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Table saws can be used for a variety of professional and do-it-yourself tasks. While most table saws are used to cut wood, they can also be used to cut various other materials, including tile and plastic. Whatever material you’re sawing through, always use a blade designed for that material. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of the best table saws in each category, you’re going to love this guide.  

We’ll assist you in determining the best portable, contractor, hybrid, or cabinet table saw. And what offers the most outstanding value? Is this your case? You’ve arrived at the correct location. 

Best Table Saw Black Friday Deals – Sales Discount Offer 

Table saws are at the top of DIYers’ and woodworkers’ wish lists. These powerful saws cut more precisely than circular saws and can cut larger pieces of material (wood, plastic, and aluminum sheeting) than miter saws. You can make rip cuts (lengthwise cuts), crosscuts, angled cuts, and even create a beveled edge with a versatile table saw. 

Whether you’re constructing bookcases or framing your garage, having a table saw in your workshop will expedite your work. Continue reading to learn more about this handy saw and why one of the following models will be ideal for your workshop, regardless of whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist. 

Technological advancements have resulted in significant improvements in power tools, specifically saws. While traditional saws are still valuable and necessary for some jobs, table saws have made it easier for contractors and do-it-yourselfers to cut wood. 

Table saws are ideal for cutting precise straight lines. Once you’ve established the cut you wish to make, it’s difficult to go wrong. Insert the wood into the saw, and the tool ensures that each amount is identical. 

Table saws can make crosscuts and rips with ease, which can be a significant advantage for novice woodworkers. 

Table saws also collect sawdust, which keeps your work area cleaner, and they are more accessible and less time-consuming to maintain – if you take good care of your table saw, it will last for many years. 

Best Table Saw Black Friday Deals – Buying Guide 

When shopping for table saws, there are a few factors to consider. 


In a nutshell, the higher the horsepower rating of a table saw motor, the more cutting power the saw possesses. Small bench saws ranging from 3/4 to 1 1/2 horsepower are adequate for light-duty applications such as shelving construction and cutting sheet materials up to 5/8 inches thick. 

Larger bench saws and contractor saws typically have 2 to 4 horsepower motors, while cabinet table saws frequently have five horsepower or larger motors. The more powerful engines operate longer without overheating and effortlessly cut through denser materials like ironwood or Brazilian walnut. 

Type of Model 

Table saws are classified into two broad categories based on their portability (or lack thereof). Within each of those two groups, there are additional sub-categories. 

  • Portable: Benchtop, compact, and Jobsite-ready 
  • Stationary: Cabinet, hybrid, and contractor are all examples of stationery items. 

Occasionally, retailers will use the Jobsite and contractor labels interchangeably, so carefully read the specifications to ensure that the saw you’re considering is the one you want and will meet your needs. 

When it comes to purchasing a table saw, bigger is not always better; if you go overboard, you’ll end up with a machine that’s more substantial than you need. A high-end cabinet saw represents a significant investment. They are prohibitively expensive and cumbersome. These are severe professionals; the average do-it-yourselfer does not require this level of power and is unlikely to have the space (or budget) to accommodate it. 

Cutting Depth and Blade Size 

The most frequently used table saw blade length is ten inches. While a larger blade is not as precise as a smaller blade, it can cut through thicker materials. 

Table saws are classified according to the circular blade size they accept; the vast majority take 10-inch blades, while a few get 12-inch blades. The blade is adjustable, allowing you to make shallow cuts as minor as a fraction of an inch more profound cuts. 

The most frequently used blade sizes for these saws are ten and twelve inches. A 10-inch table saw has a maximum cut depth of 312 inches, while a 12-inch table saw has a maximum of 4 inches. 


The fence is the adjustable guide on a table saw that keeps the material in place while cutting. The standard fence included with most table saws, referred to as a T-square fence, is adequate for most cuts. Micro-adjust fences are specialty fences that enable the user to fine-tune the cut measurements. 

Additionally, some saws feature extendable fences that fold or slide out to accommodate larger pieces of wood. Other table saws incorporate magnifiers into their fences, allowing the user to see the saw’s measurements more clearly when adjusting the fence. 

Capacity to Rip 

To “rip” a wooden board is to cut it parallel to the grain. Rip capacity is a technical term that refers to the distance between the edge of the blade and the saw’s fence. This value specifies the maximum width that the saw can cut. The type of projects you intend to undertake will dictate the minimum rip capacity that is appropriate. Larger rip capacities generally come at a higher price, so selecting a saw with a larger rip capacity than you require may end up costing you money in the long run. 

Safety features are also critical. Table saws carry a high risk of injury and should be used with extreme caution. Any elements that promote safe operation or provide additional protection, such as blade barriers and auto-stop or anti-restart functions, are significant. 


Safety is just as critical as the other factors and characteristics discussed in this section. We always advise prospective table saw purchasers conduct a safety check on the saw. 

Bear in mind that these blades are spinning at 3-4 thousand revolutions per minute, and any error could result in the loss of a body part or even your life. 

In general, look for table saws with blade guards and anti-kickback pawls; these features will aid in protecting those who use belt-driven table saws. Additionally, push sticks, riving knives, sensors, and magnetic switches are critical safety devices that will not only protect you but will also extend the life of your tool. 

Additionally, when selecting a table saw, consider the cutting depth, the blade size, and the addition of a dust collection system. 

Dust Collection 

Dust may not be an issue if the table saw is used outdoors; however, in a closed workshop, dust collection helps keep the air dust-free and collects sawdust chips that would otherwise have to be swept up later. Numerous table saws come equipped with dust collection ports connected to a standard shop vacuum. While operating the saw, you’ll need to run the workshop vacuum to collect dust and sawdust. 

Best Table Saw Black Friday Deals - FAQs

A fantastic feature of a high-quality table or site saw is the ability to extend the sides, allowing you to cut larger workpieces even in a small work area (or as space allows). The larger the table, the more work surface you have; therefore, the better the table. 

There are two standard sizes: ten-inch and eight-and-a-quarter-inch table saws. The primary distinction between them is the depth of cut achieved in a single pass. A 10-inch table saw can cut a maximum depth of approximately 3-1/2 inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees. 

As with anything else, table saws come in a wide variety of price points. A table saw can cost anywhere between $169 and $16,000+, so knowing your budget limit is critical! 

You can purchase a reasonably priced table saw that will cut wood. The legs may be a little wobbly, and the motor may not be powerful enough to cut through sheets of plywood. The most irritating aspect of that cheap saw is that the fence, blade, and table are not perfectly aligned, which means that the two cuts may be inconsistent with one another. 

A circular saw is less expensive and more portable than a miter saw. It is safer to use a miter saw than a circular saw. A circular saw can cut both rip and cross cuts across the width of a board, whereas a miter saw can only cut cross cuts. 

While a circular saw does not cut as smoothly as a table saw, you can cut nearly as accurately with a few techniques, some finesse, and practice. 

Best Table Saw Black Friday Deals - Conclusion

As mentioned previously, there is no such thing as a single top model, as our needs vary according to the type of work we intend to do, the features we desire, and the budget we have available for our table saw. 

There is nothing quite like finding the right table saw for your needs if you want to improve your home improvement, amateur woodworking, or professional construction game. Whether you’re looking for a saw that’s easy to maneuver, a saw that delivers consistent, heavy-duty performance, or simply the right saw for the money, we hope we’ve steered you in the right direction. 

I’d appreciate hearing your perspective or points of view. Have I missed the mark, or am I referring to a specific table saw? What have I missed that you believe should have been included in this round-up? 

Alternatively, you may have a question about one of the tools I’ve reviewed. In either case, leave a brief comment below, and I’ll do my best to respond. 

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