Where to Find the Best Apple Black Friday Deals

Is Apple merchandise on sale on Black Friday? Where can I find the best Black Friday deals on Apple products? This page contains answers to these questions and more. 

Two things are known about Apple products. The first is that they are popular, and the second is that it can be challenging to find them on sale. Nonetheless, there is no reason to despair. BlackFriday.com is aware that the holidays are the best time to save money (even on Apple products that rarely go on sale). 

As soon as the temperature drops, you’ll want to arm yourself with information before rushing to the Apple Store. Expert deal hunters know that your best chance of finding an Apple Black Friday deal is to shop at a retailer other than Apple. Want to learn more surprising facts about Apple’s Black Friday sales? Read on to obtain all the necessary information. 

Pre-Black Friday Apple product deals 

Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale, Walmart’s Rollbacks, Best Buy’s 48-Hour Flash sale, and Target’s Pre-Black Friday sale offer numerous Apple discounts. 

Which retailers frequently offer discounted Apple products? 

If Apple is not the best place to find Black Friday deals on Apple products, which retailers are? Here’s a look at which of your favorite retailers offer the best Apple deals: 

  • Regarding Black Friday deals on Apple products, Amazon typically offers some of the most competitive discounts available. In addition, Amazon Prime enables you to receive free and expedited shipping. 
  • Walmart retailer is renowned for its Black Friday cell phone and electronics deals, so it is a great place to look for iPhone discounts on the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year. 
  • Best Buy is the leader in Black Friday laptop and tablet deals. Consequently, if you’re looking for deals on an iPad or a MacBook, you should visit this renowned electronics retailer. Best Buy also offers free Apple digital subscriptions, such as Apple TV+ for six months, Apple Music for six months, and Apple News for six months, with the purchase of an Apple product. 
  • Costco is a great place to find Apple Black Friday deals, especially for younger generations. However, there is a catch: Costco membership is required to take advantage of these discounts. Fortunately, membership discounts to this famous warehouse club are frequently available. 
  • Sam’s Club is a great place to find discounts on AirPods and Apple Watches. Like Costco, you must be a member to access these discounts. 
  • Target is a popular location to find a variety of Black Friday discounts on Apple products. This is because of its steep discounts and gift card offers. 

On the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year, it may be worthwhile to take a quick look at Apple to see if there are any Apple products on sale. Indeed, retailers are frequently full of surprises. 

What are our sales forecasts for Apple products? 

Now that you know where to find Black Friday deals on Apple products, you’re likely curious about what these discounts will look like in 2022. You’ve arrived at the correct location. We have analyzed last year’s sales and this year’s trends to make predictions about Apple product Black Friday deals. 

Apple iPad 

Apple’s products are highly diverse, and the iPad is no exception. Various iPad models are available, including the iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. These models’ prices decrease during the holidays, making this the optimal time to purchase. 

The cost of an Apple iPad varies depending on the model you choose. The iPad Air was available for less than $500 a year ago, and you could save $100 or more on other iPad models. This year, keep your eyes peeled for similar (or even better) deals. 

Apple AirPods 

AirPods discounts have appeared throughout the year, but Black Friday deals remain among the best. On Black Friday of 2017, Apple AirPods Pro was as low as $159.99, and Apple AirPods were approximately $100 at some retailers. What does this imply for your Black Friday plans? 

On Black Friday, we anticipate similar or better deals on the AirPods Pro and AirPods. Some retailers, such as Target and Walmart, may also offer gift cards with purchases. 

Apple Watch 

The Apple Watch Series 8 will be released in the fall of 2022, so there will likely be fewer discounts on this model. However, this means that you are more likely to find deals from previous generations on Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 3. 

Last Black Friday, the Apple Watch SE was discounted by approximately $200. Last year, the Apple Watch Series 3 was available for slightly more than $100. Keep an eye out for comparable or better deals in 2022. 

Apple MacBook 

Check out the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro if you’re looking for a lightweight laptop with a powerful processor. Typically, these devices are not discounted throughout the year, but Black Friday is an exception. 

For instance, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air were available with discounts ranging from $100 to $500 last year. We anticipate similar cost savings in 2022. 

Apple iPhone 

Everyone has been discussing the new iPhone 14 model. The disadvantage of this new technology is that it will likely not be heavily discounted (if at all) on Black Friday. 

However, you can upgrade your phone without breaking the bank. You must only concentrate on older iPhone generations, including the iPhone 13, iPhone SE, and iPhone 12. When opening a new line or trading a capable phone for a discount last year, consumers saved hundreds of dollars. This suggests that we will likely see comparable or even better deals this year. 

Apple TV 4K 

Last year, shoppers were surprised and delighted to discover that the Apple TV 2021 had already been available for sale for six months. During Black Friday 2021, it was $60 less expensive. This year, we anticipate even better deals on this Apple product. 

Apple HomePod Mini 

Last Black Friday, this intelligent speaker was available for $89 instead of its usual price of $99; this was not a significant discount. This year, we anticipate deeper discounts on the HomePod mini or at least gift card promotions. 

Apple Gift Cards 

Once upon a time, Apple sold both iTunes and Apple gift cards. The iTunes gift card could only be used in the App Store, whereas the Apple gift card was only redeemable at Apple retail locations. All of this changed a year ago when Apple announced it would only offer one gift card in the future. 

This initially appeared to be excellent news, as it would facilitate the purchase and use of Apple gift cards. Nonetheless, there was a drawback. The steep discounts (we’re talking 20% off) on iTunes gift cards are no longer available. 

Last year, thankfully, some retailers offered holiday sales to soften the blow. This came in the form of $10 to $15 store gift cards when a $100 Apple gift card was purchased. Although it is not identical to 20% off, it is still a good deal. And this year, we anticipate a similar occurrence. 

Black Friday Apple shopping FAQs

Yes, Apple products do go on sale. Apple products are available with discounts throughout the year, but Black Friday is one of the best times to find steep discounts. As stated, most brand-new Apple products do not go on sale until they have been available to consumers for some time and are no longer considered new releases. 

Yes. Apple has previously held Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Apple gave gift cards of varying values with the purchase of Apple products in the past year. For instance, you could receive a $200 Apple Gift Card when you buy a 27-inch iMac. Apple is not the best place to shop for Apple product discounts on Black Friday, but this promotion may be worthwhile if you are in the market for a gift card to use on something other than Apple products. 

Find the best Apple Black Friday deals leading up to and during Black Friday. While Apple typically adds gift cards to select purchases, many third-party retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, B&H and Adorama will knock hundreds of dollars off Apple products.

You have 14 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it. Only items that have been purchased directly from Apple, either online or at an Apple Retail Store, can be returned to Apple.

If you are dissatisfied with an item, you can request a return through Order Status. For eligible iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch and third-party products, you have up to 15 calendar days from the time you receive your item(s) to initiate a return. Items ineligible for a return include: Opened memory.

Black Friday is followed directly by Cyber Monday on November 28, 2022. Technically speaking, as soon as Cyber Monday begins, Black Friday ends. The best discounts are usually limited to these two days (and the weekend between them); however, some deals stick around through the end of the following week.

Despite Apple itself rarely dropping the prices of its phones, other retailers, as well as the major US carriers do in fact tend to offer great Black Friday discounts and deals on iPhones. Still, the best iPhone deals can be a bit hard to find even during Black Friday.

Black Friday is one of the best times to buy an iPhone, especially if you’re hoping to save on an older generation (like the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, or iPhone SE). Still, you’ll find tons of Black Friday deals on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro this year from various retailers and phone carriers.

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