Once women have hit their 30s, they begin worrying about looking older, which is why billions are being spent every year on Botox and other dermatological procedures. A cheaper alternative to these is using anti-aging products. To avoid falling victim to wrong or ineffective age-defying products, here are some tips you may consider.

Ingredients to look out for

Anti-aging skin care products are constantly marketing themselves as the solution to looking old. Only some of the brands are actually effective. Choose these products wisely by looking out for the following ingredients. Proper anti-aging skin care will begin once you start using products that contain the following:

      1. Vitamins A and C- These vitamins are found in most skin care products. Vitamin C is able to protect the skin from harmful UV rays while Vitamin A reduces the chances of wrinkles. Wrinkles are reduced via its inflammatory mechanism. The mechanism somewhat puffs up your skin to lessen the wrinkle depth. Vitamin C also brightens the skin by increasing collagen production and improving your blood’s circulation.
      2. Retinoids are a derivative on Vitamin A. These are useful in treating signs of aging by accelerating the production of new cells, thereby lessening the accumulation of a dead skin layer. The result is a smoother and a fresher-looking skin. Wrinkles are also reduced, thanks to the production of fresh cells. Be sure to use retinoid products continuously. Once you stop applying these, your skin will go back to producing wrinkles and the like.
      3. AHAs or Alpha-hydroxy acids are fruit acids that increase the exfoliation or removal of dead skin cells.

    Other factors

    A person’s lifestyle and genetic history also play a big role in the ageing process. Thirty percent of the body’s ageing manifestations come from our genes. Lifestyle factors that can increase the likelihood of ageing are regular smoking and constant exposure to the sun. If you are fond of tanning, it is time to take a break and only engage in it sporadically. Too much tanning can cause more wrinkles in the body. The added sun exposure also damages the skin.

    Products that work

    A study done by a magazine analyzed the effectiveness of anti-aging moisturizers and creams. In this study, 12 moisturizers were tested against 12 anti-aging cream products. The women testing the products did not know which category the products belong to. At the end of the study, they were asked to assess if the product was either an anti-aging or a moisturizing product.

    The results report that the women using anti-aging creams did not notice any improvement on their skin. A small 10 percent only noticed a difference after using the anti-aging products. This could be due to the small amount of ingredients in the cream. Because the products are cream-base, they can only do much and probably performs more as moisturizers than anti-ageing products.

    It is also recommended to not depend on one product to take away what your skin has developed for years. Some scientists even believe anti-aging products can damage your skin further. Sensitive skin is prone to irritation from retinoids and AHAs. Application of retinoids may lead to red discoloration, itching, and dry skin. AHAs may end up swelling the skin, exposing it to more UV damage. Like any other chemical or medicine, side effects are inevitable through using these products.

    To ensure your body’s safety, read anti-aging product reviews online. These reviews discuss the possible effects of various creams, lotions, and soaps available in the market.


    Wrinkle reduction and anti-aging skin care products are all the rage today. According to Freedonia’s market research, anti-aging products are now a $20-billion industry in the US, and this sales is expected to rise to 8.7 percent annually from 2009 onwards. But before jumping into the anti-aging bandwagon, it is first important to know whether or not it is worth it to buy an anti-aging product. Here are some factors to consider:

    Price and marketing coups

    Do not be fooled by products carrying well-known brands or are endorsed by high-profile celebrities. A product’s high price and good packaging do not necessarily mean that the product is effective. Before buying a branded anti-aging product, estimate how much the product’s company could have spent in advertisements and endorsements as these make the products more expensive and unaffordable, without contributing a significant change to the product’s quality.

    Instead of ads and celebrities, the more important thing to consider in choosing the best skin care products is if the products have been scientifically proven to be effective. Check out if the products have seals or labels proving that they have been tested for effectiveness. You may also consult a dermatologist or your country’s quality control department to see if the products really pass their standards.

    Natural ingredients

    If a skin care product has many ads and celebrity endorsers but its price is affordable, then check if it is recuperating its marketing expenses by putting inadequate, ineffective or unsafe ingredients into the product. Hence, it is important to not choose products containing synthetic materials like paraffin and lead. The more important things to look out for are the quantity and quality of the products’ natural ingredients.

    But even natural ingredients should also be scrutinized before buying skin care products, more importantly, anti-aging ones. Collagen-based products, for example, contain natural collagens and elastins, which make the skin look young. Scientists, however, found out that the natural collagens and elastins in anti-aging products have big molecules that cannot be absorbed by the skin, making them useless.

    Hence, instead of collagen-based products, go for skin care products that have natural ingredients that can enhance the body’s production of eslatin and collagen. One such natural ingredient is Cynergy TK, which helps in the natural production of elastin and collagen. It can also significantly help improve the skin’s flexibility and moisture retention.

    Cynergy TK’s antioxidant properties help neutralize the damage caused by free radicals, thereby helping prevent the premature aging of the skin. Hence, it is advisable that when looking for best anti-aging skin care products, always look for the ones with Cynergy TK. 

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