If you are one of those who gets facials regularly as an anti-aging treatment and haven’t noticed any changes in the wrinkles on your eyes, mouth and brow, then you probably know that these treatments do not work for your wrinkles. You are not doing anything bad for your skin. It’s just that having facials to fight wrinkles is as effective as chewing gum during a math exam.

Facials are popular skin treatments in spas and salons. They come in different varieties, mostly using different kinds of materials from mud to diamonds. You might have heard about some of them. The most common names for facials are mineral masks, rose steam treatments, blu-light, microdremabrasions, LED light therapy and the most recent one is oxygen facial. They can be applied everyday or are done every two weeks or so in a pre-determined number of sessions.

You might be wondering: are facials bad for your skin? No, they are not. In fact, they can be beneficial and are good skin care routines. Facials extract clogged pores and exfoliate your skin. It takes out dull, dry and scaly skin and gives you a deep cleanse that leaves your skin smooth, supple and young-looking. However, facials cannot treat your wrinkles or repair damaged blood vessels or lighten brown spots.

Facials are skin treatments that are done by beauticians, not necessarily dermatologists, although some dermatologists recommend and perform facials on their patients. Beauticians cannot prescribe drugs or give you treatments that can penetrate the skin or enter the bloodstream. The best wrinkle treatments are invasive and cannot be performed by a beautician.

A facial massage or an electrostimulation is also a popular anti-aging treatment. They are supposed to tone your skin and lessen the appearance of wrinkles. However, these are minimally effective. Just like muscles on other parts of your body, building them up takes time and will actually cause the wrinkles to show more. Wrinkles are caused by contraction of the muscles, like when you furrow your brow or squint your eyes. To decrease the appearance of wrinkles, you have to relax the muscles. Toning them only makes wrinkles appear deeper.

Skin care is an important aspect to looking good and feeling great. However, you are better off researching about the facts behind the skin treatments you want to try before you spend on them. There is better value in simply eating well and avoiding vices, especially smoking, to keep wrinkles from forming for as long as possible.


Face it. No one likes getting old, but this is a fact that we all have to live with. As we age, our skin ages right along with us. However, skin care for older people does not have to be a guessing game as to how to get the best skin treatments. We just need to be aware of the signs as they come along and be ready for them as they come.

Notice the signs

Pay close attention to the signs of aging skin. Look out for increased roughness, wrinkling, irregular pigmentation and inelasticity of the skin. These are the normal signs to look out for in our skin as we head into our golden years. The reason our skin begins to act this way is that we don’t produce new cells at the same pace we did when we were young. Environmental and biological factors also play a big part in how our skin evolves. The next time you decide to head out for some fun in the sun, remember to use lots of sunscreen and sun block to fight off the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Go natural

There has never been a better time to go natural. Using organic skin products is extremely helpful for aging skin. The reasoning behind this is that as you get older, your skin becomes thinner, making it more sensitive to the harsh chemicals found in regular skin care products. When looking for organic skin products, remember this simple rule of thumb: The fewer the ingredients contained in the skin care product, the safer it is for your skin. Some of the natural ingredients you should look out for when buying organic skin products include vitamin E, almond oil, purified water, and cocoa butter.

Stop smoking and eat healthy

You should also take care of your health. If you are a smoker, put down that cigarette and quit the habit! Smoking has been shown to accelerate skin aging so quitting now is important for good overall skin care. You should get into a healthy eating habit. A healthy diet helps the skin get the nutrition it needs to help repair ongoing damage from the sun and other environmental elements.

Remember these tips and you will keep your skin happy, healthy, and glowing well into your golden years!

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