Best Toy Cars For Kids – Which One Is Right For Your Child

Purchasing toy cars requires some forethought, as they are typically labeled for age-appropriate safety and any developmental benefits. Although these labels are helpful, they are inconsistent. As well as your child’s personal development, it’s essential to consider whether small parts can be removed, batteries can be removed, and wheels can be removed, according to Adam Page of Toyology Toys. 

During our research, we considered Page’s insight in addition to product value, durability, and gifting value. Our top pick was the Hot Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack (view on Amazon), which contains a variety of collectible metal cars from a well-known brand. Here are the remaining best toy cars of 2022, with options for children older than one year. 

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Our Top Picks 

What educational advantages does play with toy cars have? 

Playing with toy cars at a young age has multiple developmental benefits for children. 

  1. The ability to grab a toy improves their gross motor skills. They attempt to crawl, bend, walk, and run during the process. 
  2. Their fine motor skills are developed as they push, pull, throw, and play with these cars. They can improve their handgrip and hand-eye coordination, which will help them hold a pencil in the future. 
  3. Enhances cognitive ability. For example, they learn about cause and effect by pressing on these toys to make them move. In addition, they comprehend the significance of various vehicles in their daily lives and their role as a driver. 
  4. Cars with sound and light effects can help children develop their sensory abilities. The number, animal, and alphabet print on the toy cars help your child learn these concepts through interaction. 

Best Toy Cars For Kids: Reviews And Buying Advice 

Beep beep! We have compiled a list of the best toy cars for toddlers to promote their growth and development. These toys are available in various styles, colors, and designs that resemble actual automobiles. Your child will enjoy playing with them and will even pretend to drive them as if they were an adult. 

Toy automobiles are essential for the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Therefore, peruse our list to select the appropriate toy cars for your child. 

1.Hot Wheels 20 Car Pack

Hot Wheels 20 Car Pack – Syles May Vary

This 20-pack of Hot Wheels from a leader in the toy car industry would make an excellent present. Each set includes 20 collectible or playable vehicles with metal bodies and plastic wheels. The 1:64 scale vehicle models are compatible with various toy racing tracks and mats, including those from other brands, allowing your child to engage in more exclusive play with their existing collections. Three-year-old and older car enthusiasts will appreciate the gender-neutral, brightly colored designs and variety of models. 

2. Kidoozie Press ‘n Zoom Fire Engine

Kidoozie Press ‘n Zoom Fire Engine – Developmental Activity Toy for Toddlers Ages 12 Months and Older

The page also recommends Kidoozie highly for younger children. He noted that the manufacturer produces safe, high-quality products and a remarkable variety of toy vehicles. Toy vehicles, including fire trucks, street sweepers, garbage trucks, and more, frequently include remote control options. 

The Kidoozie Press ‘n Zoom Fire Engine has spinning wheels and can be propelled forward by pressing the fireman’s head. The ladder is also mobile so that the firefighter can position it for firefighting. 

3. Melissa & Doug Wooden Vehicles and Traffic Signs With 6 Cars and 9 Signs

Melissa & Doug Wooden Vehicles and Traffic Signs With 6 Cars and 9 Signs

Six wooden vehicles and nine familiar signs provide a world of travel and pretend-play fun Car-loving children will find everything they need to set up a busy street or add to train sets and blocks: the collection includes an ambulance, a school bus, a taxi, and a garbage truck, as well as nine brightly painted traffic signs for imaginative play.  

In addition to enhancing vocabulary and sorting skills, the included play extensions suggest skill-building exercises. The 15 pieces can be stored neatly in the compartmentalized wooden box when playtime is over. Melissa & Doug is proud to partner with the American Academy of Pediatrics to promote early brain development and help children develop essential life skills through play. 

4. Playmobil Back to The Future Delorean

Playmobil Back to The Future Delorean

The Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean includes all the common movie elements, including Marty McFly, the excellent doctor Emmett Brown, Einstein the dog, the skateboard, the flux capacitor, the plutonium cores, and their case, as well as additional accessories and the DeLorean itself. The set is suitable for elementary-aged children and warns about a potential choking hazard for children younger than three years old. 

5. Radio Flyer My First Tesla Model Y  

Radio Flyer My First Tesla Model Y (Amazon Exclusive)

The My First Model Y by Radio Flyer provides young drivers with a superior Tesla experience. This deluxe ride-on was created in collaboration with the Tesla Design Studio to replicate the beautifully sculpted body of the Tesla Model Y in child size. It includes features such as a working steering wheel, an ergonomic seat, and a honking horn, intended to provide maximum enjoyment and comfort from 1.5 to 4 years of age. 

6. Kidoozie Lights ‘n Sounds Police Station

Kidoozie Lights 'n Sounds Police Station

This car set features the lights and sounds of an actual police station in homage to our first responders. The movable police car, two officers, and police station are easily sanitizable and encourage imaginative play. Two AA batteries, which are included, are required to power the interactive features. 

7. WOW Toys Mack Monster Truck

WOW Toys Mack Monster Truck

Monster truck Mack is a brightly colored monster truck with realistic engine sounds and oversized rubber wheels manufactured by WOW Toys.  

The toy features a push-down engine that, when activated, opens monster mack’s massive mouth to reveal a set of monster teeth coming for you. Children enjoy playing with monster mack, and his scary smile is lovable, though it may encourage your children to brush their teeth regularly.  

Monster truck mack’s detachable, affable driver figure enjoys driving his monster truck, and he always comes out on top thanks to mack’s oversized and potent engine. Raise his roof, position the driver figure in the driver’s seat, and wait for him to be ready. Steadysetgo mack Monster truck is a two-piece set consisting of a monster truck and a driver play figure. 

8. Hot Wheels Character Cars 6-Pack: Disney Pixar

​Hot Wheels Character Cars 6-Pack: Disney Pixar, 1:64 Vehicles for Collectors and Kids 3 Years Old & Up [Amazon Exclusive]

Fans of Disney and Pixar will want to collect their favorite Hot Wheels models reimagined as iconic entertainment icons. The six 1:64 scale vehicles included in this set are designed with realistic details and authentic decals, and they are as enchanted as the characters they represent.  

Play with your favorite Disney and Pixar characters from The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc., Wall-E, and Finding Nemo! Invigorate children’s imagination and imaginative play in a novel, Hot Wheels way. Colors and embellishments may vary. 

9. BEZGAR Remote Control Car Licensed RC Series

BEZGAR Remote Control Car Licensed RC Series, 1:24 Scale Remote Control Lambo Aventador SVJ Electric Sport Racing Hobby Toy Car Model Vehicle for Boys,Girls,Teens and Adults Gift (Orange)

This stunning remote-control Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is an excellent option for novice collectors or young children learning to operate their first supercar replicas. The Aventador can be directed in all directions with ease with the controller. It has a top speed of four miles per hour and is made of non-hazardous ABS plastic. It requires five AA batteries (three for the car and two for the remote controller.) It is ideal as a present for car-obsessed adolescents or adults looking to expand their collection. 

10. The Big Dig and Roll Big Dig Sandbox Digger

The Big Dig and Roll Big Dig Sandbox Digger Excavator Crane with 360° Rotation with Base, Great for Sand, Dirt and Snow | Steel Outdoor Play | Beach Toy | Yellow | Age 3+

Enjoy year-round amusement with the Big Dig! Move dirt, sift sand, and shovel snow. The Big Dig’s sturdy metal construction can withstand anything! The two-handed controls make digging enjoyable and straightforward. The Big Dig improves manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination in children! 

Imagine you’re on a large construction site with this sandbox excavator. The Big Dig is the ideal sandbox digger due to its 360­­­° swivel action, two-handed digging and dumping action, and 360­­­° swivel action. The Big Dig is a year-round attraction. 

11. PLAYMOBIL Ambulance with Flashing Lights  

PLAYMOBIL Ambulance with Flashing Lights

Aspiring EMTs will fantasize about rushing to the aid of an injured cyclist in this innovative ambulance with lights and sounds that can be activated with the flip of a switch. Children will enjoy rushing to assist the patient with the provided equipment, including a stretcher with rolling straps, a medical chart, bandages, and an IV drip.  

The stretcher fits in the back of the ambulance, allowing the medical staff to roll the cyclist into the vehicle and transport them to the hospital. Assistance with assembly and sticker placement is required from adults. 

12. Matchbox 9-Packs 1:64 Scale Vehicles

Matchbox 9-Packs 1:64 Scale Vehicles, 9 Toy Car Collection of Real-World Replicas for Kids 3 Years & Older (Styles May Vary)

The gift pack assortment includes a variety of Matchbox vehicles to entertain children. Each pack contains an exclusive car with decals not found anywhere else in the Matchbox lineup! Each set consists of nine exquisite automobiles. Accumulate all the sets to create the ultimate fleet! Each pack is sold individually, based on availability. Not compatible with certain Matchbox sets. Colors and embellishments may vary. 

Racing speed demons, heavy-duty workhorses, and other specialty vehicles! It is a Matchbox 9-Car Gift Pack immediately ready for kid-powered action. Grab one for instant entertainment at home or on the go! 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Toy Cars For Kids 


Especially when children under the age of three will be using them, toys should be thoroughly inspected upon purchase to ensure that pieces do not detach or fall off. This age group still puts many things in their mouths while playing, and they could quickly suffocate on such items. Consider your child’s age and personal development, as Page suggested. For instance, the toy may be designed for your child’s age group, but if you’ve observed your child putting toys in their mouth recently, you may want to hold off on introducing the toy until this behavior has stopped. 


For young children, you should avoid accurate figurines and stationary vehicles. Toys with functional wheels that are easily mobile are significantly more engaging and suitable for young children. Consequently, there are various types of practical toy cars. Some can only be moved by hand, while others have pull systems, crank-and-go mechanisms, and battery-powered motors. Choose one of the latter options if you want the toy to travel further without expending much energy. 


Toy cars are typically made from either plastic or metal. Plastic toy cars are lighter and more appropriate for younger children. As children mature, they will be able to handle heavier metal cars, such as the famous Hot Wheels. 

The material used to manufacture a toy should be non-toxic and free of BPA, phthalates, and lead. 


Look for sturdy automobiles that appear to withstand a bit of rough treatment, regardless of age. They will be striking many skirting boards at high speed, and they may even be thrown into the backyard. 

It is advantageous to pay a bit more for a well-known brand because it will be easier to maneuver, will not fall apart, and will not have sticking wheels. 

Type of play 

Also, consider how the toy car will be used. If it’s for a passionate vehicle enthusiast, you may want to consider unusual or vintage designs that are more of a collectible than a toy. Pull-back friction cars, push-and-go vehicles, and track-based toys (such as Hot Wheels sets) are particularly entertaining for race fanatics. If you’re looking for a toy garage or your child already has one, you’ll need free-wheeling cars that run smoothly down various slopes. 

Age Recommendation 

Because toy cars are available in various materials and levels of complexity, it is essential to assess the age-appropriateness of all potential toys. Check the manufacturer’s suggested age, which is an excellent indicator of whether the item is appropriate for your child. When shopping for infants and toddlers, you should avoid purchasing small, intricate cars made of durable materials such as metal. For older toddlers and children, look for more engaging cars, such as battery-powered motors or handheld remote controls. 

Learning and development 

Choose a car with bright colors, numbers, or alphabets printed on it and various shapes, textures, and designs to help your child learn while playing. You can also choose a toy car with lights and sounds to aid in developing your child’s sensory abilities. 

Toy cars are beneficial to a child’s development in multiple ways and provide entertainment and fun. Please choose one from our list of the best toy cars for toddlers based on your child’s preferences. 

Best Toy Cars For Kids - FAQs

Toy cars can help your child develop fine motor skills. Their hand-eye coordination and dexterity are enhanced as they roll the cars back and forth or even pick them up. Playing with toy cars also promotes the development of their cognitive abilities. 

Age-appropriate toys are typically more durable due to the child’s playstyle at that age. Toys like the take-apart car are designed to be disassembled and reassembled and can withstand rougher treatment from a child. Hot wheels and other small metal vehicles are also highly durable for children over three. 

Children can play with toy cars as soon as they can grasp toys. However, it is essential to purchasing age-appropriate toy vehicles. Toddlers should only play with durable, too-large-to-swallow vehicles with no loose parts. Before purchasing, check the packaging for age recommendations and consider what you know about the child’s behavior (e.g., putting things in their mouth). 

There are numerous inexpensive toy cars, such as pull-back and detachable cars. Look for individual toy vehicles as opposed to large sets. You can also search for cars and accessories to add to the child’s existing collection of toy cars. 

A child’s fine motor skills are enhanced by playing with a small toy car. They develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity by using both hands as they carry, pick up, throw, push, and pull small toy cars around. 

Various mechanisms propel toy cars, but they all store potential energy. Although the internal elastic material is typically steel instead of rubber, the principle remains the same. By altering the shape of the material (typically a coil of metal), the stored energy is released as motion. 

Toy cars and vehicles provide a fun form of entertainment while fostering the development of motor, cognitive, and social skills. They allow children to use their imaginations and create their adventures as they pretend to drive, sail, fly, or navigate their surroundings. 

When the winding key is released, the spring attempts to return to its original shape. The stored potential energy is converted to kinetic energy during this process. This turns the toy car’s wheels. 

Experimentally, the following forces act upon the toy car: Objects are attracted to the earth’s center by gravitational force. This results in the car rolling down the ramp. Frictional force – the resistance created by the car’s wheels rubbing against the cardboard and the air against the car. 


Toy cars are enjoyable for children of all ages, and as your toddler matures, you can buy them toy cars with far more functionality than those initially available. However, they offer a bit more than you might expect for toddler toys.  

There is a toy car for every toddler, with features ranging from interactive ramps to riding ability. Try them all and see which ones your toddlers prefer. They may love them all and have a collection of toy automobiles. Best of luck in your search for the best toy cars for kids 

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