Best Black Friday Child Car Seat Deals

Child car seats for infants are many expensive but necessary items that parents must purchase. However, if you’re looking to buy your first infant seat before your child’s birth or to replace an existing infant seat with one designed for a toddler, Black Friday may present an opportunity to save money.

There are a large number of retailers we anticipate discounting their wares by the end of November, which means there will be a large selection to choose from — which means you’ll be able to save money while still finding a model that will keep your child safe.

Please continue reading to learn where you can score a deal on a child car seat this Black Friday, as well as which models we anticipate seeing on sale.

Best Black Friday Child Car Seat Deals

Choose the Most Secure Car Seat for Your Child

We test, evaluate, and compare the latest child car seat models to ensure your and your family’s safety.

  • Recognize your child: Acclimate to tracking your child’s height and weight, which together with age can help determine seat size and when it’s time to move up a level. Note: Any behavioral or health issues will also influence your choice.
  • Know your stores: Some retailers will allow you to test-install a seat in your vehicle, which is beneficial because we’ve discovered that the cushion’s angle or the placement of the seat belt can render a car and child seat incompatible. Additionally, a store that accepts returns is required. Large department stores like Target and Walmart sell a limited selection of products in-store and a much larger selection online.
  • Know your car: Consult the child-safety section of your vehicle’s owner’s manual and familiarize yourself with critical features such as belts, LATCH, and seats.

Five Ways to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

According to NHTSA and field studies, car seat, booster seat, and seat belt misuse rates range between 74 and 90 percent. Yes, you read that correctly—the vast majority of child seats are improperly installed. How to do it properly is as follows:

  • Please select the appropriate seat: Verify the seat’s height and weight limits (see our timeline above). Age is also critical, as it reflects your child’s skeletal development.
  • Seat tight: After installation, the seat should not move more than one-inch side to side or front to back. Do not be discouraged—this can be challenging.
  • Harness height: The harness straps should be at or below your infant’s shoulders when installed rear-facing. When facing forward, harness straps should be at or above a child’s shoulders. Always keep the chest clip at armpit level.
  • Tighten the harness: If your child is secured correctly, you should not be able to pinch any fabric on the shoulder straps.
  • Final check: Recline to the right and secure the tether. Rear-facing seats should have a recline angle indicator to prevent the child’s head from falling forward and obstructing breathing.

Always secure and tighten the top tether on forward-facing seats installed with LATCH or a seat belt to help prevent forward movement, which could result in head injury.

Which retailers will offer the best Black Friday deals on automobiles?

As you can see from our roundup above, there are a variety of online destinations to visit if you’re looking for a Black Friday deal on a child car seat.

If you only have time to visit one place, we recommend Amazon. Last year, Amazon offered some massive discounts — more than a third, compared to around 20% at other retailers — and if you’re a Prime member, delivery is frequently free and lightning-fast.

However, if you’re more of a traditionalist, you may feel more at ease shopping at John Lewis or Mamas and Papas, both of which will almost certainly discount a variety of brands by 20%.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy car seats for children?

Without a doubt. You’re likely to find models discounted by at least 20% and possibly up to 30% or 40%. Discounts of this nature can result in significant savings on items such as child seats — as parents are well aware, they are not cheap. However, you’re likely to find discounted car seats during January sales, so don’t despair if you missed out on Black Friday.

Is it necessary to wait until Black Friday to purchase a child car seat?

While waiting until Black Friday may save you money on a new car seat, your child should not be using a broken or outgrown car seat. While this is an excellent time of year to purchase your child’s next, larger car seat in advance, if your child requires a new seat immediately, do not delay.

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