Black Friday Winter Boots for Women Deals

If you’re trying to raise your new-season footwear game, Black Friday winter boots for women are the way to go, and the good news is that there’s never been a better opportunity to invest in the right pair, thanks to an abundance of offers this Cyber Week. 

We’ve chosen the most satisfactory sales, prices, and styles for you! This season’s collection has something for every style and budget, from the best knee-high boots to statement ankle boots. If boots are not on your shopping list, fear not; we’ve picked up the most incredible Black Friday clothes offers for you as well, including Black Friday designer deals and Black Friday Zara deals. 

Black Friday Winter Boots for women – Comparison Charts 

How to select the best women’s snow boots 

When shopping for the warmest winter boots to keep your feet warm, there are a few critical elements to consider: 


When shopping for winter-appropriate boots, the first thing to consider is the material. Shoes constructed from this resistant material must adhere to stringent waterproof performance criteria and tests to endure high temperatures and precipitation. 

The boot’s “upper” and “sole” fabrics will be specified. Because the upper portion of the shoe covers the top of the foot and ankle, you should look for water-resistant materials such as nylon and leather that have been treated with waterproofing. The sole’s primary function should keep you dry while still providing adequate traction. Soles with bumps and fissures offer more traction on slick ice and wet snow. 

  • Inner fabric: Insulation is critical for staying warm. Wool’s inherent temperature-regulating characteristics make it ideal for keeping you warm while remaining dry. Thinsulate is a synthetic textile that provides warmth while remaining lightweight, suitable for rainy weather. 
  • Boot height: While shorter boots usually are easier to walk and maneuver in, they may allow snow to enter if you’re traversing deep drifts. If you intend to trudge through the snow, you’ll want a taller boot that protects and warms your calves. 
  • Tongue: To keep out the weather, seek a gusseted tongue. “Gusseted” refers to the tongue being secured to the sides of the boot, preventing snow or rain from entering the shoe. 
  • Comfort: Winter boots should be comfortable rather than restrictive. Boots cannot take the foot shape with most synthetic materials like polyester. 
  • Waterproof: We recommend picking boots with non-wicking top materials in freezing temperatures. 

When is Black Friday scheduled to occur next? 

Black Friday is a tradition in the United States that occurs after Thanksgiving (like the equivalent of our Boxing Day sale). However, it has grown in popularity over the years in this country, with customers taking advantage of discounts to purchase early Christmas gifts. Black Friday 2022 will take place on Friday, November 27th. 

Which winter boots are the best? 

There are numerous boot styles to invest in this season, but ankle boots are always at the top of the list due to their universal appeal and ability to pair with anything. Track sole boots are incredibly in style for AW20 (as seen on the catwalks of Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueen, to mention a few) and are also extremely comfy. 

Other autumn styles to consider are lace-up boots, square-toed boots, and thigh-high boots, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Meanwhile, peruse a handful of our favorite picks below. 

Is there a Black Friday bargain at Sorel? 

Sorel is an excellent source for all your walking boot needs; I own a pair and attest to the quality. It provides 25% off everything on the site and daily specials such as 50% off a specific pair of boots. 

Will there be a Black Friday bargain on UGG boots? 

UGG hosts a Cyber Week sale each year featuring both classic and on-trend styles and slippers. Discounts vary by type, so it’s worth doing some research online. If you’re impatient, you can currently receive 10% off your first order by subscribing to the newsletter. 

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