Best Milk Frother Black Friday Deals

With a milk frother, you can make your favorite coffeehouse drink numerous ways. Imagine not having to wait in line for your frothy cappuccino or creamy latte because you can make it yourself.

Decide what type of beverage you intend to use milk foam before deciding on the best milk frother for your needs.  

Next, decide whether you prefer your drink cold or hot. Finally, each milk frother can handle a different type of milk, so if you are using non-dairy milk or skim milk, you will also need to think about that.  

We tested a wide range of top-rated milk frothers for coffee, hot chocolate, and more before narrowing our choices down to just a few. 

Best Milk Frother Black Friday Deals – What Should You Know About Milk Frothers? 

Frothers are available in two basic configurations: countertop and handheld. Electric or battery-operated countertops and handheld frothers are not attached to an espresso machine.  

While countertop models can heat the milk as it froths, handheld models can only foam milk after it has been warmed, for example, in the microwave. While a countertop frother is the best way to replicate the foam found at a coffee bar, we have included our favorite handheld model in case you decide to go that route. 

The best milk frother for you is determined by the beverage you wish to prepare. With scientific explanations aside, consider foam to be like shaving cream and froth to a Mr. Bubbles bubble bath. If you are a fan of cappuccinos, you will need a machine that produces a layer of airy foam on top of steamed milk. For a latte, you will want a silkier, looser foam that is easier to pour and mix with the espresso. 

Milk is not all created equal. Due to its higher fat content, whole dairy milk performs best with most milk frothers. However, many of our top picks can also froth reduced-fat milk effectively. In terms of non-dairy milk, oat milk typically performs the best in countertop frothers, whereas almond milk is a little too watery to foam well. To truly determine the best-performing milk frothers, we used almond milk as our non-dairy milk test. 

Foam can be either warm or cold. If you are a devotee of iced lattes, you will want a frother capable of producing both hot and cold foam. The majority of handheld frother sticks are ideal for creating a quick batch of cold foam. 

How about cocoa? A milk frother is helpful for more than just coffee. Larger countertop models can produce creamy hot cocoa, smooth matcha (albeit in an entirely unconventional manner), and even steamers (steamed milk with flavor). 

Best Milk Frother Black Friday Deals – Buying Guides 


You cannot use your milk frother 24 hours a day; you must put it away after use. If your new frother does not fit in your cupboard, you will quickly regret your purchase. Before purchasing, you should consider the size. 

Capacity Maximum 

It would be best to consider the demographics of the people you will serve. If you have a large family, you will want to invest in a milk frother with a large capacity. 

Different Types Of Milk Frothers 

Some milk frothers operate on AA batteries. If you purchase this type, be prepared to replace the batteries frequently. Additionally, there are rechargeable milk frothers with built-in batteries that may cause battery issues in the future. 

While shopping for milk frothers, you will also come across models that can be used by plugging them directly into a wall socket and manual milk frothers that do not require batteries or electricity. 


You can adjust the temperature of some milk frothers to your preference, and some frothers even allow you to customize the type of froth that forms at the end. Before purchasing a milk frother, you should investigate the features it offers. 

Types of Milk Frothers 

Manual Milk Frothers 

Manual milk frothers consist of a plunger connected to a mesh screen inside the cup; you must pump for 4-10 minutes to achieve the desired result; they are inexpensive but quite stressful to use. 

Electric Milk Frothers 

Electric milk frothers are typically shaped like mugs and can serve many cups simultaneously. Within 1-3 minutes, you can froth milk to your desired consistency using electric milk frothers. There are quite a few. 

Electric milk frothers are costly but well worth the investment; some even include additional features such as a temperature adjusting mechanism and more. 

Motorized Milk Frothers 

In today’s world, motorized milk frothers are the most popular; they are inexpensive to purchase and lightweight, and they operate on integrated batteries. When in use, this type of milk frother is held in hand. They are the fastest milk frothers on the market; they can froth milk to the desired consistency in as little as 15-30 seconds. 

Best Milk Frother Black Friday Deals – How To Take Care Of Milk Frothers 

  • Ensure that you clean your milk frother thoroughly after each use. 
  • After use, unplug electric milk frothers. 
  • Maintain a clean and dry environment for your milk frother. 
  • When not in use, remove the batteries from motorized milk frothers. 
  • On your motorized milk frother, do not mix old and new batteries. 
  • Dishwashers should not be used with motorized or electric milk frothers. 

Best Milk Frother Black Friday Deals – FAQs

While almond milk, whole milk, flavored milk, and low-fat milk are all acceptable for frothing, whole milk produces a creamier, thicker foam, which aids in the frothing process. 

Skimmed and low-fat milk produce a lot of foam with air bubbles; other types of milk may not be as creamy as whole milk, but that is a personal preference. 

Not all frothers heat milk; if your froth wand is equipped with a steamer, it will warm, mix, and froth the milk. 

The mug-shaped frother can serve both hot and cold frothed milk in some instances. Most frothing wands do not heat the milk. 

Indeed, it does. While not all brands of almond milk will froth, this method still works. 

Best Milk Frother Black Friday Deals - Conclusion

We have concluded our Milk Frothing adventure; we hope you enjoyed reading this buying guide as much as I wanted to write it. The fact remains that milk frothers are critical for creating the perfect latte. Frothing milk is my favorite part of the coffee-making process. 

We chose the Miroco Milk Frother as my favorite out of all the milk frothers listed in this article because it has the best features, I have ever seen in a milk frother. 

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