What’s the Best Roaster Oven That You Can Buy Now

What is the best roaster oven? With technology, our lives become easier and more convenient as compared before when we needed to do things manually just as when preparing sausages. Now, we can simply make use of a sausage stuffer to make high-quality sausages for our kids.

Part of innovation is also the introduction of different roaster ovens. However, the problem lies in the selection process. How do we get the right one for our family’s needs, especially when preparing roasted meat, such as chicken and turkey?

That’s the same reason I am writing this review today—to help you pick the right roaster oven using a guide on how to choose one and the top ten picks on the market now.

Over the last years, many of us have given up roasting in our ovens because there are electric roasters that can do the task better than the former when it comes to giving us those sumptuous and juicy roasted meats all the time.

But before we touch on the topic on the top five roaster ovens, let us take a look at the benefits of having a roaster oven as well as some important features it should have.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

Benefits of an Electric Oven


      • Value
      • Precise Temperature
      • Extra Space
      • Energy Saving

    An electric roaster oven isn’t only a space saver but also an energy saver. We don’t have to heat up the entire appliance but only a small area that can help us cook and heat food, meaning we don’t have to spend too much on our electric bills or gas, as compared when using a conventional oven.

    Choosing an Electric Oven


        • Size
        • Removable Attachments
        • Price
        • Versatility

      This feature is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a roaster oven, which should attend to our needs. Commonly, roasters range between six quarts and 22 quarters, while the most popular appliance models are between 18 quarts and 22 quarts. The latter is big enough to make meat or vegetable stocks, community dinners, large casseroles as well as roast large portions of meat we cut using one of the knives included in our knife set.

      Top 10 Roaster Oven Reviews

      Nesco 4818-25-20 18-Quart Stainless Roaster

      This medium-sized 18-quart capacity roaster oven bags the top on our list because it is dependable and it can serve us with moist and tender roasted meats all the time without any smoke in our kitchen as compared to manual charcoal roasting.

      It can also be used for other purposes, including slow cooking, baking, steaming, serving and cooking, aside from broiling or roasting. Even if it can do all these, the appliance does not generate too much heat and consume much energy.

      It is also portable, which lets you take it anywhere you go.

      It is built with the ‘Circle of Heat’ technology of the heating elements that wrap around for even and moist cooking. Additionally, it comes with an automatic temperature control that can help you achieve accurate cooking with temperature ranging from 200 to 450 degrees F.

      It also includes a removable steel rack for easy insertion and removal of foods, and it has lift out handles for convenient and safe handling.



          • Temperature control, 200-450 degrees F
          • Removable steel rack
          • Circle of Heat technology
          • 18-quart capacity
          • Easy to clean
          • Dishwasher safe, removable, stainless steel cookwell
          • Easy lift out and stay cool handles
          • Steams, slow cooks, bakes, warms and cooks
          • Easy storage



            • Expensive

          Rival RO230-B 22-Quart Roaster Black

          The Rival appliances have been around for years, and they have been a household name among thousands of users worldwide. They keep up with promises of quality and performance with their products – including in this RO230-B.

          This unit has a 22-quart capacity, which means that it can accommodate up to 22 pounds of bird, something ideal for the holiday season when all of us are busy in the kitchen. And with this oven, we can also free up our stovetop for other foods we want to cook.

          It also comes with a roasting pan and a removable rack, which makes the unit even more convenient and easy to use. Additionally, it includes a lid rest for serving conveniently, meaning we do not have to use another serving plate to serve our sumptuous dishes cooked in this oven.



              • Can cook large portions of meats, including turkey and can make the gravy in the oven itself
              • Roasts, bakes, and slow cooks
              • Removable rack and pan
              • Temperature control settings
              • Easy cleanup with its dishwasher safe roasting pan
              • Ideal for social functions and holiday gatherings



                • Only one-year warranty
                • Built to work compatible with the North American Electrical Standards

              Oster CKSTROSMK18 Smoker Roaster 16-Quart

              Technology isn’t the only thing we need when finding roaster oven but also ease of use and convenience. For that matter, I included this easy to use unit from OSTER, which can make our roasting easier, while at the same time giving us moist and tender meats each time.

              The appliance is also versatile, something that can save us money in the process because we don’t need to buy separate devices to slow cook or bake for us. This OSTER unit can be used for other cooking purposes, not mentioning that it also gives us with a larger cooking space of 16 quarts.

              The best part is that we can use it for smoking with wood chips to achieve that flavor and smell we’re looking for in our meats, and some include cherry, mesquite, and apple. This unit that can be used outdoors can bring that smoked flavor in our meat as compared to traditional roasters on the market.

              It can also accommodate up to 20 pounds of bird for roasting – making it ideal for special events, holidays and social functions. For that added benefit, the unit also includes a removable cooking pan, which gives us an easier time in cleaning it up after use.

              It also has an adjustable temperature control settings ranging between 150 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and it can be used for baking, slow cooking, smoking, and roasting.



                  • Multifunctional for roasting, slow cooking, and baking, to name some
                  • Adjustable temperature controls settings
                  • Removable pan
                  • Comes with removable pockets for wood chips when used outdoors for smoking
                  • Up to 20 lbs of meat capacity



                    • Smaller capacity as compared to others on this list

                  Oster CKSTRS23-SB 22-Quart Self Basting Stainless

                  When looking for a roaster, we should see to it that we’re using a heavy-duty and solid appliance that can give us accurate cooking results all the time – meaning an appliance that can serve us those perfect roasts, which have to be tasty, tender and moist, not dry and burnt. This appliance is promising because it can help us save time and give us double the oven space for our holiday cooking need.

                  It also lets us prepare delicious gravy from pan dripping. All we need to do is to simmer it straight in the appliance in an instant that also means no mess in our oven and free stovetop space for other foods we have to cook.

                  The product also comes with a self-basting lid that does the basting for us through re-circulating moisture and that eliminates the time-consuming manual basting.

                  It also has a stainless steel finish that gives us an easier time in cleaning.

                  This appliance also has a large capacity of 22 quarts, meaning it can handle large meat roasts and meat cuts without any hassles.

                  For our convenience, this OSTER comes with a removable roasting pan, too, for easy clean up and removal.

                  The oven is also built with different temperature control settings, which makes it ideal for not only roasting but also slow cooking and baking. Its temperature ranges from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.



                      • Multipurpose – Slow cooking, baking, roasting
                      • Up to 450 degrees F
                      • 22-quart capacity
                      • Can cook up to 26 pounds of turkey or meats
                      • Removable roasting pan



                        • The exterior might get too hot.

                      Hamilton Beach 32229 22-Quart Stainless

                      If you want to double your oven space, then you might want to consider this unit fro, Hamilton Beach that has a large capacity of up to 22 quarts, meaning it can accommodate large portions and cuts of meats and foods.

                      Aside from having a large capacity, the oven also includes temperature control settings ranging up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning it can be used for not only roasting but also baking, slow cooking, steaming and so on. It is also a portable unit that can be used for serving food, too.



                          • 22-quart capacity
                          • Can be used for serving, baking, and roasting
                          • Simple control knob
                          • Stainless steel casing
                          • Lift out wire rack, removable insert pan and stay cool handles
                          • Up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
                          • Recipes included
                          • Manual included
                          • Easy to clean



                            • Only one year of limited warranty

                          Oster 24-Pound Stainless Highdome 18-Quart



                              • The unit can roast up to 24 pounds of turkey.
                              • Its temperature can be set between 150-450 degrees F, so there won’t be a problem in baking brownies, muffins and more! It also works precisely, so you don’t have to worry about undercooking or overcooking food.
                              • It can be used for many methods of cooking, including slow cooking, baking, and roasting. You can save money because you can prevent yourself from buying several appliances to meet these needs.
                              • It also includes a removal pan that makes cooking a breeze. Another attachment is its removable steel rack that makes cooking even easier when removing the turkey from the oven.
                              • The roaster’s lid rest also saves on energy because it prevents the heat from escaping as well as it makes serving easier, too.



                                • The unit is built according to North American Electrical Standards, which is why this intended for use in Canada and the US.

                              Rival RO180 18-Quart Roaster White



                                  • It is from the famous company that is known for the “Crock Pot.”
                                  • It can accommodate up to 18 quarts of food, so it may be the ideal choice for medium-sized families. It can fit large cuts of meat, saving you so much time in cooking. With it, you can cook without any hassles for the holidays and special occasions, such as family gatherings.
                                  • It is an enamel-coated oven and it comes with an enamel-coated steel roasting pan, making it more durable to last for many years.
                                  • It can help you cook most types of foods, including sauces, soups, and casseroles. With that said, you can look forward to using a versatile kitchen appliance that also saves you money from buying several other appliances to attend to these cooking needs.
                                  • It keeps the kitchen at the right temperature, as compared to traditional ovens that could turn our kitchens into a dessert when cooking. Along these lines, this oven does not heat up like a large oven, which is something you might want especially when heating only a small portion of food. The appliance can also be used as a food warmer, making it a bit more versatile.
                                  • Its temperature can be set between 150-450 degrees F, meaning we can also use it for baking brownies and cooking casseroles and other types of food.



                                    • This is an enamel-coated roaster, so you might have to deal with the enamel flaking off after a while.
                                    • You might also notice that the temperature might get a little bit hotter than what you have set it.


                                  Today’s champion in our review is obviously the Nesco 4818-25-20! While it is not as large as the Rival RO230-B when it comes to quart capacity, I find it to be more useful and versatile, not mentioning that it is also one of the top rated products among consumers. It is also powerful and durable even if it is not the most affordable on our list. Nevertheless, the top five ovens we’ve featured here can be your “best roaster oven” because they are all excellent in performance.

                                  I hope today’s guide has shed light and helped you make a sound choice in buying a roaster today!

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