Best Black Friday Garmin Deals

Did you know that Garmin is one of the top manufacturers of GPS devices in the world? If you’re looking for a quality GPS unit to help you get around town, then you’ll want to check out Garmin’s Black Friday deals. These deals are sure to help you save some money on a new GPS unit. So, be sure to check them out! 

If you’re a runner, triathlete, golfer, or cyclist, you should take advantage of Black Friday Garmin deals and invest in a device that will help you improve your game. They’re also ideal for individuals looking to increase their physical activity. 

Black Friday Garmin Sales Quick Links 

All Garmin watches are compatible with the Garmin Connect app, which provides insight into your training. Additionally, some watches allow you to download Garmin coaching plans, which assist you in training for a specific event or goal. Is that what you’re looking for? The best Garmin Black Friday deals are listed below. 

Things to consider when purchasing a Garmin watch 

Garmin’s are the most popular GPS watches for their many features and price range. Garmin has a watch for every budget, ranging from the low-end Fenix 3 to the high end Tactix Bravo. 

This article is a guide to choosing the best Garmin watch for you. The watches come in many different models and offer various types of training objectives. A Garmin watch can be used as an all-rounder, or just as a running watch, cycling computer or multisport watch. It’s important that you choose the right device that fits your needs. This guide will hopefully help you on this matter. 

Size of the Garmin watch 

If you are new to running, chances are that a small sized Garmin watch will be plenty for you. However, if you are more serious about your training and find yourself running longer distances or even full marathons, it is recommended to consider larger sized Garmin watches. 

Most of the Garmin watches come with a wristband that is adjustable to your wrist size, but it is still recommended to try out the watch beforehand. If you’re very specific about how the watch sits on your wrist, consider purchasing one that comes with a heart rate monitor as this will ensure a perfect fit. 

Watch type (wrist- or chest strap) 

If you’re interested in finding out more about your heart rate, it’s recommended to choose a wristband with the heart rate monitor build-in. If you don’t care too much for tracking your current heart rate while training, it’s fine to choose a wristband without heart rate monitor. 

A chest strap is useful for monitoring your heart rate but the downside is that you cannot wear it while swimming or when showering after a workout. It’s also something that many people find annoying to have tight against their skin. 

Display size 

The watch display is in some cases hard to read in bright light conditions. A backlight (where you need to press a button on the side of the device) can help with this, but is often not enough when outside, for example during running or biking..  

There is also larger sized Garmin watches that come with an added sunlight visible, high contrast display (called Chroma Display). This feature enables the Garmin watch to be easily read even in bright conditions. It’s not often that this is really needed though, but it can be useful if you are training outside a lot during the day. 

Watch faces and apps 

Every watch that you choose will come with one or more pre-installed watch faces. You can change between them, but some only have a few to choose from and others might not offer any options at all. For example, the Vivofit 3 can download additional apps (called “faces”) to add variety and functionality to your watch. 

Training features 

You may find all the training features needed in a running watch (such as the Forerunner 245) but if you are more interested in cycling, for example, it is recommended to choose a watch that comes with even more features. The Garmin Edge 1030 for example can track your GPS live while biking and includes some especially useful extra features.

If you are interested in an activity tracker (and not so much a GPS tracking device), it is recommended to check out the Fenix 5 as this watch comes with a full activity tracker. The Vivoactive 3 is also an excellent choice if you are looking for an all-in-one smartwatch that doubles as an activity tracker.

It does not come with multi-sport features or advanced training modes but is still a great option as the Vivoactive 3 works as an activity tracker as well as a GPS running watch. 

So, to answer your question: What is the best Garmin watch for you? 

It depends on what features you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. If you only want a basic GPS running watch, we recommend the Garmin Forerunner 245. 

If you are looking for something more advanced such as full activity tracking and multi-sport modes, then we recommend looking at watches such as the Fenix 6 or the Vivoactive 3. The choice is yours of course, but if you want to read reviews of specific models, feel free to look at the list below. 

Are Garmin watches discounted on Black Friday? 

Black Friday frequently offers us the best deals on Garmin watches. While Garmin offers sales throughout the year, it is typically the November sales that offer lower prices than previously seen in the year, making it an excellent time to purchase – not just for yourself but also for gifting. 

Should I hold off until Black Friday to purchase a Garmin? 

Garmin’s Black Friday deals are unmatched, and nearly every retailer is offering pre-Black Friday sales. However, if you’re looking to purchase one of the newer Forerunners, you may want to wait until closer to Thanksgiving, as Garmin has yet to begin their own Black Friday sale, which we’re sure will see retailer’s match. 


As we have seen, there are a variety of Black Friday deals on Garmin products that you should consider this holiday season. If you want the best deal possible and do not mind waiting for it to show up in your mailbox, then the GPSMAP 64s is worth considering.  

However, if you need something now or would prefer to buy from an authorized retailer with warranty support available, then check out some of our recommended retailers below.  

No matter what product category interests you most (fitness trackers? golf watches?), we hope these Black Friday sales help save time and money as shoppers hunt down their perfect gift! 

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