The Best Cat Toys For Kids – Fun Ideas Your Children Will Love

If you have a cat-obsessed child in your home, as I do, you know how devoted these youngsters can be to their furry feline companions. 

I have spent many years comparing the best and worst cat toys, games, and crafts for children. I have a head start in selecting the best cat toys for children. I will share the information I’ve carefully gathered to save you the time and effort of sifting through the countless options. 

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What benefits do your children gain from playing with toy animals? 

Since they were infants, toy animals have benefited children. Babies explore different textures by gnawing or sucking on toy animals. These toys continue to be effective learning tools as your child grows. 

Toy animals allow toddlers who are developing and expressing emotions to practice these emotions. In addition, they begin to learn animal names such as cat, dog, and mouse. Toy animals can also be cuddly bedtime companions. 

Children can continue to benefit from having stuffed animals as they age, particularly when learning how to care for a natural pet. They can also begin learning about the habitats and classifications of animals. This video examines in-depth the numerous advantages of stuffed animals. 

How To Choose The Best Cat Toys For Kids 

Before I get to the recommendations, I’ll share my selection criteria for the best cat toys for children. 

Child’s Age 

It is best to choose toys that correspond to your child’s age and abilities. Purchasing an item for an older age group could pose a safety risk. And buying a toy that is too infantile for an older child may result in disappointment and unused merchandise. 


Consider purchasing items that complement your child’s other interests. Find a painting or sewing project with a cat theme if your child enjoys arts and crafts. Consider a robotic or mechanical cat toy for those interested in electronics. 


As parents, we understand the importance of purchasing durable toys. Broken toys waste money and make children unhappy. We only endorse toys that can withstand the rigors of real children and real play. 


In the United States, toys for children under the age of three are tested to determine if they pose a choking hazard or if any part of the toy could pose a choking hazard if it broke. In addition, they are randomly tested for lead and other toxins. 

Therefore, it is essential to purchasing only toys manufactured or imported into the United States by reputable companies. Thus, you will have greater peace of mind. 

Extra Features 

Toys in sturdy boxes or other containers for easy toy storage are highly favored. We also look for toys that serve multiple purposes or have additional fun features to keep children engaged for longer. 


It is essential to maximize the value of a dollar. We seek to locate toys that offer value at various price points. 

Top 10 Best Cat Toys For Kids: Keep Your Child And Pet entertained 

1. Best Interactive Cat Toy for Kids – Hasbro Joy For All Cat 

JOY FOR ALL – Orange Tabby Cat – Interactive Companion Pets – Realistic & Lifelike

The Joy for All Companion pet cat is a gift of interactive companionship. Our companion kitten can enrich the lives of senior citizens by allowing them to relive some of the joys of pet ownership without the responsibilities. These cats appear, feel, and sound identical to the real thing.  

The companion pet cats respond to petting and motion thanks to built-in sensor technology, much like the cats you know and love. This reciprocal interaction contributes to creating a personally enriching experience that can bring laughter, joy, and friendship to an older adult in your life. We highly recommend this cat as a companion to anyone. It will bring you both happiness! 

2. Best STEM Cat Toy for Kids – Screen-Free Early Coding Toy For Kids 

Learning Resources Coding Critters Scamper & Sneaker – 22 Pieces, Ages 4+ Educational Learning Games, Screen-Free Early Coding Toy For Kids, Interactive STEM Coding Pet

The Coding creatures are your first coding companions! Kids code along with their new pets’ storybook adventure and help the curious scamper and sneaky sneaker enjoy an unforgettable playtime. Each storybook coding challenge unfolds in the Coding critters’ Fun pet playset.  

Can you code scamper to play hide-and-seek, catch the butterfly at the end of her cat toy, or catch a sneaker after a ride down the slide? In addition to completing the coding challenges in the storybook, you can use the pet playset to create your code games and more!  

The Coding creatures are also adorable, interactive pets – Press scamper’s nose to activate play mode, where you can feed and care for your new robot kitten friend! You can even force her to dance and sing an absurd song. 

3. Best Cat Craft Set For Kids – Fuzzikins Cozy Cats 

Fuzzikins Cozy Cats — Craft and Play Set — Ages 4+

This set from Fuzzikins provides ample opportunity for an art activity and three playable cat figures. The box contains three cats, each with a sleeping bag, eye mask, three markers, and a sheet of stickers. 

Create cats with customized fur colors and patterns by coloring the Fuzzikins. Then, remove the stains and begin again as many times as possible. 

If your child is not in the mood to color, they can play with the cat figurines or put them to sleep in the sleeping bags. 

4. Best Cat Jigsaw For Kids – EuroGraphics Funny Cats 

EuroGraphics Funny Cats by Lucia Heffernan 1000-Piece Puzzle

This puzzle resembles 12 smaller puzzles combined into one. Each of the twelve rectangles in the painting depicts a cat. The cats are attired in various eccentric outfits, and each is displayed on a unique background. 

This makes the puzzle challenging, but not so difficult that you want to sweep it off the table.This puzzle has a finished size of 19.25 by 26.5 inches, so you will need a table large enough to accommodate it. 

5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl-After Cat On a Vac 

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl-After Cat On a Vac

Time for clean-up! The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl-After Cat on a Vac allows your infant to “clean,” count and crawl. Press down on the cat’s head to send it zooming forward on the pretend vacuum while lights, sounds, and super-fun music encourage your infant to crawl or walk after their silly feline companion.  

This adorable musical toy is the ideal companion for your crawling baby’s playtime! Where development plays a role in Early Education: Your infant is introduced to counting, friendship, and daily routines through songs and phrases.  

Gross Motor Skills: Exciting music, lights, sounds, and words encourage your infant to crawl or walk after their feline companion. Babies are introduced to the concept of cause and effect as they figure out how to make the cat on the vacuum move forward by pressing down on its head. 

6. FurReal Poopalots Big Wags Interactive Pet Toy 

FurReal Poopalots Big Wags Interactive Pet Toy, Connectible Leash System, Ages 4 and Up

FurReal Poopalots pets feature a connectable system that enables children to walk a single pet or their preferred pack! This pooping cat comes with a detachable leash and a connector for attaching up to two additional Poopalots Lil’ Wags pets (sold separately). Pull on her leash, and she will move forward. If you want her to poop, give her the included play treats first. So, who’s up for a pleasant stroll? 

7. Schleich Farm World Cats Animal Toys Set 

Schleich Farm World 9-piece Playtime for Cute Cats Animal Toys Set for Kids Ages 3-8

Dr. Sandra Stone, an expert on open-ended play, has endorsed the Schleich line of figures as providing the creative play opportunities essential to a child’s development. 

This adorable playset features one adult cat, two kittens, a cat tree, a cat bed, a feeding bowl, and a twine ball. 

Your child can feed their cats, let them play on the cat tree, and hide in the tree’s base shelter. 

8. Educational Insights Hot Dots Jr. Pete The Cat 

Educational Insights Hot Dots Jr. Pete The Cat – I Love Kindergarten Set with Interactive Pen Included, 200+ Multi-Subject Activities, Homeschool & Kindergarten Readiness Learning Workbooks, Ages 5+

With the addition of an interactive pen, the classic learning workbook becomes a modern learning toy for toddlers. This is a comprehensive resource with over 200 activities covering reading, math, science, and social studies. 

The pen requires two separate triple-A batteries, which must be purchased separately. 

9. MerryMakers Pete the Cat Plush Doll 

MerryMakers Pete the Cat Plush Doll, 14.5-Inch , Blue

Pete the Cat’s vibrant colors, optimistic outlook, and laid-back demeanor have made him a favorite among children, teachers, parents, and grandparents. The Pete the Cat doll is the ideal companion for any fan of Pete the Cat. 

The success of Pete the Cat is driven by educators and librarians who use the Pete the Cat doll to connect with young readers. Parents and grandparents can similarly use the beauty to captivate children with a story at home. And children will play with the lively and entertaining Pete the Cat doll all day. 

10. Click N’ Play Toy Kitten for Kids 

Click N’ Play Toy Kitten for Kids, 8 Piece Play Cat Set, Cat Toy for Girls 2-6 Years Old, Includes a Toy Cat Bed and Carrier

Adopt this adorable kitten as a pet for your doll. This set includes everything you need to keep your kitten entertained and comfortable. Your beauty can also bring her kitten with her wherever she goes in the adorable, air-conditioned carrier.  

She can hold her kitten active while chasing mice and being brushed. Your doll can prepare and serve the kitten a nutritious meal in the dog bowl at dinnertime. Then, when it is time for the kitten to sleep, he can cuddle with his blanket in his soft, cushioned bed. 


A child who enjoys cats can quickly be inundated with essential, cuddly stuffed animals. There is a place for these, but it’s also fun to have cat-themed toys that add a little variety to the day’s play. 

Our list of the best cat toys for children is curated to appeal to feline lovers of all ages and interests. Even some adult cat lovers may find something of interest on this list. 

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