Black Friday Portable Power Bank Deals

Whether you are a college student pulling an all-nighter or a business traveler who can’t get through the day without your laptop, you might find yourself longing for the days when the only thing you had to worry about recharging was your phone.  

But what if there were a way to recharge everything from your smartphone to your tablet and e-book reader, and even your laptop? 

With Black Friday coming up, there are a lot of deals to be had on all sorts of items. Among these are portable power banks, which can come in handy when your phone or laptop runs out of battery while you are on the go.  

If you are in the market for one of these devices, read on for some tips on what to look for and some of the best deals available this Black Friday. 

Black Friday Portable Power Bank Deals 

We have compiled a list of the Best Portable Power Bank Deals in this post. Our team conducted an analysis of the most popular Portable Power Bank products. The following products are recommended by our team. 

What is Portable Charger Power Bank? 

A portable charger power bank (or power pack) is a device designed to provide additional battery life for electronic devices.  

They may be charged from an AC outlet or from sunlight, so no matter where you are, if the sun’s shining you can recharge your gadgets. Portable charger power banks are designed to easily fit into your pocket, briefcase, or backpack 

The term “power bank” or “external charger” is sometimes used interchangeably with “portable charger”. While they are similar in concept, a power bank usually has a larger capacity than your average portable charger.  

The main drawback is that it is usually not as convenient to carry around. An external battery pack can be over half the size of your smartphone, whereas most USB chargers are the size of a lipstick case. 

How do Portable Chargers Work? 

Portable chargers (also called power banks) are designed to provide extra juice for your gadgets. This includes smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, laptops and any other device that charges with a USB cord.  

How portable chargers work is simple: you charge the charger itself (usually via the AC power adapter that came with your gadget) and then use it to recharge your devices when they need power. 

With a portable charger, you can charge more than one device at once — just plug in your various USB cords into the corresponding ports on the charger. You usually have two options for recharging the charger: AC power and solar power. 

Charging from AC Power: 

If you want to recharge your portable charger from an AC outlet, the manufacturer usually includes a wall adapter with the product. You can also charge your device using a computer’s USB port or its AC adapter if it has one — just plug the USB end of the cord into the charger and plug the other end into an AC outlet or computer. 

Charging from Solar Power: 

A portable charger gets its name because it is a type of solar-powered generator that converts sunlight into an electric current. These chargers have a built-in solar panel, which is why they are so useful in emergencies when you need to power a gadget, but the sun is not shining. Charge your charger using an AC adapter or any other USB-powered device, and then let it take in sunlight for three hours to fully charge. 

Solar chargers come with either 1 watt of power (for small devices like smartphones), 3 watts (for tablets) or 5 watts (for laptops). A higher wattage means a faster charge, but it also means you might need to prop up your device for the charger to recharge it via sunlight.  

How Portable Chargers Work 

With a portable charger, you can charge more than one device at once — just plug in your various USB cords into the corresponding ports on the charger.  

Charge your device using an AC adapter or any other USB-powered device, and then let it take in sunlight for three hours to fully charge. 

Charging Capacity Explained 

Before you go shopping for a portable charger, you should know that there are two main types of chargers: those with small power capacities, which are meant for charging cellphones, MP3 players or other small devices; and those with large power capacities, which are meant for charging tablets or laptops. 

Most portable chargers have power capacities between 1,500 mAh (milli-Amp hours) to 10,000 mAh . The higher the capacity of your charger, the more times you can recharge your device. For example, a 3,000 mAh charger can recharge your smartphone once and a 7,800 mAh power bank can charge it twice. 

The size of the capacity also determines how much energy you have to use — meaning that even though a 13,000 mAh charger technically has more energy than a 10,000 mAh charger, it will take longer to recharge your device because it has a smaller capacity. 

Different size chargers are designed for different sized devices: 

Portable chargers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that is best suited for your specific needs. Some power banks come with two USB ports, which is useful if you need to recharge two devices at once. Our battery packs also come with features such as built-in cables and convenient LED lights, so you can easily track the charging status of your device in low light. 

Benefit of using Portable Charger Power Bank 

People use an external battery charger to recharge their mobile devices. It is very convenient because it can be used even when there are no power outlets available, since the device has its own built-in battery that can provide power for a certain period. 

The most obvious advantage is that you can charge your mobile devices even when the power outlets are not available if there is a battery charger or a power bank. 

Another advantage of using external battery chargers is that they prevent overcharging and overheating. Most chargers have safety features that prevent it from overcharging a battery. Additionally, you can choose battery chargers that have cooling features to prevent the batteries from overheating. 

Factor to consider before buying a Portable Charger Power Bank 

With the mobile world evolving daily, it is only natural that an individual needs power to charge their phones. To ensure you never end up stuck with a dead phone, here are ten factors to help you find the right portable charger for your needs. 

1) Capacity 

This can be determined by how much battery life you need. Do not over-buy and overpay by purchasing an oversized power bank as it will be nothing more than a misplaced investment. 

2) Size 

The size is important, especially if someone plans to carry the charger around daily. Go for one that has a compact and sleek design and does not take up too much space. 

3) Type of Charger 

Many come with the option of an AC adapter (that is plugged into a wall outlet) and/or DC adapter (to be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter or another DC power source). It is best to choose one that comes with both options. This makes it versatile and practical. 

4) Smart Charging 

The type of charger that you select should come equipped with smart charging technology, this is a great safety feature that helps prevent the risk of overcharging and does not cause any damage to your phone. 

5) LED Indicator 

A portable power bank should indicate when it needs recharging or when it is fully charged. This will help you avoid running out of power while not in use. 

6) Number of USB ports  

Most portable chargers come with two USB ports; one to be used for charging the battery and the other for charging your phone but depending on how much you are willing to spend, some come with three USB ports. 

7) Warranty 

A warranty of at least six months is recommended in case your power bank malfunctions or stops working for any reason. It should also be available to replace the product if needed within a reasonable period. 

8) Additional Features 

An external battery charger should have additional features to make it worth the investment. Such features may include temperature control, short circuit prevention (to avoid overheating), and surge protection (to protect your phone’s battery). 

9) Maximum Power Output  

This is important when you are looking for a power bank that will charge your device at optimal speed; check to determine if the USB port can support 2.1A or more to maximize charging time. 

10) Is it safe?  

The best batteries are those that come with smart technology, which prevents overcharging and overheating, thus preventing any damage to the battery itself or the device you are trying to charge. Also consider how easily it warms up during charging or if it is hot to the touch. 

With a portable power bank, you never have to worry about a dead phone battery again. Whether you are going on a long road trip or flying across the country for vacation, make sure your device is always charged and ready with this helpful guide. 

Is Black Friday the best time to buy a Portable Charger Power Bank? 

As the Holiday season progresses, sales figures continue to grow. Currently, after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is considered the official “kick-off” of the holiday shopping season. This year both retailers and consumers are expected to spend more than ever on all types of items. Tech devices are certainly no exception to this rule. 

Though many of us associate Black Friday savings with laptops, tablets and home theater equipment, Power Banks make a great tech bargain as well. In fact, you can save up to 21% on the most popular portable chargers this year – without having to even step into a store. 


We hope you found this guide useful and will find the perfect portable power bank for your needs. If so, please share our blog post with a friend or colleague who might need it as well!  

With all these great deals on Black Friday, we know that finding the perfect power bank may be difficult- but do not worry because we are here to help!  

Check out some of our favorite picks below, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about which one is right for you. Happy shopping everyone!! 

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