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Possessing a feline companion can be an enriching experience. Cats are the ideal pets because they are cuddly, affectionate, goofy, and mysterious. Whether they are large or small breeds, their antics will have you giggling (or cursing!) in no time. However, as adorable as these furry companions may be, cleaning your cat’s litter box is never an enjoyable task. And leaving it unattended is detrimental to your cat’s health – and your own.

Fortunately, there are now litter boxes that provide high-tech solutions for this unpleasant chore in today’s technological age. Self-cleaning automatic litter boxes detect when your cat has used them and clean them for you, obviating the need for daily scooping. If this is one of your most minor favorite chores or simply lack the time, automatic litter boxes may be well worth the investment.

We conducted tests on our website to determine the best self-cleaning litter boxes for setup, ease of clean-up, and clump removal. We simulated a cat using the litter box in our pet-free laboratory using water and a small weight to trigger the sensor; outside the lab, we observed cats using the litter box in their own homes. We also interviewed cat owners who currently use self-cleaning litter boxes, researched their preferred brands, and cross-referenced online reviews of the most popular options.

What is the mechanism of self-cleaning litter boxes?

Almost all self-cleaning litter boxes require clumping litter, either your preferred brand or a manufacturer-recommended type. Sensors detect when your cat has used the box and when it leaves, and the cleaning cycle begins a few minutes later. In most litter boxes, a rake sifts through the soiled litter, collecting any clumps left by the cat, and deposits them into a receptacle that then closes, trapping the odors and clumps. Electric motors activate self-cleaning litter boxes; they are quiet but not completely silent.

Best Self-cleaning litter box Black Friday Deals

Having a cat during quarantine is a multi-faceted blessing. Every day, breathing in litter box odor is not one of them.

A self-cleaning litter box can save you from making a terrible choice between performing a gross chore more frequently or dealing with litter box odor for an extended period. While some may argue that this is a frivolous purchase, PetSafe’s Black Friday sale (up to 42% off) makes the investment much more justified.

The classic PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box (without hood) is $79.95, while the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra (with hood) is $99.95. For the price of a single Litter-Robot, you could purchase five or six PetSafe litter boxes.

A sensor built into the box ensures that no scooping occurs while your cat is defecating. You can program the box to begin cleaning five, ten, or twenty minutes after your cat leaves, at which point a rake will drag across the tray, grabbing any new additions and depositing them in the waste trap below. Isn’t it true that what is out of sight is out of mind?

Your cat’s schedule and the number of cats using the box determine how frequently you’ll need to change trays. According to PetSafe, its litter boxes “self-clean for weeks.” According to reviewers with one cat, one tray can last up to a month, while reviewers with three or four cats switch trays once a week.

While you can use a handful of your current litter to acclimate your cat to their new box, reviewers recommend sticking with PetSafe’s fun blue litter once they’re comfortable (which is included with your purchase). The 99 percent dust-free, low-tracking crystals do not adhere to cat paws like regular litter and absorb urine and dehydrate solid waste to keep the odor at bay.

What to consider when purchasing a self-cleaning litter box


Two factors must be considered here: the box’s footprint and height, as well as the size of your cat. A larger cat requires a larger box, especially enclosed, to turn around quickly. Automatic litter boxes come in various sizes: Measure your space to ensure that the litter box of your choice will fit.


Certain self-cleaning litter boxes require a particular type of clumping litter, and the majority (if not all) do not use natural paper or wood pellet litter. If you choose a litter box that uses a different type of litter than your cat is currently using, you must allow your cat time to adjust to the new litter. Generally, combining some of the old litter with the new litter helps with the adjustment process, but make sure the new litter box can handle this.

Money-back guarantee

Self-cleaning litter boxes are not inexpensive, and if you underestimated how well they would fit in your home or are dissatisfied with their performance, it’s reassuring to know you can return the item and find one that is a better fit.

If you prefer an app to notify you when it’s time to empty the waste receptacle or replenish the litter, look for models with Wi-Fi connectivity – they’re generally more expensive than models without an app if budget is a factor.

Monitoring capabilities

A pet’s bathroom habits can reveal a great deal about its health, and some automatic cat litter boxes keep track of each cat’s visits.

Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Black Friday FAQs

Is it worthwhile to invest in self-cleaning litter boxes?

Self-cleaning automatic litter boxes detect when your cat has used them and clean them for you, obviating the need for daily scooping. If this is one of your least favorite chores or you lack the time, automatic litter boxes may be well worth the investment.

Is it possible to use decorative litter in a self-cleaning litter box?

Yes. PrettyLitter’s sand-like texture is ideal for use with many self-cleaning automated litter boxes. If your litter box is already compatible with other crystal litters, PrettyLitter will work flawlessly.

Are self-cleaning litter boxes beneficial in terms of odor control?

An automatic litter box is a good option if you’re dealing with many odors in your home. You can’t have a great box if your litter doesn’t clump well and keep fragrances contained, so use a high-quality litter that does just that.

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