Know These Things about the Best Pizzelle Maker Before you Forget

Even if you’re an expert in making those flat traditional Italian cookies, the daunting task of buying the best Pizzelle maker is a totally different story. Have you ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed simply because you need to choose among overflowing brands and models? It’s about time you start updating your kitchen appliance starting with the Pizzelle making machine. So what exactly do you need to look for?

  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Lifespan
  • Storage

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

Based on the abovementioned criteria, we have outlined our top choices for today’s Pizzelle making machines and see which of these brands and models suit your needs and preferences:

Navigate each and every Pizzelle maker in our list and let’s see how they score in the scale based on the criteria we provided…


It is everyone’s goal to buy a new appliance that could help you save money but without sacrificing the overall quality of your new collection. In the Pizzelle making niche, finding a cost effective machine is possible even without you breaking the bank.

  • Pizzelle Maker (Non-Stick) by Cucina Pro. This non-stick appliance is the most affordable in our list. Even if it is in the bottom of the price scale, this Pizzelle maker is definitely not inferior in terms of quality and overall performance. It is a moderately sized machine that helps you create 2 delicious cookies at a time.
  • 1000T Pizzelle Electric by Palmer. The midrange American-made Pizzelle making appliance is great value for your money, given its iron Pizzelle surface and aluminum and chrome body construction. It gives you fast and easy bake time which is a remarkable deal given its reasonable price.
  • Prego V3600-NS by VillaWare. The most expensive in our selection is this non-stick electric maker with a traditional waffle-like, fiori pattern. You get what you actually paid for and even more because this model is also jam-packed with all safety and durability features.

Our Top Choice for PRICE: Pizzelle Maker (Non-Stick) by Cucina Pro


One of the best ways to gauge if you made the right buying decision is to check the practicality of using your new appliance. The best Pizzelle maker offers a simple to follow and user-friendly design so that you can enjoy making your favorite Italian flat cookies, hassle-free.

  • Prego V3600-NS by VillaWare. This high end brand and model is highly known for its convenient to use and simplistic design. The Pizzelle maker allows you to bake 2 flat delicious Italian cookies with a 5-inch measurement. There are notification features on this appliance particularly the ready light and the automatic thermostat so that you can easily check if it’s baked or not.
  • Pizzelle Maker (Non-Stick) by Cucina Pro. This affordable Pizzelle maker gives you a fuss-free, nice time baking your favorite flat Italian cookies. The non-stick design is an added boost so that you can easily and conveniently bake the Pizzelle mixture without having them stick on the surface. The only letdown for this model is the absence of an indicator light.
  • 1000T Pizzelle Electric by Palmer. The Palmer Pizzelle maker is a sturdy electric appliance that helps you whip up the perfect Italian flat cookies. It makes 2 5” thin cookies with that traditional high ribbed finish. Although it is labeled non-stick, there are instances when the mixture would stick on the Teflon coated surface, making a real mess.

Our Top Choice for EASE OF USE: Prego V3600-NS by VillaWare


Pizzelle makers are oftentimes heavy-duty and busy appliances in your house simply because those flat cookies are your favorite. The good news is that you can now make as many Pizzelle cookies you want without worrying about your electric appliance breaking down. Our most durable model is sure to suit you:

  • 1000T Pizzelle Electric by Palmer. This model is one of the toughest and longest lasting pick in our brood of highly selected items. The appliance is made from cast aluminum and chrome materials for the body and the popular iron high ribbed Pizzelle surface. It comes with a 10-year warranty because it is basically designed to last for years.
  • Prego V3600-NS by VillaWare. The cast iron construction of this durable and heavy Pizzelle maker is one of the factors that made it a great choice. It could last and endure many years of baking numerous flat Italian cookies in your home and even a startup business. Plus, the model requires low maintenance so it’s fast and easy to clean, keeping the unit up and working for a long period of time.
  • Pizzelle Maker (Non-Stick) by Cucina Pro. There are two variations for this Cucina Pro Pizzelle making presser. The Teflon and stainless steel finishes help you choose which material you prefer and which could actually last longer. It is a non-stick version so you will experience no mess or sticking when you bake the batter on the surface.

Our Top Choice for LIFESPAN: 1000T Pizzelle Electric by Palmer


Kitchen appliances such as the Pizzelle maker may or may not occupy a significant amount of space in the kitchen counter, cupboard, cabinet, and any other storage area. Different models and brands of the Pizzelle presser have their own unique designs that affect their storage demands:

  • Pizzelle Maker (Non-Stick) by Cucina Pro. The measurement of this item is 10.2 x 10 x 5 inches with a weight of 4.7 pounds. Thus, it is moderately compact and small which you can easily put away for future use.
  • Prego V3600-NS by VillaWare. The unit is heavier with a 5.2 pounds and dimensions of 10.8 x 10.5 x 5.5 inches. However, what makes this item easy to store is its storage design that you can stash it away, letting it stand upright. The cord wrap also makes it mess-free.
  • 1000T Pizzelle Electric by Palmer. The biggest in the bunch, this Pizzelle maker is 14.9 x 10.6 x 3.7 inches in measurement and weighs 5.5 pounds. There are issues with the storage convenience since the unit cannot stand on the back, thus not allowing you more compact storage position.

Our Top Choice for STORAGE: Prego V3600-NS by VillaWare

What’s the Best Pizzelle Maker so far?

Based on our review, the most recommendable appliance is the one that answers your needs and preferences, particularly your preferred and allocated budget. There are essential questions you need answered to help you come up with a sound conclusion:​

  • How much can you afford for a Pizzelle maker?
  • Do you have enough storage space?
  • Are you a beginner or advanced level Pizzelle baker?
  • How many Pizzelle cookies do you intend to bake and how frequent?

These are our verdicts:

  • Best for Cost-Effectiveness: Pizzelle Maker (Non-Stick) by Cucina Pro
  • Best for User-Friendliness: Prego V3600-NS by VillaWare
  • Best for Durability/Frequent Use: 1000T Pizzelle Electric by Palmer
  • Best for Space-Saving: Prego V3600-NS by VillaWare​

Now you can make an informed decision based on our recommended models. Check out other pizzelle maker reviews and information on other kitchen must-haves such as shaved ice machine, stainless steel rice cooker, and sausage stuffer.

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