When the majority of Black Friday 2022 sales will begin

When do the Black Friday sales of significant retailers begin in 2022?  

This guide is intended to assist. 

Following the trend from the previous year, Black Friday sales in 2022 will begin well before Thanksgiving. In addition to offering pre-Black Friday sales from mid-October to early November, leading retailers are dividing their Black Friday events into multiple occasions. 

There is a lot to keep track of, so we are here to assist you.  Check out this calendar to determine when online and in-store Black Friday sales from major retailers will begin. 

Black Friday 2022 sales calendar 

Black Friday 2022 will feature online and in-store sales from well-known retailers that span the entire month of November and most of October.You will observe that new sales are introduced every few days. Remember that many earlier events may not offer all Black Friday deals.  

Additionally, some retailers will not offer their best deals until the week of Thanksgiving. These dates represent the “start” of each sale. Some events run multiple days. 



On October 9, Target launched its pre-Black Friday sales extravaganza.  

Every week until November 20, Target will release a new selection of in-store and online deals. 


Best Buy 

Best Buy will begin offering Black Friday specials in-store and online. 



Lowe’s Black Friday sales begin in-store and online. 


Home Depot 

Home Depot launches its Black Friday sale online. It will hit shelves on November 3. 



On November 1, JCPenney will host an online-only pre-Black Friday sale for one day. This date will also mark the release of the retailer’s Black Friday sale advertisement. 



On November 7, Macy’s launched the first of three Black Friday sales.  This sale ends on November 13. After that, Macy’s hosts two additional Black Friday sales. One from November 14 to November 19 and one from November 20 to November 26. 


On November 7, Walmart launched its first Black Friday Deals for Days sale. This sale begins at noon ET for Walmart+ members and 7 PM ET for all other customers. The promotion begins in Walmart stores on November 9. 


Best Buy 

The official Best Buy Black Friday sale begins on November 20. 


The Sam’s Club Black Friday Thanks-Savings sale starts. This sale is available in-store and online until November 27; however, on November 24 (Thanksgiving Day), it is only available online. 

When are Black Friday sales held? 

Do you wish to shop at a specific retailer? Examine its strategies below: 

Amazon Black Friday start time in 2022 

Recently, Amazon held a Prime Early Access Sale on October 11 and 12. We anticipate more information regarding pre-Black Friday and Black Friday sale dates shortly. 

Best Buy Black Friday start time in 2022 

On October 11 and 12, Best Buy ran a 48-hour Flash Sale. The retailer will begin releasing Black Friday deals on October 24, and its sale will officially start on November 20. As part of the retailer’s Member Monday program, Best Buy rewards members will have exclusive access to select Monday deals during October and November. Here is additional information regarding Best Buy’s Black Friday sale schedule. 

Black Friday at Costco 2022 beginning time 

We do not yet know the plans or dates for Costco’s Black Friday sales. 

Home Depot Black Friday beginning time in 2022 

We are unaware of the specifics of Home Depot’s Black Friday 2022 sale, but the retailer’s website indicates that Black Friday deals will begin on October 31. 

Black Friday 2019 start time for JCPenney 

On November 1, JCPenney will host a pre-Black Friday sale. The retailer will introduce new pre-Black Friday sales in the weeks preceding Black Friday. Learn more about JCPenney’s Black Friday sale schedule on this page. 

Black Friday 2022 start time for Kohl’s 

We are unaware of Kohl’s Black Friday sale plans or dates. 

Black Friday 2022 start time for Lowe’s 

The first Black Friday sale at Lowe’s begins on October 27. Following the launch date, until the end of November, new weekly deals will be available to consumers each week. Here is additional information about Lowe’s Black Friday sale schedule. 

Black Friday 2022 start time at Macy’s 

Through November 2022, Macy’s will host three Black Friday sales. The first Macy’s sale begins on November 7 and ends on November 13; the second sale runs from November 14 to 19, and the third sale runs from November 20 to 26. You can find additional information regarding Macy’s Black Friday plans for 2022. 

Black Friday 2022 start time for Sam’s Club 

We view Sam’s Club’s November Savings Event, which will run from November 5 to November 9, as a pre-Black Friday sale. On November 24, the retailer will launch its official Black Friday sale. Here is additional information regarding the Sam’s Club Black Friday sale schedule. 

Start time for Black Friday 2022 

On October 9, Target launched its first pre-Black Friday sale. Each week until November 20, the retailer will share new pre-Black Friday deals. Check out our breakdown of Target’s 2022 Black Friday sale plans and schedule for more information. 

Walmart Black Friday beginning time in 2022 

Walmart has announced that in 2022, it will once again host three Black Friday Deals for Days Savings Events. The first Walmart Black Friday sale will begin online on November 7 at 7 p.m. ET (noon ET for Walmart Plus members) and in Walmart stores on November 9. After the initial Black Friday sale, subsequent sales will begin every Monday in November, concluding on Cyber Monday, November 28. Learn more about Walmart’s sale schedule here. 

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