric of this padded bike short is skin friendly and gentle on the skin. The stitching used here is dense but does not cause any discomfort or irritation to the wearer. This makes this product quite popular among sporty men who are constantly in search of perfect winter biking gear. 

Best Biker Shorts Black Friday Deals – Buying Guide 

To begin, you need to consider what your plans are for your biker shorts. Will you be using them strictly on the bike? Do you plan to wear them off the bike also? Is it too hot to wear pants when riding? This is important because they are typically designed for short distances and short times on a bike. 

Some of these shorts also double as swim trunks. Many companies offer a waterproof exterior with mesh lining that will allow you to get wet but still stay cool. This would be an ideal choice for those bikers who want to go on a long ride on a hot day, and a relaxing wade in the river afterward. 

A very popular modern style of biker shorts is the “booty short” style. These are longer than traditional biker shorts, to your knee, but still offer full seat and leg protection. 

What should you consider when choosing a pair of biking shorts? 

Here are some factors: 

Price: You can spend as little as $15 on a decent pair of biker shorts. You can spend as much as $150 on a very high-quality pair of biking shorts. 

  • Fit: One of the most crucial factors to consider is fitness. They should fit snug, but not so tight that you are uncomfortable on the bike. Be sure to order your normal size for cycling shorts – if you wear a medium pair of shorts, you should order a medium pair of cycling shorts. 
  • Sizing: I prefer the sizing method used by Louis Garneau – they will put an actual garment size on their products, instead of just small, medium, and large. For example, I wear a size 33 pants so this would be considered an X-Small in their product line. 
  • Longevity: Since you will be using your biker shorts for both cycling and casual wear, the materials used should be of high quality to ensure that they stand up well to use. 
  • Pockets: Pockets are important for holding cell phones, mp3 players, or wallets at times when you do not want them in your jersey pockets. 
  • Additional features: Some biker shorts have reflective sections or piping to help keep you visible at night, or UV protection for sunny days. 

Is Black Friday the Best time to buy Biker Shorts? 

Some people claim that because of the holidays, retailers are more likely to give discounts on their products even for clothes. 

Is it true? Does Black Friday really offer the best discounts on biker shorts? To find out, we will have a look at some facts and figures as well as current offers from major stores. 

Black Friday – a big controversy 

The term “Black Friday” was originally used to describe the heavy traffic of people going shopping on this day, but later it has come to be known as a day when retailers offer huge discounts on their products.  

Every year, many customers wait for the perfect deal to come up and purchase items that were previously unaffordable. For retailers, Black Friday is a big controversy – on the one hand, they want to offer great deals and attract as much attention as possible; but on the other hand, it can cost them a fortune if they miscalculate and offer discounts that are too high. 

So, should you wait for Black Friday to buy biker shorts? Let us have a look at some interesting facts before deciding. 

*The best time to purchase biker shorts is from July 1st through September 30th.  

This is a fact, but why is this period considered to be the best time to buy biker shorts? We asked some people who wear biker shorts daily, and their answers can help you! 

Argument 1: In summer, there are more days with hot weather. What is more, it gets humid in some parts of the US which makes wearing biker shorts amazingly comfortable 

Argument 2: You can wear them more often in summer, because it is hot. In winter, when the weather is cold, you are less likely to wear them unless they are covered under your clothing 

Do these facts convince you that July through September is the best time to buy biker shorts? Well, they convinced us! But let us move on and find out what the current situation is in various parts of the US. 


The biker shorts are a necessity for the summer. With so many different styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones will work best for you. Some of our favorites include Free Country’s 5′ inseam and Hanes’ 10′ rise with button fly closure.  

Our team has tried them all- trust us when we say that these are some of the most comfortable pairs out there! You will love how they keep your butt cool during those sizzling summer days on the bike or at the beach. Let us know what style your favorite is by commenting below, and do not forget about our Black Friday Deals coming up next week! 

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