Best glasses for round face male 2022

What is the greatest crime you will ever commit, gentlemen? Wearing eyeglasses based on personal preference rather than face shape! You read that correctly. Choosing glasses that complement your face shape can do wonders for your appearance. This blog is for men with round face shapes. 

You can make your face appear longer, thinner, and more defined with round face glasses. Thank us later for our recommendation of glasses for round faces. But wait, are you sure you have a round face? How can you tell? You may have a round face if your face’s height and width are equal, your cheekbones are not well-defined, and there are no angular features. A person with a round face lacks a prominent jawline and prominent cheekbones. Uncertain about your facial shape? 

Here is our simple face measurement guide you must adhere to. 

Identifying A Round Face 

A round face resembles a square look but with rounded corners. They also have a curved jaw, round cheeks, and circular shapes of the same height and width. 

Chrissy Teigen, Isla Fisher, Jennifer Lawrence, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Michelle Williams all have round faces. 

People frequently believe they have a round face when they have a different face shape. Take our Face Shape Quiz to determine your face shape and locate the most flattering pair of glasses. 

Do I Actually Possess a Round Face? 

Before selecting a frame, we must confirm that you possess a round face. Noting that determining your face shape is not an exact science is essential. Face shapes that are perfectly “round,” “square,” or “oval” are uncommon. Most people have elements of multiple face types. 

Identifying your most prominent facial features and matching them to the closest face shape is the best way to determine your face shape. Typically, these are the jaw, cheekbones, and forehead. 

  • The distinguishing characteristics of round faces are: 
  • Gentle curves and smooth contours 
  • Full cheeks 
  • The cheekbones are the broadest aspect of the face. 
  • Comparable in width from the chin to the forehead. 
  • Chin rounded with few angles 

The proportions of square and round faces are comparable: both are composed of jawlines and foreheads of comparable width. However, due to their curves, soft features, and lack of angles, round faces are typically easier to identify than other face shapes. 

How To Choose Eyeglasses For Round Face Male 

When shopping for new frames, the general rule is to choose eyeglasses or sunglasses with contrasting shapes to your facial features. 

The same principles apply whether you’re looking for reading glasses or the best shape of sunglasses for a round face. 

1. Choose an angular frame shape

In other words, if you have a round face, choose square or rectangular frames to balance your features and add structure to your face. 

2. Select a frame with nose pads

Nose pads are excellent for those with large cheeks or a flat nose. In addition, they are among the best styles for Asian faces, which typically have a flatter bridge of the nose. 

3. Choose vibrant hues and patterns

Choose the appropriate hues for your frame to accentuate your skin and eye color. Even optical illusions can be used to make your eyes appear larger. 

4. Avoid round or small sunglasses

Circular lenses will draw attention to the roundness of your face, thereby emphasizing your facial features. Instead of making your face appear even rounder, you should add structure and definition by incorporating sharp angles. 

What Type Of Glasses Suit Round Faces? 

1. Square Eyeglass Frames

Wide square eyeglasses are the most suitable for men with round faces. The eyeglasses frames for round faces should have distinct angles and tall lenses to elongate and thin the face. Why So Ideal? 

  • Straight, precise contours and sharp edges 
  • Aids in dividing the face 
  • Provides extra contouring 
  • Structures and outlines your characteristics 
  • Unique, fashionable, and eccentric 

Our best men’s glasses for round face:


2. Browline Eyeglass Frames

For men with round faces, browline glasses, also known as semi-rimless glasses, are the most popular angular glasses. If you have a round face and are an avid reader, try Lenskart’s half-frame reading glasses. This type of eyeglasses is currently trendy! 

Why So Ideal? 

  • Lighter at the base 
  • Do not add numerous angles. 
  • Creates the appearance of lengthening 
  • Slenderizes the face 
  • Extremely flattering 

Our best glasses for round face male: 

3. Aviators

Aviators are a fantastic choice for men with round faces. It is a timeless trend that can take your overall appearance and facial features to a new level of WOW! If you have a round face and are seeking a significant style update, aviator sunglasses are exactly what you need. 

Why So Suitable? 

  • Creates a more squared silhouette 
  • Timeless masculine look 
  • Versatile accessory 
  • Trending style for men 

Our top-rated eyeglasses for round face male: 

4. Geometric Eyeglass Frames

You may choose round, square, hexagonal, or any other shape, but they must be more extensive. Make a bold statement by standing out from the crowd with a pair of monochromatic, thick-rimmed glasses for round faces. We recommend stylishly oversized square frames with thick angular lines. Everyone will be looking at you if you flaunt it. Try before you believe!  

Why So Ideal? 

  • They are noticeable and attractive. 
  • It provides structure to a round face with delicate features. 

Our top glasses for round face: 

5. Rectangle Eyeglass Frames

Do males desire additional facial contouring? Rectangular glasses are an excellent choice for a round face because they make a look appear longer and thinner. Rectangular frames complement formal attire for a professional appearance.

Why So Great? 

  • It is timeless 
  • Complements the curvy features of your face profile 
  • Offers a serious appearance 

Our top-rated eyewear for round faces: 

Best glasses for round face male 2022 

Choosing the optimal glasses for your face shape is a matter of personal preference. You want your eyewear to complement your natural features and reflect your sense of style. 

You alone determine which frames you will wear. However, a few techniques will help guide you in the right direction when selecting your eyewear, be it eyeglasses or sunglasses. 

Faces round have delicate features set in jawlines and foreheads of equal width. 

The top frames for people with round faces include:  

  • Rectangular Frames 
  • Square Frames 
  • Cat-Eye Frames 
  • Wayfarer Frames 
  • Oversized Frames 
  • Aviators/Navigators 
  • Geometric Frames 

Avoiding Eyewear For A Round Face 

As a rule, you should avoid round, geometrically shaped, small oval, and narrow frames. These styles can accentuate your round face’s curves. 

Keep in mind that these are only general suggestions, not hard-and-fast rules. The most critical aspect of clothing is comfort. 

Small Frames 

While large frames add structure and length to round faces, small frames accentuate their width. This does not imply that you must purchase oversized frames, but small and rimless frames may not have the desired effect. 

Oval and Circular Frames 

Instead of providing contrast and balance, circular and oval frames may accentuate the roundness of your facial features. 

Remember that this is merely a set of guidelines designed to help you navigate the numerous options available. There are no hard and fast rules regarding the selection of glasses. Choose a pair of eyeglasses that makes you feel happy and at ease. 

Best glasses for round face male 2022 – FAQs

Rectangular and square-shaped glasses are ideal. 

A rectangular frame may be your best bet if you have a round face but want to err on caution. They complement a variety of face shapes but particularly balance round faces. The rectangular shape of your glasses will compliment your look without distorting it or making it appear smaller than it is. 

Therefore, round faces are more beautiful than other face shapes. However, the heart shape, also known as a V-shaped face, has been scientifically proven to be the most aesthetically pleasing face shape. 

Square. The square is an attractive face shape for men and lends itself to various hairstyles. However, most experts recommend that men with square faces keep their hair relatively short and neat. 

Rectangular, square, cat-eye, wayfarer, oversized, aviator, and geometric frames are ideal for round faces. 

The most flattering frame shapes for a round face are square, rectangular, cat-eye, wayfarer, oversized, aviator, navigator, and geometric. 

Utilize a face shape guide such as our page on types of glasses or our page on sunglasses styles when selecting glasses for your face. 

The roundness of your face is accentuated by wearing round glasses. Some people prefer this style, whereas others prefer angular frames that provide contrast and balance. 


It is essential to consider your dominant facial features when selecting the best eyeglasses for yourself, rather than relying solely on face shape. You will look and feel your best in glasses that complement your face, skin tone, and personality. 

What is your ideal match? Check out our collection of rectangular glasses for men and women to find your favorite style! 

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