Best workout headbands for women

You want as few obstacles as possible to interfere with your workout. I’m referring to your clothing, footwear, and even hair. Regarding the last one, nothing is more irritating to me during an exercise than my hair getting in my face with every movement, but I can’t do anything about it because I’m focused on the task. 

A headband is the simple, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that solution to this issue. Who would have imagined? The most effective workout headbands keep hair out of the way, and some even wick away sweat to keep the face dry. Before every workout, I now ensure that my ponytail is tight and my hair is swept back, and I sometimes use a headband for added support. 

Take a look at some options below. 


Benefits of using Workout Headbands  

The proper performance headband makes a significant difference when engaging in any form of physical activity. You are aware of the feeling when your heart rate is elevated, and there is constant sweat in your eyes. Vision loss during any high-energy workout is no laughing matter. Vision is critical in sports, so even a moment of distraction could be costly. But the remedy is so simple. The solution is elegant. The only requirement is to wear performance headbands. 

When engaging in any physical activity, it is essential to have the proper equipment and accessories. An athletic headband is one of them. Among the reasons why it is necessary to wear a performance headband are the following: 

To Keep Away Sweat 

Regardless of the weather, there is a good chance that you will sweat when exercising or playing sports. If sweat gets into your eyes, your performance will suffer, and in some cases, it could pose a safety risk. With the proper performance headband, work will not drip into your eyes, allowing you to continue exercising without interruption. 

Protecting the Skin 

Most physical activities are performed outside, exposing the skin to elements such as direct sunlight. Without a performance headband, sunburns, windburns, and frostbite must be feared. Some fleece neck warmers cover additional body parts, such as the head and neck, for optimal skin protection. 

They are Convenient 

When exercising or participating in sports, comfort is crucial. Performance headbands are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, ensuring your comfort. They are made of a soft, stretchy material that provides support regardless of the weather. 

Holding Hair Back 

Even if you want to flaunt your hair in the gym, on the field, or the track, it can be distracting and hinder your performance. Performance headbands are designed to hold hair and assist in keeping it back and in place, allowing you to maintain your sense of style, display your hair, and perform. Long hair hinders performance when working out at the gym or going for a run in the morning. It also occurs to professional athletes during games. Headbands come in handy when hair keeps getting in your face during a performance. 

They are Stylish 

Performance headbands are fashionable accessories, so not only are you protected, but you also look good. These headbands are available in various colors, designs, and patterns, allowing you to select the one that best suits your preferences. You can purchase a headband to compliment your outdoor attire and sports equipment, allowing you to look and feel great for exemplary performance. 

They Are Cooling 

Headbands’ quick-drying quality allows them to keep you cool and make you look cool. This feature prevents sweat from accumulating, making the headband heavy and sticky and therefore unsuitable for athletic use. This is an excellent way to increase your visibility, particularly for professional athletes. 

Due to safety concerns 

They are distinctive, so you stand out effortlessly. Even if you run in the evening after work, it will be easier for drivers to see you. With a high-quality headband, you will not overheat while exercising. Extreme temperatures are hazardous for physical activity, so the headband reduces the stress in your body that would otherwise lead to heat strokes. 

Headbands allow you to continue your routine without worrying about sweat getting into your eyes. They are a preventative measure against perspiration for both professional and amateur athletes. Choosing the proper equipment is crucial for performance and comfort in any sport, and a perfect performance headband is essential to any physical activity. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Workout Headbands For Women 


Consider which headband style will likely complement your hairstyle best, given the variety of available options. If you have bangs or a great deal of hair, you may want to prioritize headbands with a nonslip grip to keep your hair in place. However, those with more delicate hair may get away with wearing thin headbands. 

Or choose a ponytail-specific headband if you frequently wear your hair in this style while exercising. 


The material of your workout headband is crucial, not only for its ability to wick sweat and keep you cool but also for its ability to remain in place. Anything too delicate, such as silk or satin, will likely fly off during a burpee. In contrast, certain grippy materials may not be breathable enough to keep you dry during a cardio burst. 

Therefore, what are the best choices? Christine Bullock, a fitness expert, states that the best headbands for exercise are made from the same nylon and spandex blend as your clothing. This fabric blend stretches, and wicks sweat. Additionally, nylon is breathable and retains its shape. Cotton is the best material for wicking away sweat, but keep in mind that it loses its form rather quickly.” 


Keeping your headband in place during your workout can sometimes be half the battle. Finding a comb with a gripping interior is essential, but you must also ensure that the grip is soft enough to do its job without damaging your hair. Avoid styles with a silicone or elastic interior; instead, look for one lined with a softer material, such as cotton, polyester, or even velvet. 


Bullock suggests searching for workout headbands with a width of at least 1.5 to 2.5 inches if you want to keep your hair out of your face. “This way, they will fit comfortably over the head and hair,” she explains. 


When considering a product, it is essential to consider its maintenance and care requirements. For many, quickly cleaning a product at home is crucial for maintaining its quality and facilitating its use. Avoid headbands that can only be washed by hand if a quick-wash option is one of your most essential requirements. 

Best workout headbands for women 

1. Best Overall: Halo Headband Pullover for Men and Women

Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover, Black

This athletic sweatband, which features our patented SweatSeal with Grip Technology and Dryline Fabric, will redirect sweat and moisture away from your eyes, face, and glasses. The Halo II pullover sweatbands are ideal for running, cycling, and almost any other activity that generates sweat. They are perfect headbands for men and women and fit comfortably under helmets. 

Key Features 
  • Patented SweatSeal re-directs the sweat band and away from the face – Grip Technology keeps the headband in place during any activity 
  • The Dryline fabric absorbs sweat, quickly evaporates moisture and is embedded with silver ions to help eliminate odors. Will not lose shape, form, or stretch out 
  • One size fits both men and women 
  • No more burning sweat in your eyes! 
  • Proudly Made in USA 

2. 3 Pack Men & Women Sweatband Headband

Men & Women Sweatband Headband Terry Cloth Moisture Wicking for Sports,Tennis,Gym,Work Out (Gray,Lake Blue,Purple)

This item is an excellent present for anyone. Such as Christmas or New Year’s gifts for family, friends, or coworkers. Sweatbands for sports utilize a high-performance fabric. It is the best option for protecting you and making you feel comfortable during sports. 

About this item 
  • terry 
  • Materials:Cotton terry fabric, durable, non-slip,lightweight,absorbant,sweat-wicking organic cotton, which wicks moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. 
  • Sweatband Size:One size fit most,2.3 inches * 8.6 inches(width*length), the length Max to 12.60 inches. 
  • Functions:This sweaty bands breathes well,to keep sweat out of your eyes.Great for blocking sweat from running down your face while working out.Meanwhile,It avoids bruising and protect you in training. 
  • Applicable scene:Basketball,Tennis,Volleyball,Running,Golf,etc all sports.Yoga,Working out in Gym, outdoor working activities. 
  • Hand/Mashine wash:Washed with water under 30 Celsius degrees and hang dry in shade place in order to avoid it get wrinkled. 

3. Adidas Interval Reversible Headband

adidas Interval Reversible Headband, Argentina Blue/White White/Argentina Blue, One Size

The Interval Headband is constructed from enhanced cotton terry for absorbency and comfort, and it is reversible for Home and Away looks. ClimaLite moisture-wicking technology provides superior performance for the Interval. It has embroidered 3-Bar logo. 

About this item 
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Imported 
  • Aeroready moisture wicking technology. 
  • Absorbent cotton terry material. 
  • Reversible design. 

4. Nike Reversible Home and Away Headband 1 Count

Nike Reversible Home and Away Headband 1 Count

The absorbent Interval Headband prevents sweat from running down your face. The headband comprises cotton terry for absorbency and comfort, reversible colors for home and away looks, an anti-microbial finish for odor resistance, and an embroidered 3-Bars logo. Each pack includes one headband. 

ClimaLite technology consists of specially designed fabrics and finishes that transport sweat from the skin to the garment’s surface, where it can evaporate. 

About this item 
  • Nylon 
  • Reversible/ Allows for different types of wear 
  • Embroidered Swoosh logo 
  • Dri-FIT fabric to wick sweat away and help keep you dry and comfortable 
  • Contents: 95% Nylon, 5% Rubber 

5. Nike Swoosh Sport Headbands 6pk

Nike Swoosh Sport Headbands 2.0 (Black/White/Grey), One Size Fits Most

Take charge of your workout style with the Nike Women’s Tipped Swoosh Sport Headbands 2.0. Silicone strip grips hold your hair and hair accessories in place. 

About this item 
  • 64% nylon,14% polyester,12% silicone,10% spandex 
  • Imported 
  • Textured jacquard elastic fits securely and prevents slipping 
  • Silicone strip grips your hair and keeps band in place 
  • Pack of 6, to mix and match 
  • Width: 0. 5″, 1. 25 cm 
  • Famous SWOOSH for brand recognition 
  • Sport type: Rugby 

6. Adidas Unisex-Adult Alphaskin Tie Headband

adidas Alphaskin Tie Headband, Black/White, One Size

When flying across the field or sprinting on the track, you cannot afford for your hair to obscure your vision. This Adidas headband features a breathable, stretchy, and moisture-resistant material. Tie it behind your back and proceed. 

About this item 
  • 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex 
  • Imported 
  • Hand Wash Only 
  • Two-layer mesh tie band is one size fits all for any athlete or sport. 
  • Mesh provides ultimate air flow and moisture-wicking. 
  • Centerfront screen print badge of sport logo. 

7. Under Armour Womens Mini Athletic Headbands

Under Armour Women's Mini Athletic Headbands, 6-Pack , Black (005)/White , One Size Fits All

Mini elastic headbands are soft and stretchy, with front and center UA logos. Underside gripping silicone strips for secure, stay-put performance. Sold in six-packs. Width: 0.4″. Under Armour provides you with high-quality, high-performance athletic gear that you never knew you needed but now cannot live without.  

Under Armor apparel enables you to perform at your peak, from stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool in the heat to cold-weather gear that keeps you warm. Ideal for the gym, sports, and outdoor fitness, including football, basketball, golf, volleyball, and tennis, as well as hiking, running, cycling, and yoga. Whatever your training, Under Armour will inspire you. 

About this item 
  • 45% Nylon, 35% Polyester, 20% Elastodiene 
  • Imported 
  • Elastic closure 
  • Machine Wash 
  • Non-Slip, Stylish Headband: Made from 100% Polyester, these headbands look great and keep your hair in place 
  • Under Armour Headbands: Soft, stretchy mini elastic headbands with front & center UA logos 
  • Thin Headbands: Each mini athletic headband has a width of 0.4″ 

8. Nike Swoosh Sport Headbands

Nike Swoosh Sport Headbands 6pk (One Size Fits Most, Black/White)

The Nike Swoosh Headband is essential for basketball, jogging, and other sports. It is worn to keep hair in place and provide comfort while participating in sports and recreational activities. There are various types of headbands, but many of them are composed of less durable materials.  

The Nike swoosh headband is constructed from 69% Cotton, 26% Nylon, and 5% Rubber. The next time you want to go on a sports binge, you should purchase your own Nike swoosh headband. The material from which it is constructed is machine-washable and easy to maintain.  

This headband features an embroidered Swoosh logo and measures 2 inches/5.08 centimeters in width. Some characteristics make a headband an Amazon best-seller; in this review, we will evaluate this headband based on user feedback. 

About this item 
  • 74% Polyester, 26% Rubber 
  • Imported 
  • Nike Swoosh Sport Headbands 6pk 
  • Jacquarded elastic band holds hair in place for secure fit. Jacquarded Nike Swoosh logo for visible brand recognition. 
  • Total relaxed opening 44cm. 
  • Sold as 6 pack. 
  • Versatile together or alone, 

9. Adidas unisex-adult Alphaskin 2.0 Elastic Headband

adidas Alphaskin 2.0 Elastic Headband, Black/White, One Size

When flying across the field or sprinting on the track, you cannot afford for your hair to obscure your vision. This Adidas headband features a breathable, stretchable, and moisture-resistant fabric. Back it up and continue your way. 

About this item 
  • 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex 
  • Imported 
  • Elastic closure 
  • Hand Wash 
  • Two-layer messh for comfort and breathability. 
  • Interior silicone grip for a secure fit. 
  • Centerfront screen print badge of sport logo. 

10. Nike Speed Performance Headband – Unisex

Nike Speed Performance Headband(Black/White, Osfm)

Nike® Dri-Fit technology is integrated into the Nike® Speed Performance Headband. This 2-inch headband will keep you cool and dry during any sport, workout, or other physical activity. The moisture-wicking Dri-Fit fabric blend from Nike® will keep sweat out of your eyes and off your face. 

About this item 

  • 88% polyester 12% spandex 
  • Made in the USA or Imported 
  • Dri-FIT fabric to wick sweat away and help keep you dry and comfortable 
  • Swoosh logo for visible brand recognition 
  • Rib-knit lining provides additional cooling 
  • Sold as single 
  • Length 2 inches/5.08 cm 

Best workout headbands for women - FAQs

There are several factors to consider when determining whether a headband can cause hair damage during exercise. Examine the design of the headband and feel your hair. Consider a seamless design or headband without additional gripping if you have sensitive hair, for example. 

When determining how to dry your headband, it is essential to consult the care instructions included with the product, as this may vary from brand to brand. We discovered that most headbands need to dry flat to retain their shape and size. However, some low-maintenance options can be dried using the dryer’s low heat setting. 

Like drying a headband, the steps for washing a headband are frequently dependent on the headband’s material. Consequently, our headband list includes various washing instructions, including machine-cold wash, gentle cycle, and hand-wash only. 

Before selecting a product, read all care instructions carefully if you place a premium on simple maintenance. 

There are a variety of workout headband styles on the market, and some are designed to be worn in a manner distinct from others. In general, however, it should be worn between the hairline and the ears, depending on its width. It will wrap around your head to secure your hair. 

Depending on the material you choose, wearing a headband while exercising may make you feel warmer, according to Crafford. “Since the majority of heat during exercise is lost through the head, your temperature may rise depending on how much of your head the headband covers,” she explains. 

For this reason, she suggests, for indoor workouts or when exercising in warmer temperatures, “selecting a minimalist headband that will keep your hair in place and your mind on your workout.” 


Whether you have long hair, bangs, or pesky flyaways, these sports headbands will secure them during exercise. From tieback options to thin bands to multipurpose products, we are confident you will find the right product here. 

Now that your hair issue has been resolved, you can devote all your attention to your workout. 

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