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With the best coffee pod machines, preparing espressos, flat whites, americanos, and more is as simple as pressing a button. 

If the idea of quickly preparing coffee shop drinks in your kitchen appeals to you, we strongly recommend purchasing a coffee pod or capsule machine. From opulent flat whites to delectable espressos, it has never been simpler to prepare exceptional coffee in the comfort of your kitchen. Finding the best coffee pod machine for your needs is not as straightforward. Numerous options are available, each with wildly different designs, features, and price points. 

Over the years at our website, we’ve tested countless coffee capsule machines, so we’ve become quite adept at putting them through their paces and know which features are worth paying extra for. If this is your first foray into the world of pod machines, our buying guide will walk you through the considerations you should consider. 

If you are only interested in a quick recommendation, skip the buying guide, and read our detailed mini reviews. 

How to select the ideal coffee pod machine 

While most pod machines operate similarly, not all are created equal. Many espresso machines have advanced barista-style features, whereas others can only produce an essential espresso. There are also numerous pod types and price points to consider. 

What kinds of beverages can be prepared with coffee capsule machines? 

All of the classic coffee shop beverages are available depending on which machine you purchase. In general, cheaper machines produce standard black coffees such as espressos and lungs, whereas more expensive devices offer a wider variety of beverage sizes and, frequently, hot milk options. 

Some of the most expensive machines have built-in milk carafes that allow them to produce lattes and cappuccinos at the touch of a button, while others have steam wands that will enable you to steam your milk manually. Others include a separate milk frother that automatically heats and froths the milk at the touch of a button. 

What characteristics should I watch out for or avoid? 

If you want to make drinks at home in the style of a professional barista, we recommend selecting a machine with a steam wand. This will enable you to prepare frothy steamed milk comparable to that found in coffee shops. Alternatively, budget for a separate milk frother; our guide to the best milk frothers is available here. 

If you want frothy coffee but don’t want the hassle of a steam wand, some machines, such as the Tassimo My Way and Dolce Gusto models, have two-stage pods that include a creamy milk element in addition to a coffee element so that you can make a frothy cappuccino in seconds. This is not nearly as authentic as milk frothed with a steam wand or carafe, but it is faster and, in most cases, much cheaper. 

If customizing your beverages is essential, look for machines that allow you to adjust your beverages’ size, temperature, and intensity. All coffee pod machines will enable you to customize the size of your drink, but specific devices make the process significantly more efficient and straightforward. 

Which pods can I utilize? 

That entirely depends on the machine you choose. Most manufacturers use a standard pod type that is brand specific. Nespresso offers two types of pods: the classic type, which is compatible with most of its machines, and the larger Vertuo pods, which are exclusive to the Vertuo line. 

Most machines are compatible with third-party pods. L’Or, for instance, produces its line of Nespresso-compatible pods, and other coffee roasters also have their lines of compatible pods. 

What should I budget for a pod machine? 

If you want a machine with numerous customization options, you will need to spend more than £70. For fancier extras, such as steam wands and built-in milk features, you’ll need to pay even more — typically over £200. A manual machine with no extra features can cost as little as £30. Therefore, it entirely depends on what you desire and can afford. 

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