Best Black Friday Microwave Deals

Are you looking for a good deal on a microwave this Black Friday? Check out our roundup of the best deals available to help you save money on your purchase.   

We’ve included both standalone microwaves and combos with ovens so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, we’ve got a few tips on what to look for when shopping for a microwave. Read on to learn more!  

The Best Microwave To Buy On Black Friday

What is a Microwave oven?  

Microwave ovens (or “microwaves”) are the safest way to cook food. Microwaves deliver all their energy directly to the food, avoiding contact with hot metal surfaces. Unlike traditional ovens that use gas or electric heating elements, there are no flameless cooking hazards associated with microwaves.  

The benefit of using Microwave  

Here are some benefits of using a microwave oven:  

1) It saves time and electricity compared to a gas stove or conventional oven. Microwave does not require pre-heating as compared to the traditional oven. Microwave cooking is fast, and it also saves time as most of the microwave recipes only take a few minutes to cook. Food cooked in a conventional oven takes 1/3 more time than that of a microwave or, for example, if you are making cheese toast in the Microwave, it will take only 1-2 minutes to cook, but the conventional oven takes around six minutes.  

2) It is economical and energy efficient as compared to a conventional oven. As soon as you switch it on, the cooking starts, and there is no loss of heat or hot air in the kitchen. You need not heat the house with a conventional cooktop that uses a lot of electricity and heats your home. Using a microwave is equivalent to 75% less heating costs.  

3) It does not dry out the food as there is no loss of moisture or water content in food. Though microwaves cook quickly, they do so by exciting the food molecules that produce steam and cooking your food thoroughly without overcooking it. You can avoid this problem by removing the food from the packaging and covering it with a lid or plastic wrap.  

4) It saves time in food preparation as you can cook different dishes together, e.g., if you want to prepare breakfast, you can quickly fix eggs and pancakes together. Even simple tasks such as melting chocolate or butter will be done quickly without wasting time.  

5) The microwaves do not heat and warm up the kitchen so that you can use them even during summer.  

6) Microwave cooking does not kill nutrients in your food as they are mostly destroyed by high heat or overcooking. Microwave ovens only use short bursts of high-energy waves to cook your food.  

7) Safety: microwave ovens are also safe to use as they cook your food uniformly without any burning, scalding, or boiling over of liquids, and there is no time required for pre-heating the oven.  

8) As microwave cooking does not demand constant attention, it is ideal for busy people who are always on the move and do not have enough time to cook food.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your New Microwave  

As with any major purchase, there are many factors to consider when choosing your new microwave oven. From size to wattage to more advanced features like inverter technology and sensor cooking, the Microwave of your dreams is out there waiting for you to find it.  

While most consumers understand the basics behind purchasing a microwave oven, there are still some things that many people either do not know or have not thought about.  


Size is an obvious factor, but it’s also one of the first things many people fail to consider. Microwaves come in various sizes, from countertop microwaves that can be mounted under your cabinets (great for small kitchens) to over-the-range models (which mount above your range or cooktop).  


Microwaves use short electromagnetic waves to cause polarized molecules found in food to rotate quickly. This rapid rotation generates heat, cooking your food.  

The wattage of a microwave indicates how much energy is being used to generate heat in your food. The higher the wattage, the faster and more evenly your food will cook.  

Energy Efficiency   

Like other kitchen appliances, it’s essential to choose an energy-efficient model. Microwave ovens use a tremendous amount of energy and will add significantly to your electricity bill if you do not select a model with a high Energy Factor (EF) rating.  

Manufacturers are required to list the EF for each microwave oven they sell, so look for one with a high number.  

Ease of Use   

This factor may seem obvious, but many people fail to consider it. The last thing you want is a complicated microwave to use. Be sure that: 

  • The keypad controls are easy to read and understand. 
  • The unit has one-touch or quick buttons for commonly used features. 
  • It has a display that isn’t too bright. 
  • The door opens and closes quickly. 
  • The unit is easy to clean. 
  • You can change power levels by pressing a single button instead of cycling through many different levels. 
  • There are plenty of safety features built into the microwave oven.  


Microwave ovens can do a lot to make your life easier, from reheating leftovers and cooking frozen foods to reheating coffee and popcorn.  

You want a model that offers features like these to save you time and effort. Check for convenience features such as  

  • Quick buttons for frozen foods 
  • Reheat cycle 
  • Defrost cycle 
  • Auto cooking features.  

 Many people mistake buying a microwave oven based solely on size or wattage. While these are essential factors, there are other things you may want to consider before making your purchase decision.  

This article is meant to help you avoid that mistake and help you choose a microwave oven perfect for your cooking needs.  

Do microwaves go on sale for Black Friday?  

Microwaves, electronic household appliances for quickly heating food, are usually very expensive. Black Friday seems to be an excellent time to look out for deals on microwaves since they might go on sale at this time of year.  


As the holiday season is upon us, many people are looking for a new microwave to use during their busy cooking times. If you need a new appliance and want one that will last long-term, our team has rounded up some great Black Friday deals on microwaves from top brands!  

You can find these below or by clicking here. Best of all, most offer free shipping as well! Which brand did you end up purchasing? Let us know in the comments section below. Happy shopping, everyone! 

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