What’s The Best Sausage Stuffer? No Stuffing – Here They Are

What is the best sausage stuffer? When it comes to sausages, homemade is still the best, and there is no doubt on that. We can control the salt and the rest of the ingredients to keep our sausages healthy and delicious.

But if you want to make use of a sausage stuffer in creating your very own version of sausages, then you might want to make your first investment on this appliance right now.

While there are many choices on this appliance on the market, I recognize that it does make things extra challenging to select the right one to attend to our needs. So for that matter, I am writing this review to help you decide on which stuffer to buy for your family.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

    But just like when buying other appliances like a roaster oven or a food steamer, we have to know what to look for when buying a sausage stuffer. So if you’re an avid sausage fan, check out the next section to find out the factors to consider when buying a stuffer.

    What’s a sausage stuffer anyway? It’s a modern appliance that helps us in neatly packaging and preparing our sausage in no time. It takes much of the work off our shoulders because it is easy and safe to use.

    Many of these also have additional features that make sausage stuffing even easier. And the best part of all is that we can always come up with the best sausages with all the fresh and healthy ingredients that we love to serve our family.

    Sausage Stuffer Buying Guide 2023

    Just like when buying a knife set, you should find an easy to clean and maintain stuffer. Otherwise, you might have to deal with the stress of the extra work to put in cleaning hard to maintain models.

    There you have the most important considerations when shopping around for a sausage stuffer for home. Following this section is our list of the top five sausage stuffers on the market.

    Top 9 Sausage Stuffer Reviews of 2023

    Weston Commercial Grinder Sausage Stuffer

    If you’re looking not only to use your stuffer for creating sausages but also for grinding meat, then you may want to consider this Weston No.22 with 1 HP appliance. It is a heavy-duty commercial-grade unit that lets you perform your task with convenience and ease.

    Did you know that this product could process 725 pounds of meat per hour? It only means that this product might be for you if you’re a deli chef or someone who make large batches of sausages in one day. With its big capacity, you will simply save so much time!

    It is powerful with its 750-watt motor and one (1) HP, which is why it can process this sum of meat in an hour.

    For easy cleanup and maintenance, the product is made of stainless steel outer housing. This is another essential feature, which I believe can make our tasks easier.

    For safety, it is built in with a circuit breaker to prevent the damage of the appliance in times of power surges or outages. With that said, you can be sure of long-term use if you’d opt for a meat grinder and sausage stuffer like Weston no.22.

    It also comes with an offset and extra wide throat with a rifled head, promoting great speeds of the appliance.

    It includes funnels from 10-40 (increments of 10), meaning we can make summer and Italian sausages of the sizes we want without any hassles.


        • Handguard for safety
        • Reverse function
        • Stainless steel construction
        • Permanently air cooled and lubricated motor for smooth operation


          • Needs disassembly for cleaning and storage
          • Only two years of warranty

        STX Turboforce II Electric Grinding

        The appliance is 2-in-1 – meat grinder and sausage stuffer. It is also electrically operated, meaning we can minimize the effort in food processing. The product comes with three speeds – high, low and reverse that let us adjust the speed based on our needs.

        It also comes with a safety circuit breaker to prevent its damage during power surges and outages. Optionally, we can use its foot pedal control for hands-free use.

        The product is the best electric sausage stuffer and also made more durable with the meat grinder’s quad air-cooling feature. It is also complete with three stainless blades, one beaner plate, five grinding plates, Kubbe attachment and three stuffing tubes – it accessories that complete this all-in-one package.

        It comes with an ergonomic, futuristic style that can complement any kitchen design and space. But it is not only modern in style because it is also powerful that it can grind even tough meat cuts without bogging down.

        It is also built with the Quad Air Cooling System that keeps its motors cool – something that doubles its life, as compared to products with an air cooling system.


            • Durable
            • Quad air cooling system
            • Optional foot pedal control
            • Meat grinder and sausage stuffer in one
            • Electric


              • Quite expensive
              • Quite heavy

            LEM Products Stainless Vertical Sausage

              When it comes to sausages, nothing beats homemade that allows us take total control of the ingredients we put in, including the salt and sugar. And when looking for a stuffer, we really have to be careful especially that we’re going to use this appliance for most of our sausage stuffing needs.

              The LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage stuffer for home use is made of a stainless steel base, which makes it durable and resistant to corrosion. This feature is essential so that we can be sure that our stuffer won’t wear and tear even with weather changes, as well as moisture.

              It also has two clamps that make the stuffer easy to use and secured in place. All the gears are metal, too, so they are sturdy, and they can keep up with our heavy demands in the kitchen.

              Not to forget, this LEM product has a 5-pound capacity, allowing us to make big batches of sausages at once. It also comes with an air-release valve as well as three stuffing tubes, which let us do our task easier and faster.


                  • Vertical easy to use stuffer
                  • Stainless steel base
                  • Two clamps for secured stuffing
                  • Compact and robust construction
                  • Stainless steel base
                  • All metal gears


                    • The product is manually operated

                  New VIVO Sausage Stuffer Meat Filler

                    This is a new addition to the VIVO sausage stuffer family that you might also want to consider for its top features and functions. For one, it has a smooth tilt and release function, which makes our lives easier. This feature makes loading and cleaning up very easy. All that we have to do is to tilt and then pull out to take out the stainless steel cylinder.The VIVO Sausage Stuffer Vertical Stainless Steel 3L/7LB 5-7 Pound Meat Filler ~ by VIVO (STUFR-V003) for snack sticks also comes with metal gears, a feature that makes it even easier to use. Cranking out the sausage takes only little effort from us, and these metal gears also make the stuffer more durable than the others made of plastic gears, which are prone to damage.

                    The product also comes with an air release valve, letting trapped air to escape for smoother operation. Its pistons exterior is wrapped with a rubber gasket, preventing sausage from seeping through.


                        • Stainless steel cylinder
                        • Convenient filling
                        • 7-lb capacity
                        • Air release valve
                        • Metal base and all metal gears
                        • Nozzles included


                          • Plastic nozzles might break in time
                          • Product built to North America Electrical Standards

                        Weston Manual Vertical Sausage Stuffer

                          If you’re looking for a best manual sausage stuffer for the money, one of the basics to consider is its capacity. This particular appliance has a 7-lb capacity that can accommodate your sausage stuffing needs. Additionally, it is designed with an upright canister, which is built to accommodate large meat quantities.

                          For its quality, the maker has built it with a steel housing and stainless steel canister, which make it more durable as compared to other sausage stuffers on the market.

                          When operating our stuffer, it is also important that our appliance won’t move in its place. This stuffer is designed and built with rubber feet that instantly adds to its stability.

                          It also comes with dual speed and heavy-duty steel gears that make stuffing faster. With that said, we will be able to save time, especially when making large batches of sausage for occasions, such as Christmas.

                          It is also easy to clean and maintain because we can easily disassemble it after use for cleaning up. To prevent the sausage from seeping through, the appliance is made with pressure release valve.

                          For a wide range of sausage sizes, it comes with best rated four sets of stainless steel funnels, namely 13mm, 30mm, 20mm, and 40mm, meaning we can create different sausage sizes for snacks, luncheon meats and so on.


                              • Affordable
                              • Comes with four sets of funnels
                              • Dual speed and heavy-duty gears
                              • Easy to clean
                              • Pressure release valve


                                • Manually operated

                              Weston PRO-1050 #32 Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer

                                Incredibly fast and powerful Sausage Stuffer for making raw dog food from chicken necks and thighs, chunked turkey legs (took a cleaver to big bone chunks), gizzards (chicken and turkey), beef hearts. The time was all in the prep; the grinding took minutes.

                                Hubby was fascinated and enjoyed joining in the process. It looked like high-quality hamburger once we were done.
                                Very heavy, so we’re looking for a sturdy work cart for it on lockable caster wheels.


                                    • This model is a versatile appliance that works as both a grinder and a stuffer. With it, you don’t have to buy these machines separately but make a one-time investment in one unit. Use it in grinding beef, pork, and other meat products and then turn them into delicious sausages that your kids and family will love.
                                    • It is made with an air-cooled motor controlled unit and a circuit breaker, keeping your unit safe from any damage during heavy and prolonged use or power outage. You can look forward to safe sausage stuffing using this unit that can provide you with not only excellent performance but also safety all the time.
                                    • The unit can grind up to 1080 lbs of meat per hour if you’re using it a restaurant or a meat shop. This professional-grade feature makes this model a top choice among chefs and restaurant owners from around the world.
                                    • It is extra large to accommodate a large grinding or stuffing requirement. You can depend on this unit, especially if you’re a restaurant owner or a meat dealer.
                                    • It performs excellently with its three stainless steel grinding plates—fine, medium and coarse options. It also includes three stuffing funnels, a flange, and two grinding plates.


                                      • This model is quite heavier than other sausage stuffers are.
                                      • It is professional-grade, so its price is a little bit higher than other models in the same category.

                                    STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce Patented Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder

                                      Its a good grinder for small jobs. Loud, but it is a best sausage stuffer on the market. Don’t expect it to eat raw meat like a vacuum. Works well if you cut the meat into small pieces but can bog down with gristle and larger chunks

                                      I mostly use this for grinding up and stuffing pork to make homemade bratwursts. I think I’ve done ~40 or 50lbs of meat and this grinder is a very well built machine. It can quickly do 20lbs of the meet in less than 5 minutes. I’m sure I slowest part of the processes. Make sure to use the opening plate when stuffing sausages.
                                      The instructions show using the medium size plate, but I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s way too slow, unnecessarily reduces the grindings from course to paste, and it eventually gets clogged.

                                      If you want excellent ground, I would start with the smallest plate and run it through twice before stuffing.


                                          • It is another electric stuffer by STX, which has an excellent reputation in the industry. This model is impressive for its complete features at an affordable price. One of its excellent benefits is that it comes with the
                                          • Cowl Air Induction that works precisely in helping you stuff your sausages.
                                          • It works in three different speeds, meaning you can set how fast you can stuff your sausages in no time.
                                          • Plus, this product has 3000 watts of locked motor wattage of and a circuit breaker for safety.
                                          • The unit measures two and a half inches (diameter) and it has a feed tube of 2′ (diameter). Without even saying, this stuffer is also a space saver with its ergonomic design and built. So no matter if you have a small kitchen space, you will not have any problem at all if you would opt for this model.
                                          • It comes with three types of grinding plates, along with three cutting blades, a beaner plate and three pieces of sausage feed tubes. Not to forget, this also comes with a Kubba attachment that lets you make kibbeh, a popular Levantine dish from minced onions, ground beef, and cracked wheat, to name some ingredients.
                                          • It is made from food-grade cast aluminum that makes it durable to last for many years, no matter how heavy the demand it gets is. If you are looking for a sturdy unit that you can use for a long time, then you may want to give this product a second look.
                                          • This unit comes with a 3-year 100% on replacement and repair (*US), including on labor and parts.
                                          • Overall, it is a powerful meat grinder, it is easy to assemble, and it is relatively easy to clean.


                                            • It is not dishwasher safe, so you should wash it by hand. Only the stainless steel blades are dishwasher safe.
                                            • It will discolor if you delay cleaning, air-drying or soaking.

                                          TSM Products 5lb Sausage Stuffer

                                            The TSM stuffer itself is high quality, easy to take apart and wash, and none of the components look cheap or like this was a “budget buy” product.

                                            The only negative I have to say, which is mentioned in some other reviews, is that the smallest tube that is included is still too big to use with sheep or slimmer collagen casings (19-22mm or so). The remedy for this is pretty simple, as tubes for ChopRite and Enterprise stuffers will also fit this stuffer, and you can find a 3/8″ tube for less than $20.
                                            Even with having to purchase an additional tube this price still can’t be beaten, and the current Amazon price is even less than the manufacturer’s price!

                                            I would highly recommend this inexpensive stuffer to anyone looking to make their sausages and has been frustrated with an electric stuffer.


                                                • The unit is made from cast iron and chrome plated frame that makes it sturdy. If you are looking for a durable model to last you for many years and give you the satisfaction in stuffing your sausages, then this might be for you.
                                                • It also comes with a stainless steel cylinder, which makes cleaning a breeze and fast. You won’t have to worry about cleaning your appliance after making sausage. This feature also makes the unit very handy.
                                                • It is ideal for first-time sausage makers because it is easy to use, too.It also comes with a base, a threaded rod and air valve, which makes this model an even simpler to use product even for amateur sausage makers.
                                                • It also comes with a cast iron crank, giving it a good finish and durable construction. You can look forward to long-term use with this model that won’t break your bank.
                                                • It includes food-grade plastic tubes that make it safe for use.
                                                • The model has an overall height of 15 inches that make it ideal even for shorter individuals. They won’t have a hard time in using this sausage stuffer.
                                                • It works well for its relatively low price. Plus, it comes with three plastic stuff inch tubes.


                                                  • It comes with plastic handles, which might not be as durable as those, which handle are made from metal.

                                                Goplus Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer Maker Meat Filler

                                                Not bad for making sausage and I decided to use this machine. I wish the attachment to secure to the table was bigger because it neither fit my butcher block nor my counter, I had to bring in another table to use.

                                                Works fantastic at a great price point. One person operation is not a problem as with some models.

                                                The plunger also does not push out all the meat in the chamber, so I had to take it out and stuff the rest by hand which was a pain. Would be helpful if they included a tool to push out the meat by hand. Other than that, a neat tool for a first-time sausage maker!


                                                    • It is made from stainless steel so that you can look forward to the long-term use of a beautiful unit without the corrosion and rust.
                                                    • The piston is made from food-grade plastic for safety.
                                                    • It also comes with a stainless steel cylinder for easy clean up. This product won’t give you a headache in cleaning as well as filling.
                                                    • It can hold as much meat just like a horizontal sausage stuffer.
                                                    • It takes little space so that you can have a few more appliances on your countertop without any problems.
                                                    • It includes a pressure relief valve that can prevent blowouts.
                                                    • It comes with three pieces of stuffing tubes that can give you a chance in selecting the size of your sausages.


                                                      • The unit isn’t dishwasher-safe.
                                                      • It needs clamping to a surface.


                                                    What is the best sausage stuffer?

                                                    The clear winner in today’s review of the best sausage stuffer is Weston Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer because it has a large capacity, powerful motor and works in two ways – as a meat grinder and a sausage stuffer. It is also heavy-duty and made with commercial-grade materials, which translate to durability and stability. Our #2 STX Turboforce II comes close, though, with its powerful and smooth operation, too, but I still find our #1 for today the best quality sausage stuffer on the market today.

                                                    I hope today’s guide has helped you decide on the right sausage stuffer based on your needs as well as on the features you’re looking for – manual or electric, sausage stuffer only or with meat grinding capacity and so on.

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