The Ultimate List Of The Best Toy Guns For Kids

Your child has been requesting toy shotguns or handguns, right? Do friends have replica bazookas at their homes for play? If this is the case, you may be concerned about buying toy guns for children; what if it makes them more aggressive? 

Pretend gunplay is surprisingly prevalent and almost inevitable. Whether it’s a pop gun, an air gun, or a nerf gun; children love to load them with darts and shoot each other.¬†

It is always prudent to consider how play can influence a child’s perception of reality. Are children who play with toy firearms more or less likely to commit violent acts in real life? The research on the psychology of pretend gunplay will be discussed, followed by a review of the best toy guns on the market.¬†

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Do Toy Guns Increase Aggression in Children? 

Recent studies have demonstrated the significance of play. Children develop physically, mentally, and socially through space. Children can test social norms and learn how to interact with others in a safe environment. 

The same principle applies to gunplay. According to research, gunplay is one form of play that may serve as a teaching tool. It may assist them in learning how to exercise and overcome aggressive impulses, as opposed to giving in to them. 

In one study, children who played aggressively exhibited less aggression in the classroom (2). This finding supports the notion that children test which behaviors will be most effective in the real world through play. In other words, gunplay may provide them with a safe alternative to expressing their emotions in a person. 

However, as with most forms of play, gunplay is best when supervised by an adult. Gunplay can be about sportsmanship, teamwork, and the morality of good versus evil if structured correctly. 

Moreover, researchers suggest that parents intervene if the game becomes less about strategy and more about violence. Parents should also inform their children that real firearms are not toys and can cause harm. 

How to Select Toy Guns for Children 

Consider your lifestyle and your children’s likes and dislikes when searching for toy firearms. This increases the likelihood that you and your children will enjoy the toy gun. Here are some factors to consider when searching for the best toy guns.¬†

Age of your kid 

Regarding the type of toy gun, you should purchase for your child, the child’s age plays a significant role. Children can use some as young as three years old and those that can only be used by those more than 12 years old. Airsoft toy guns, for instance, are not appropriate for younger children due to their inherent danger.¬†

A second reason you must consider your child’s age is that some firearms are more difficult for younger children to operate. Therefore, you do not wish to spend your hard-earned money on a toy that your child will not play with.¬†


When purchasing toys for your children, you must consider how safe the toy will be for your child. You do not want your child to be exposed to dangers while playing. Ensure that the bullets in their toy guns are soft to prevent injuries should they accidentally shoot their playmates. 


Always choose a toy gun with a comfortable design. This is because you want your child to enjoy playing with it. Your child will have an easier time and fewer difficulties when playing with their friends if the toy gun is comfortable. 


What use is a toy if your child cannot use it because it is too heavy? When purchasing a toy gun for a child, choose one they can easily lift and carry. 

Remember that they must run around chasing robbers or hunting deer to enjoy playing with one. Running with the toy becomes difficult, and the game becomes tedious if the toy is too large. 


No toy gun is more tedious than one that never shoots accurately. When you aim at a target, it fires in other directions. To prevent this from occurring, you should always test the accuracy of a toy gun before giving it to a child. 


When you buy your child a toy gun, you must also purchase accessories. Although playing with a toy gun is exciting, it becomes significantly more entertaining when combined with accessories such as helmets, bulletproof vests, handcuffs, and sheriff’s badges. Give your child the opportunity to enjoy himself by acquiring the necessary accessories.¬†

Dart Range 

If you live in a confined area, you may wish to find a toy gun with a shorter range. Find something that only shoots up to 40 feet or nothing at all. It will limit their ability to wreak havoc indoors through engineering. 

Loading Difficulty 

Typically, younger children desire to play with their older siblings. Younger children may do better with toy guns that fire a softball or dart through a hole. Pulling out a separate chamber may be more suitable for older children, such as on a toy shotgun. 

Buying in buck 

It is advisable to purchase a pack of guns rather than a single firearm if possible. Your children will appreciate that playing with toy guns in a group is more enjoyable. 


You don’t have to spend a fortune on a toy gun when you can still purchase one of high quality for a reasonable price. Always consider your budget before placing an order. If you have sufficient funds to buy the toys without exceeding your budget, go ahead and do so.¬†

Regardless of the price, the toy’s quality should be your primary concern. Even if you spend a lot of money on a toy, it may break easily, whereas a cheaper toy may last for a long time.¬†

Safety Tips 

If you decide to buy your child a toy firearm, you must observe the following precautions: 

  • Ensure that your children do not injure each other during pretend gun battles by supervising them. For the sake of your child, you must also consider the inherent safety risks associated with toy machine guns. Some imitation firearms are safe to use, but there are others that you cannot simply disregard.¬†
  • It would be best if you established rules prohibiting pointing and shooting games on the faces and eyes of people and animals. Rules are essential because they provide the framework for safe pretend play.¬†
  • Keep a close eye out for red flags during gunplay. Accidentally harming people or animals and lacking empathy or remorse are behaviors you should never condone.¬†
  • To prevent future accidents, you must also teach your children the distinction between a real and a fake firearm. For instance, you must specify that toy guns are always brightly colored and predominantly plastic. Remember that you will not be with your children forever. You must be aware of the potential consequences should they play with a real gun.¬†

Best Toy Guns For Kids - FAQs

Play aids in the physical, mental, and emotional development of children and provides a safe environment for them to test social norms. It also enables children to interact with one another. Gunplay is a game that can also be used as a teaching tool. Your child can learn how to exercise and overcome aggressive impulses. 

Gunplay can also provide your children with a safe outlet for expressing their emotions instead of doing so in public. If appropriately structured, gunplay can be about the morality of good versus evil. However, you must ensure that your child is constantly supervised when using a toy gun. 

Some parents dread purchasing toy firearms for their children, believing that there are no advantages. They fail to realize that playing with a toy gun will help your child stay fit, develop their imagination, and enhance their concentration, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and creative thinking. 

The orange tips on most toy firearms serve to distinguish them from real guns. In addition to being made of plastic, the majority are also brightly colored. 


Gunplay, when properly supervised, can teach children how to play as a team and strategize for victory. It is also a fun way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.  

Guns are a serious topic, so it may be prudent to highlight the distinctions between play and reality. Gun safety may also be an excellent topic to discuss to help them contextualize and comprehend real-world events.  

Kidzlane’s infrared laser tag is our favorite toy firearm. Because they come in a four-pack, your children and their friends will always have something to do. You don’t have to worry about losing pieces or helping your children load the darts, promoting their independence.¬†

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