How To Choose The Perfect Toy Box For Kids

Few parents are prepared for the cost of raising a child. And toys are the one thing you will always spend money on. Your children will continually request the latest and most excellent toys until the playroom is stuffed and you have nowhere to put it all. So how do you approach this issue? It would be best if you investigated your storage options. A place to store all their favorite playthings will keep their play area organized and make it easier for them to locate the toy they seek when they need it. 

During your search for storage solutions, you will encounter a variety of options, including organizers, toy boxes, and toy chests. This guide will assist you in determining which type of storage will work best for your children and your home. You will also learn which one I purchased for my children and why it was the best option for our family. 

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Are Toy Chests Hazardous? 

Many toy chests on the market feature mechanisms that make them entirely safe for children. This includes safety features such as locking hinges or a slow-closing safety lid. In addition, they are constructed with durability. The sturdy construction of contemporary toy chests eliminates the risk of injury. 

Selecting A Safe Toy Box 

The best toy chests for kids are designed to be safe. Here are a few tips you can use to select the best option. 

  • It is straightforward for young children to get their fingers caught in the door or sides of a box. To prevent such accidents, purchase a toy chest without a lid, one with a detachable lid, or one with a lid that does not automatically close.¬†
  • When selecting a toy box with a hinged lid, ensure that it has support to keep the lid open when in use.¬†
  • The edges of the toy chest’s frame should be rounded. If not, add padding to it to keep your child safe when playing.¬†
  • There should be a space or opening between the lid and the box’s edge for air ventilation. This prevents any untoward occurrences, even if children use the box for play as a hiding place. Choosing a chest with a lid that does not have a latch to close it is preferable.¬†
  • Look for a lead-free toy chest, as prolonged exposure to lead can cause health issues.¬†

What Should I Look for in a Toy Box? 

With so many options available, you may be wondering how to choose the best toy box for you. There are, however, several crucial factors to consider. If you are in the market for a toy box, there are a few fundamentals you will want to consider. Please look at the list we have compiled below to determine exactly what you should keep in mind when searching for the ideal toy chest. 


Currently, available toy boxes and toy chests vary in size. Before making a purchase, you should check the dimensions to ensure that the toy box you select will fit in the available space. 


Typically, toy chests are made from wood or plastic. There is not a significant difference between them that will affect their functionality, so this is merely a matter of preference. 


Depending on the number of toys your child has, or if you intend to use the toy chest for multiple children, you will need something with sufficient storage space. Again, this will require measuring the dimensions. 

Ease of use 

No one desires a toy chest with a heavy lid or unsafe hinges. One of the purposes of a toy box is to encourage your child’s independence. It must be simple enough for them to use on their own to remove and clean up their toys safely.¬†


Any item you purchase for your children must be safe enough to use. All the toy chests on this list include safety features to protect your child from harm. 


Toy boxes may be available in bright, vibrant hues that appeal to younger children and are appropriate for bedrooms or playrooms. Still, this color scheme is unlikely to complement the aesthetic of the living room, den, or the rest of the home. If the objective is to store toys wholly and safely out of sight of guests, benches that resemble traditional furniture are an excellent choice. 

Shelves can also complement the overall aesthetic of a room, although the toys, books, and figurines on the shelf may stand out if they are not stored in smaller toy boxes. Large toy chests work well in bedrooms and playrooms where their size is not out of place. Drawers can be used in any room if the piece of furniture they are attached to is also suitable for any room in the house. 


If you are not comfortable using power tools or anything other than a screwdriver, you do not want a chest that requires significant effort to assemble. 

Toy size 

You will not choose a small storage bin if your children have many large toys, just as you would not choose a large chest for Lego pieces and miniature race cars. 

Once you have determined these fundamentals, you will be able to decide on the best toy storage box for your needs. 

Here is how I chose the best toy box: 

To determine the best, I analyzed reviews and comments from parents like yourself. You will notice that this list of toy boxes only includes the highest-rated and highest-quality products. I also compared the price to the features to ensure that they are worth your money. Few parents have an unlimited budget. 

You will want something that is durable and can withstand the antics of active children. I also included my own experience, as I have children who have a lot of belongings. I will discuss which one we had and why I enjoyed it because it plays a significant role in maintaining the family room’s appearance.¬†

1. Best Overall – Delta Children Deluxe 9-Bin Toy Storage Organizer

Delta Children Deluxe 9-Bin Toy Storage Organizer – Greenguard Gold Certified, Natural/Primary

The first thing you will notice about this product is called a toy organizer and not a toy box. Even though it can technically be referred to as a toy box or toy chest, it is designed for another essential purpose. You may have guessed from the name that this is intended for an organization. An outstanding feature of this toy box is that your child will be able to organize their toys as they see fit. Learn why the Delta Children Deluxe 9-bin toy box tops my list by continuing to read. 

If you have or have had young children, you recall what happens when they cannot locate their favorite action figure or stuffed animal. A toy storage organizer such as this one would help alleviate the feeling of doom that children at that age experience. The toy bins are lightweight and removable as needed, allowing your child to find exactly what they are looking for on their own. 

Toys come in various shapes and sizes, the fact that Delta Children acknowledges. Different-sized toy storage bins are ideal for storing everything from tiny cars to large stuffed animals and blocks. In addition, since they are open bins, it is simple to see what is inside each one, so they will never forget where each toy belongs. 

This toy box is remarkably like the one I purchased for my sons, shown below. This organizer can store so many toys that it is ideal for families with multiple children. This allows them to sort their toys and separate them from one another. If you have more than one child, you understand how they sometimes want only what is theirs. Toy bins that keep the toys organized and separated are handy for preventing arguments. 

This toy organizer is helpful in all circumstances. It does not take up a great deal of room but is still highly functional and simple for your toddler to use. In addition, assembly is simple. It takes almost no time to assemble, and each component is lightweight, making it easy to move. Additionally, it offers a variety of storage container sizes. It is ideal for all shapes and sizes of toys. 

2. Best Multipurpose – Plastic Toy Box & Art Lid

Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box & Art Lid | Plastic Toy & Art Storage Container, Mint

This toy chest is unlike any other that I will discuss in this guide. This storage bin serves a unique function in addition to serving as a bench, as do some of the other containers. In addition, Step2 is one of the most popular and well-known brands, so you know you can rely on their product. Let’s dive in and discuss the most compelling arguments for selecting this toy box.¬†

The lid incorporates an artboard. 

This is one of the most excellent features in any toy box. The box’s lid is detachable and can be used as an artboard. It includes a clip to secure your child’s artwork and a flat surface for drawing or coloring.¬†

There is never a reason to doubt the durability of this toy chest. Because it is durable plastic, you will never have to worry about dents or cracks. Your child will make extensive use of it. Parents appreciate not having to worry about their children’s safety. Your child is incapable of experiencing pinched fingers.¬†

This is one of the little toy chests on my list, but it still has ample space for toys. It is ideal for smaller areas or limited space in your home. It is also available in various color schemes, so there is something for every child. One of the best features of this toy box is its ability to be easily wiped clean when necessary, so you never have to worry about germs or bacteria. I believe we can all agree that few parents would not enjoy that. If your child wants art projects, then you should consider purchasing this. The art clip is an excellent benefit for displaying their favorite artwork. 

3. Best Wooden – Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy Chest

Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy Chest – Gray Furniture for Playroom

This Melissa & Doug toy chest is an excellent option if you’re looking for a wooden toy box. If you are familiar with this brand, you know that you are purchasing a superior quality product. In addition, it has a beautiful wood finish, allowing you to reuse it after your children have outgrown it. It would be an excellent addition to your interior design. ¬†

No one wants their fingers pinched. This wooden toy chest’s safety-hinged lid makes it simple to open and close. You won’t ever have to worry about the lid of this box snapping shut, as its durability is evident. It will remain open until manually closed, preventing injuries.¬†

Due to its design and safety, this box ultimately made it onto our list of the best wooden toy chests. It is always a pleasure to be able to buy something that will eventually serve another purpose or can last a long time. This Melissa & Doug wooden toy box exemplifies this perfectly. In addition, the toy box’s safety lid allows your children to open and close it independently and with ease.¬†

4. Best Classic Design – Hardwood Safety Hinge Barrel Top Toy Storage Chest

Hardwood Safety Hinge Barrel Top Toy Storage Chest

This toy box has a very traditional appearance, which is ideal if you want a chest that you can repurpose in the future or use as an accent piece. The Badger Basket completes my top ten because I had to include something both beautiful and practical. Plus, it looks like a treasure chest. If there is a young pirate in your life, use your imagination and purchase this item.  

This wooden toy chest was constructed to last. It is an excellent option for storing toys, blankets, and other items requiring a new home. It is crafted from solid wood and layered wood, so you can rest assured that you receive a high-quality item. If you are looking for a simple and durable wooden toy box, this may be for you. 

Usability is essential, but so is cleanliness. Messes occur; your child may have mysteriously sticky fingers, so, conveniently, this box is easy to clean. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent, and you’re all set. Just be sure to dry it afterward thoroughly.¬†

5. Humble Crew 16 Storage Bins

Humble Crew, White/Blue/Pink/Purple Extra-Large Toy Organizer, 16 Storage Bins

Playtime is more enjoyable when toys, books, and games can be quickly retrieved and promptly put away. The space-saving Humble Crew Super-Sized Toy Storage Organizer with 16 Storage Bins stores your children’s toys in clear, phthalate- and BPA-free plastic storage bins that are easy to see and access. It is ideal for organizing your child’s nursery, bedroom, playroom, closet, and even living room. ¬†

The possibilities are endless! The 12 standard and four large storage containers are easily removable, replaceable, and repositionable along the four-tiered shelves of the toy organizer for toddlers and preschoolers.  

It is an excellent alternative to a toy box for storage, helping to keep your child’s room clean and organized while teaching sorting and cognitive skills. Each level can support up to 20 pounds due to its sturdy frame made of engineered wood and steel rods. The hardware is included, and assembly is required.¬†

6. Little Tikes Play ‘N Store Toy Chest

Little Tikes Play 'N Store Toy Chest

A large, colorful toy chest with ample storage space! The Little Tikes Play, ‘n Store Toy Chest is an attractive addition to any playroom, bedroom, family room, or basement. The large toy chest is ideal for toys of any size, making cleanup enjoyable and straightforward. When children pick up their toys, they develop critical organizational skills.¬†

With only two components, this toy box requires minimal assembly. The lid is detachable and slides into a notched groove on the top. 

At a price point in the middle of the market and made in the United States, this brand and design have been praised by several customers. 

It is available in assorted colors and can be used inside or outside, despite not being waterproof. 

7. KidKraft Austin Wooden Toy Box

KidKraft Austin Wooden Toy Box/Bench with Safety Hinged Lid, White, Gift for Ages 3+

The KidKraft Austin toy box protects toys and other valuables. This toy box is a safe and practical addition to any playroom, boasting a classic and attractive design. Designed with children in mind, the unique safety hinge on the lid prevents accidental dropping, thereby protecting little fingers. This is a durable addition to any child’s bedroom due to its wood construction.¬†

8. Best Seller – Humble Crew 12 Plastic Bins

Humble Crew, Natural/Primary Kids' Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins

These saves space. The Tot Tutors Kids Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins stores an abundance of children’s toys in clear, accessible plastic bins. The eight standard and four large easy access storage containers are detachable, making it enjoyable for children to retrieve toys, books, and playtime games and simple to clean up. This alternative to traditional toy storage bins helps keep your child’s room tidy while teaching color recognition, sorting, and cognitive skills.¬†

This toy organizer has bins that are sized appropriately for toddlers and preschoolers. This piece of furniture is an excellent fit for homes of any size. This toy storage organizer is available in a variety of colors to complement your existing home furnishings and the table and chair sets and other toy storage organizers in Tot Tutors’ line of children’s furniture.¬†

9. Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box

Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box – Greenguard Gold Certified, Disney Minnie Mouse

Keep her room organized with Delta Children’s Minnie Deluxe Toy Box. It has rounded corners, smooth edges, a slow-closing lid for safety, vibrant graphics of your daughter’s favorite mouse, Minnie, and durable wood construction.¬†

It’s a great size, and the design is perfect, especially with the bed. The wooden pieces are laminated with a Minnie Mouse design. It is a very dense wood. My favorite feature is that it cannot close on your child’s fingers. ¬†

Even if the child pulls the lid down, there is a space designed to prevent injury. This purchase and beautiful addition to my daughter’s bedroom make me very happy!¬†

10. Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins

Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins, Grey SRT-06475 Grey

With this toy storage unit, you can teach your children the value of organization, which is a skill that can be learned at any age. Assign a home for items such as building blocks, toy cars, and fictitious insurance documents by separating them into 12 bins of varying sizes and hues.  

Each tote has a depth of five inches and can be easily wiped clean. For added security, it can be mounted to the wall. The eight small bins and four large bins lean slightly forward on each tier to facilitate visibility of contents, access to toys, and cleanup. 

FAQs About Toy Box For Kid

Before purchasing a new toy box, consider these frequently asked questions and their answers to determine which toy box is best for tiny homes, soft toy storage, and living rooms. 

Placing toys where they cannot be stepped on and broken or lost is the best way to protect your investment. 

Toy boxes and organizers can also be used to keep sets together. They also provide ventilation to prevent mold and other unpleasant growths on the toys. 

In addition, unlike a shelf, a toy box hides clutter from view. 

If a toy organizer meets all these criteria, it is a great buy, and the list above represents the best toy boxes on the market. 

A variety of space-saving toy organizers, such as ottomans, stackable storage bins, and vertical shelves on which books and even smaller toy boxes can be meticulously organized, can help store toys in a small home. 

Soft toys such as stuffed animals and plushies should be stored in open bins and large closed boxes and chests constructed of wood, plastic, or fabric, such as the Woffit Toy Storage Organizer Chest for Kids. 

Toys can be neatly concealed in a living room by using small baskets that fit under existing furniture or a toy storage bench or ottoman. 

Wooden toys can be stored in most indoor toy containers. 

Wet wood toys that lack proper ventilation are susceptible to mold and decay. Therefore, it is essential to allow wooden toys to dry completely before storing them. They can be stored in toy bins made of plastic, wood, or fabric and thrive with ample ventilation. 

If you want to preserve a wooden toy, you can wrap it in soft cotton and store it in any dry location. 


Toy chests should be secure and appealing to your child. Your child is taught the importance of organization at an early age. The preceding list includes some of the parents’ most popular and well-received online toy chests. I hope this helps you choose the best one for your child.¬†

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