How to Complete RV Kitchen Accessories (And 10 Most Important)

Feel at home aboard a motorhome, also called an RV or a recreational vehicle, which makes our road trips even more pleasurable. It is as if we’re aboard a moving home because it gives us the same convenience and comfort that we get from our homes. An RV, however, should be equipped with the right RV kitchen accessories, which are what we’re going to discuss in today’s post.

Many motorhome kitchens are smaller, obviously. This is the same exact reason we need to find appliances and accessories that will fit it. And because the RV’s kitchen has a limited space, we should get only the most essential appliances to avoid overcrowding our recreational vehicle.

Discover what accessories not to miss when setting up a motorhome’s kitchen for the convenience and comfort of your family. From cooking to baking and preparing smoothies, let us find out what appliances you need for a motorhome.

Essential RV Kitchen Accessories You Shouldn’t Miss

#1 Make an Aromatic and Rich Coffee with a Good Coffeemaker

When setting up an RV kitchen, this appliance is one of the most important, especially if you love coffee but don’t want to buy from the coffee shop because you want to blend it yourself. Additionally, it lets us save money in the process, aside from saving our effort and time in going to and from the coffeehouse when we’re on the road.

#2 Prepare Easy and Simple Meals with Cookware for RV

Even when on a road trip, we don’t want to feed our families with just about anything to buy in a highway restaurant or fast food chain. We still have to keep up with a healthy diet and make nutritious food choices. With copper cookware, we can fry, steam, boil and sauté while away from home, and cook healthy meals, such as stir-fried shrimp for our kids.

# 3 You Can Grill to Perfection Using a Pellet Smoker

If you don’t want to miss on BBQs even on a road trip or aboard a motorhome, a portable and lightweight pellet griller can help. You can depend on this appliance for perfectly grilled and smoked meats even when we’re away from home.

#4 Protect Your RV Kitchen Appliances with a Surge Protector

Having an RV, you should also be able to protect the appliances and gadgets you have from power surges to prevent their damage. An RV surge protector can protect your appliances by detecting excess voltage and diverting extra power to the grounding wire. In that case, you should also see to it that you have this surge-protecting device in our motorhome before setting up kitchen accessories and appliances for it.

#5 Warm and Cook Meals or Bake Goodies with a Portable Oven

Do you kids love cookies with peanuts? Well, you can make them indulge in your baked goodies with a trusty portable oven that lets you prepare and make cakes, cookies and biscuits while on an RV. You can select one with a portable size and multiple functions to meet your cooking and baking needs.

#6 Make Great-Tasting Shakes and Smoothies with a Battery Operated Blender

Take this portable and rechargeable appliance with you and turn a hot day into a cool one with creamy and delicious blended drinks that everyone aboard will surely enjoy. Before going on a trip, prepare the ingredients ahead, and some to consider include bananas, apples, strawberries and other favorite fruits and vegetables. A good blender for RV can also make soups, dips, salsas and whipped creams. Thus, it can also make you feel as if you’re home enjoying your favorite foods.

#7 Keep an RV Kitchen Clean with a Lidded Trash Can

Making food preparation safe should be a priority. When equipping your RV with kitchen accessories, don’t skip an enclosed trash can to prevent spread of bacteria and contamination that might affect your family’s health. So before going on a road trip, see to it that your motorhome kitchen is equipped with this essential accessory.

#8 Don’t Skip the Convection Microwave Oven

This appliance is quickly becoming a staple for RVs because it can make our lives aboard the vehicle easier. It can also do a wide range of food preparation tasks, just like a portable oven. It can do baking, broiling and warming foods, to name some. You should not forget this valuable kitchen accessory if you want a satisfying cooking in your RV kitchen. When buying one, see to it that you measure the space you have in your RV kitchen to ensure that the appliance will fit perfectly without it bumping to cabinets.

#9 Don’t Forget the Stovetop

Cooking recipes, such as that for gravy, with your cookware won’t be completed if you don’t have a stovetop. When setting up an RV kitchen, therefore, find a small but functional stove to help you prepare your favorite dishes even when not at home. Having one is one of the most essential to remember when building a motorhome kitchen. When shopping around for one, again, measure its dimensions to ensure it will fit allotted space in your RV kitchen.

#10 Feel at Home with Kitchen Utensils

Eating aboard a motorhome won’t be satisfying if you forgot bringing some utensils, including spoon, fork and knives. So when setting up an RV kitchen, see to it that you don’t forget these utensils. For example, you may want to have a sushi knife if your family loves sushi and sashimi, and other types of knives, such as that for paring, chopping, slicing, julienning, and deboning meats.

Wrapping Up

If you want a comfortable and pleasurable life aboard the motorhome, you should not forget the appliances and accessories that we’ve mentioned here. Shop around for those that can fit your RV’s limited space, so look for the right size through measuring the allotted space for each gadget. Also, consider your budget and know how much you’re willing to spend, as well as look for those with the features and functions you’re expecting the gadgets to have. Finally, make a checklist of the RV kitchen accessories listed above for a quick reference today!

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