Best Deskcycle Desk Black Friday Deals

Cycling is a great way to exercise, and now you can do it while working at your desk with a deskcycle. Deskcycles are available in a variety of colors and styles, but the best ones usually come with a high price tag.

If you’re looking for a good deal on a deskcycle, Black Friday is the time to buy. Check out our list of the best deals on deskcycles this Black Friday. You’re sure to find one that fits your budget and your needs.

Black Friday Deskcycle Desk Deals

Don’t miss out on Black Friday deals on the best deskcycle! Here are some of the top offers to consider.

What is DeskCycle desk? Why you should buy it?

DeskCycle has revolutionized the concept of sustained periods of low-intensity exercise. Using “pedal exercisers” is an excellent way to supplement your walking or running workouts, or it can be used as your sole source of cardiovascular conditioning.

With its unique bi-directional pedal motion, you can achieve either a forward pedaling movement (as when cycling outdoors) where the pedals move in an elliptical pattern with one leg pushing down and then pulling through center while the other leg pushes up then pulls through center, or by using alternative muscle groups for variety.

DeskCycle lets you exercise whenever you have time – at work, watching television, reading a book – any time!

The desk cycle works on the principle that it is easier to move your legs when they are in front of you than when they are kept still at your sides. As such, movement in the pedals propels the desk cycle forwards or backwards. At rest, there will be minimal movement due to the strong braking mechanism; when you start pedalling, this quickly becomes apparent through increased speed and resistance.

The Deskcycle comes with a tension belt which ensures that you are safely attached to the unit at all times while exercising. This, together with its non-slip rubber feet, will keep your DeskCycle perfectly positioned under your desk.

With the simple touch of a button, you can control the adjustable resistance level and start pedaling forward or reverse in elliptical motion in either direction.

You can accomplish various levels of intensity in different muscle groups by simply changing pedal speeds. Pedal backwards for an easy workout, forwards for a more challenging workout.

Forward makes it harder because you have to push down on the pedal, so you are working your quads more. Backwards it is easier because you are pulling up on the pedal, so you are working your hamstrings.

So for example if you normally ride a bike forwards, then switch to backwards or vice versa just to give your muscles a different workout . The DeskCycle’s simple controls allow the user to vary the intensity of their workout simply by placing their feet at various positions on the pedals.

The Deskcycle has an electronic brake system activated by foot pressure which limits speed and provides smooth deceleration (more like riding an outdoor bike). There is no limit to how far or fast you can pedal; all that matters is how hard you press down on the pedals with your feet. However, there is a light on the control panel that signals you to stop for your safety.

The DeskCycle is small enough to fit under any desk and can be easily transported from one location to another; it weighs only five pounds! Most people will not even know they are exercising and can do so while conducting their normal business or watching television.

 A larger, heavier version of the DeskCycle (with three pedals instead of our standard model’s single pedal feature) is available – please call us for information about moving up to the heavy-duty model.

Please note: You cannot remove the desk cycle (or any other piece of equipment except headphones) without signing out in the computer system at the front desk. This is for your safety and security of our equipment.  

Factor to consider when purchasing a deskcycle desk

A deskcycle desk is a great addition to your workspace, especially if you find yourself commuting and spending time in the office: it can keep you active and productive throughout your day. But what things should you consider when purchasing?

Here are some things that may help to narrow down what you need for your new deskcycle desk:


The price will vary depending on whether or not it comes pre-assembled (Assembly can add $200-$300), how high of a gear ration you want (the higher the gear ratio, the easier it is to pedal; however, this means less resistance and therefore less work), and special features such as mechanical handlebars.

Work Surfaces

Desk cycle desks come with either a flat surface like a traditional desk or a sloped surface that requires an ergonomic keyboard tray. If you have the space, having both is really nice because you can use one for work and one for play.


Table size should vary depending on your needs: if it’s just going to be pixelsmithing (working on graphics and/or photos), then something smaller will do; however, if there’s room for two monitors or lots of paper, then definitely get a larger deskcycle desk.


Deskcycle desks usually come with either a regular chair or a racing style chair like what fit cyclists would use (which looks more like an office chair). However, it doesn’t always come with pedals — make sure to get ones that match!

Height Adjustability

Deskcycle desks should come with different height options so that it matches your workspace, this is especially important if there are two people sharing the desk.

Other Considerations

You should also consider other special factors depending on your needs: Are you using a standing desk right now? Then try to get one which allows for an up and down movement instead of just spinning, as rotating will encourage you to switch positions more often.

Do you live in an extremely hot/cold climate? Think about getting one with fans inside the table top (or even built into your chair). Some models allow you to plug in USB cords or charge devices like smartphones because who doesn’t want USB access without having to turn around?!


Most models come in black or white, however some companies may have special colors. The finish ranges depending on the model, but usually woodgrain surfaces are available as well as either painted finishes or veneers.

Additional Accessories – There are tons of ways to switch up the deskcycle desk experience: timers, reading racks/holders, wireless remotes, heart rate sensors (requires additional purchase), water bottles with holders… the list is endless!


Where will you be placing your deskcycle desk? Will it need extra space for storage (i.e., drawers)? Is there enough room around it if two people will be using it? How much clearance once pedals are in use? All these questions should help narrow down what you’re looking for.

The DeskCycle bike is on sale at Amazon

Are you looking for a gift or do you want to get in shape this year? Then the Deskcycle might be the perfect gift for you, it has been on sale at Amazon recently.

This workout equipment is an effective way of staying active during your work while strengthening your leg muscles, burns calories while also increasing blood flow through your body. It does not require much space and can easily be stowed away under a desk when not in use.

Your coworkers will never even know it exists unless they notice that you are pedaling away as if invisible spooky forces control your every move *chuckles*. This fitness gadget is a great option whether you want to lose weight or simply need some extra motivation to exercise every day.

Do you want something more than an average stationary bike? Look no further, the Deskcycle is what you need! It has seven different gears and seven resistance levels so it can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Give your legs a workout while improving your work performance with this under desk elliptical trainer, which was introduced by one of ABC’s 2015 inventors of the year winners. Get ready for an exciting new experience in exercising at some point during your business trip or just before starting work, because it takes only about five seconds to set up the seat and start pedaling away on this fitness machine that will help relieve pain or just simply lose weight until summer time approaches.

The first reviews were positive so far with a lot of people who enjoyed their experience with this compact exercise machine. It is a great option for those who want something more than just an average stationary bike, it has been on sale at Amazon recently so take advantage of the discount before it’s too late!.

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