Best kids water shoes reviews

Children love to play with water and some outdoor places have fountains or pools which allow them to have fun with other friends. In the case of this situation, you as parents should be well-prepared. How to prepare? A pair of water shoes for kids is perfect. You don’t want your children running around and slip later because of the wet. The best kids water shoes will keep it safe with their anti-slip outer soles. The shoes will dry quickly so that kids can wear causally everywhere. 

Why are children’s water shoes so important? 

Water shoes protect your children from the dangers associated with playing in artificial or natural bodies of water. Several of these threats include: 

  • Toxic seaweed and other living, poisonous organisms and venomous animals 
  • Dull beach sand and sharp shells 
  • Pebbles, hard surfaces, solid waste such as cans and plastic, and sharp objects such as glass and needles. 
  • Powerful waves 

Water shoes’ additional traction and stability prevent kids from slipping and enable them to participate in and enjoy water sports. 

How are water shoes superior to conventional footwear? 

Water shoes are superior to regular footwear for several reasons. Here are some examples: 

  • They offer more excellent traction than conventional footwear such as slides and sneakers. 
  • Water shoes provide optimal air circulation (breathability) around your children’s feet, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and the formation of foul odors. 
  • Pool water chemicals and beach salt quickly deteriorate standard footwear. 
  • Regular shoes do not drain water as efficiently as water shoes, which could impair your children’s mobility and lead to injury. 
  • These shoes are adequately insulated to keep your children’s feet warm in chilly water. 
  • Your children’s water shoes are lightweight and firmly grip their feet for optimal mobility. 

What Kinds of Water Shoes Are Available for Children? 

Aqua socks 

These options resemble standard socks but are significantly thicker. Typically, they are composed of neoprene, which enables them to provide optimal warmth and slip resistance. They will also protect your children’s feet from foreign elements, such as sand because they stretch to cover the entire length of their feet. However, you should be aware that they are thinner than other options and lack thick soles, so they will not adequately protect your children’s feet from sharp rocks and objects. 

Water shoes 

These amphibious shoes resemble standard footwear but are constructed from mesh, plastic, or other quick-drying, lightweight, and breathable materials. Unlike water socks, these options have thick soles to protect against rocks, sharp objects, stinging animals, and debris, making them ideal for rugged and rocky terrains. In addition, the toes are made of durable plastic or rubber to protect your children’s forefeet. Like water socks, they effectively prevent sand from entering. 

Water sandals 

They are designed similarly to sandals, so they lack toe protection. However, they are equally lightweight, waterproof, durable, and breathable as the alternatives. They are ideal for warm summer months because they allow cool air to circulate freely around the feet. They have durable soles to protect your children’s feet. 

How to keep children’s feet safe all summer 

So, what on earth do you put on your children’s feet to provide them with sufficient protection, breathability, comfort, and traction to spend as much time as possible in the water and on land? Water footwear? Sandals? What about flip-flops? Neoprene boots? Waste receptacles and duct tape? 

Your answer will likely depend on your specific environment and activity selection. Still, the bottom line is that you need to find something that will keep your children on their feet during outdoor excursions. Blisters are unfortunate, shoes that slip off are annoying, and hot feet are a mess. 

The good news is that there are MANY options for kids’ water shoes and sandals that are durable, comfortable, and high-quality. And we are here to assist you in determining what meets your family’s needs so that you can maximize your enjoyment during the warmer months and splash to your heart’s content. 

Our team members are huge fans of Keen’s children’s water shoes selection, and Keen has an excellent blog post outlining how to choose the right pair of children’s water shoes. Although this post is specific to Keens, it is an excellent resource for comparing the features of other brands and styles! 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Kids Water Shoes

The same factors must be considered when selecting water shoes for children as when selecting regular footwear. Several of these components are detailed below: 


Plastic, rubber, mesh, and neoprene are among the materials employed in the construction of water shoes. All these options are excellent, but you must understand their advantages and applications to make an informed choice. 

Rubber water shoes are lightweight and waterproof. They have no significant drawbacks, so it is not surprising that they are the most prevalent. 

Neoprene water shoes are extremely lightweight and provide maximum mobility. However, they offer less protection than the others. 

Plastic shoes are waterproof and durable; however, they may rub and cause blisters on your children’s feet. 

The most significant benefit of mesh water shoes is their breathability. 

Leather water shoes are among the most comfortable, protective, and long-lasting options. However, they become cumbersome in water due to absorption, which is not ideal for children. 


The correct size is crucial because it affects your child’s comfort and mobility. Before purchasing a pair of water shoes for your child, you should ensure that they are the correct size, just as you would for a couple of regular shoes. 

Understand that if the water shoe is too small, your child will experience foot discomfort, and if it is too large, they will be unable to move freely. Therefore, measure your child’s regular shoe size and use this information to select the proper pair of water shoes. 


The general rule for water shoes is that the greater the traction, the better. However, this is not always required to be the case. If your child only plays on beach sand, you do not need to purchase a model with exceptional traction. However, adventures on pools, rocks, and other slippery surfaces require water shoes with superior traction. 

Foot protection and support 

Different types of water shoes offer varying levels of foot protection and support. Water shoes are likely to be the most protective footwear because they have reinforced thick soles and toe caps. In contrast to water socks, water sandals have thick soles, but neither has a reinforced toe cap. In contrast to water socks, water sandals have thick soles, but neither has a reinforced toe cap. 

Additionally, do you favor ankle support for your child? High-top water shoes are widely available in stores, and you can get some. 


The best water shoes are easy to move and run in for various reasons, including their lightweight. Heavy water shoes are poor, so avoid them at all costs. 

Water retention 

Water shoes are intended to drain rather than retain water. Most water shoes perform exceptionally well in this regard, but be vigilant, nonetheless. 


Even for everyday footwear, optimal foot ventilation is essential, and this can only be achieved with adequate breathability. It could be the presence of multiple holes or the material’s breathability, such as neoprene, in water shoes. Always ensure that the water shoe you select for your child is highly breathable to ensure their comfort. 

Top 10 Best Kids Water Shoes Reviews In 2022 

We surveyed parents and received recommendations for their favorite water shoes for children of all ages to compile the definitive list of the top summer shoes for children. Each shoe is both comfortable and functional. Read on for the best water shoes for children to make this the most enjoyable summer ever. 

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1. HIITAVE Kids Water Shoes

HIITAVE Girls Swim Water Shoes Non-Slip Quick Dry Barefoot Beach Aqua Pool Socks for Boys Kids Toddler Pupple/Unicorn 2-3 M US Little Kid

Whether you have a young swimmer or someone who enjoys playing in the water, our Hiitave Water Shoes will keep them safe and dry. The non-slip design and quick-dry construction of these shoes will prevent your child’s feet from becoming wet. They are inexpensive and great for the summer because they are breathable, preventing your child from overheating during long days at the pool! 

Key Features 
  • Anti-slip rubber sole to prevent slips and falls 
  • Soft cotton liner for unparalleled comfort 
  • Cute designs 
  • Breathable, durable, and comfortable mesh or polyester fabric body construction 

2. Most Lightweight: BomKinta Kids Water Shoes

BomKinta Kids Water Shoes Boys Girls Quick Dry Non-Slip Aqua Socks for Beach Swimming Pool Black Size 8-8.5 M US Toddler

The quick-drying synthetic material of these lightweight water shoes will keep your children’s feet dry and comfortable all day long. They are also available in sizes for girls and boys, spanning a broad age range, allowing everyone to find a perfect fit. The non-slip soles will keep your children’s balance on wet surfaces such as pool decks, allowing them to remain active throughout the summer without fear of slipping! 

Key Features 
  • Adorable unicorn, crab, mermaid, flamingo, octopus, dinosaur, and camouflage designs 
  • Elastic buckles for easy adjustability 
  • High-traction sturdy rubber soles for optimal stability on slippery surfaces and feet protection 

3. Sunville New Starbay Brand Childrens Slip-On Athletic Water Shoes 

Sunville Toddler's Slip-On Water Shoes/Aqua Socks, Green, 13 Little Kid


Will stay tight and secure on the feet, this is a beautiful purple kids water shoes for beach and pool. To make sure kids can wear comfortably, the shoes have adhesive straps that can tighten ankles. The shoes are made of synthetic with external mesh design to provide breathability and eliminate the smell. Moreover, the outsoles have rough patterns over the surfaces to prevent slipping. 

Key Features 
  • Rubber sole 
  • Rubber Outsole 
  • Removable Insole 
  • Great for pool, beach, exercise etc 
  • Adjustable Cord 
  • The sizes run on the Normal 

4. Bigib Toddler Kids Swim Water Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip Water

Bigib Toddler Kids Swim Water Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip Water Skin Barefoot Sports Shoes Aqua Socks for Boys Girls Toddler, Blue Octopus, 8 Toddler

Rather than letting your children walk barefoot, it is nice to get a pair of lightweight and useful water shoes. This one maybe will make a favorite of kids especially boys for it have cut pattern of blue octopus. For better fitness and comfort, it uses high-quality fabric on the top and rubber outsole to anti-skid. Your child little feet will not get hurt from wearing this pair.     

Key Features 
  • Smooth neck designs to prevent injuries or discomfort when wearing or taking them off 
  • Sturdy rubber soles for optimal feet protection and stability 
  • Pull-on closure type for easy removal and wearing 
  • Slight arch support design for enhanced feet protection and stability 

5. Sunnywoo Water Shoes for Kids 

Sunnywoo Water Shoes for Kids Girls Boys,Toddler Kids Swim Water Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip Water Skin Barefoot Sports Shoes Aqua Socks for Beach Outdoor Sports,9-10.5 Little Kid,Mermaid

Kid’s water shoes from Sunnywoo are skin-tight and incredibly light, making them ideal for all water sports. They provide the ideal stability and traction for water sports and general protection. In addition to being fashionable in shape and design, they are available in over eight layouts, including blue dolphin, unicorn, sea world, and blue shark, among others. With these, you can rest assured that your children are wearing the best water shoes. 

Key Features 
  • Fine stretch outsole construction for flexibility and comfort 
  • Strong rubber sole construction for optimal traction and stability 
  • Unisex design 

6. L-RUN Water Shoe for Kids Boys Girls

L-RUN Toddler Water Shoes Outdoor Boy's Swims Aqua Shoes Black Blue US 3-4=EU 18-19


 Due to the lightweight, this water shoes feel like just a pair of thick socks and your kids will find it super comfy to wear. It has black and blue color and several size options to choose. The water shoes are produced from polyester with rubber soles. These can give softness, flexibility and sturdiness. Kids can wear them indoor and outdoor. It is a multi-beneficial product to have. 

  Key Features 
  • 100% Polyester 
  • Rubber sole 
  • Quick-dry 
  • Lightweight and Portable 
  • Foot Safety 
  • Anti-slip Rubber Sole 

7. NORTY Little Kids and Toddler Water Shoes for Boys and Girls

NORTY – Little Boy's Camouflage Skeletoe Mesh Waterproof Athletic Aqua Socks for Pool Beach, Blue, Black 40353-1MUSLittleKid

 No more worry about narrow insole, with this pair of water shoes for kids, everything is great and comfortable. The shoes hold special design—having a separate compartment for each toe. To ensure fitness, the shoes also have adjustable string cord drawers so that kids can tighten the neck close to the ankles. The materials of it are synthetic, rubber, mesh, and neoprene.    

Key Features 
  • Non-slip Grip Rubberized Sole 
  • Mesh Side Panels & Neoprene Upper 
  • Adjustable Closure And Ankle Pull Tab 
  • Machine Washable In 21 Colors And Patterns 

8. Best Quality – UBFEN Water Shoes for Kids Boys Girls

UBFEN Water Shoes for Kids Boys Girls Aqua Socks Barefoot Beach Sports Swim Pool Quick Dry Lightweight Toddler Little Big Kid

 These quick-drying water shoes are constructed from sturdy, long-lasting materials that will last for years. In addition, they have non-skid soles for added safety, making them the ideal option for your children who want to spend the summer exploring the pool, lake, or ocean with their friends. The UBFEN water shoes are lightweight, elastic, and incredibly comfortable, making them one of the best products for your children. 

Key Features 
  • Anti-skid rubber material for best traction 
  • Highly elastic fabric outsole material for flexibility and comfort 
  • 0.5-inch platform height for enhanced stability 

9. ALEADER Kid’s Slip-on Quick Dry Water Shoes

ALEADER Kid's Quick Dry Water Shoes Comfort Walking Sneakers Blue/LtBlue 2 M US Little Kids

 A glance at this pair of kids water shoes is enough to fall in love. It is perfect for outdoor activities such as water sports, camping, hiking, and more. It is because of its quick dry and lightweight. Made of synthetic alongside with durable mesh on the uppers, these shoes will bring breathability. No smell will remain. The insoles are soft and cushioned making users comfort for wearing all day. 

Key Features 
  • EVA/Rubber sole 
  • Breathable and durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe 
  • Fully molded comfy material sole for all day cushion 
  • Water Drain and cushion outsole provides exceptional traction in wet and slippery conditions, promotes quick dry and maximum comfort 
  • Features quick adjusting elastic strap closure for easy on and off 
  • Open mesh on the upper and hole on the sole provides for superior breathability and quick drying 

10. Western Chief Lightweight Water Shoe Sandal

Western Chief Kids Recess Water Shoe, Grey, 10 M US Toddler

Western Chief has been making trusted family footwear since 1891   all products are handmade with the intent of keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather These fun bright colored water shoes are for sunny days and water fun!  

Made with waterproof EVA materials easy on and off hook and loop closures are there so there is no need for help putting them on and do not need to worry about them falling off Cushioned insole and super lightweight for all day play and they are an easy clean material so don’t worry about getting the water shoes dirty 

Key Features 
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sole 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Sturdy & Safe 
  • Promotes Independent Dressing 
  • Comfortable 
  • Protects Toes 

Bottom Line 

Whether beach bums, avid hikers, river rats, or desert dwellers, chances are that any outdoor child will benefit from a pair of sturdy water shoes during the summer. Whether your priority is weight, comfort, traction, ease of independence on/off, or price, numerous options are available to keep little feet active and happy throughout the summer. 

What is most important to you? How does your active family function? Please share your thoughts and observations in the comments section, and we wish you all a good time! 

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