Black Friday stand mixer deals

Starting today, people are getting up early in the morning to go shopping for Black Friday deals.

The most desirable item is a discounted stand mixer. If you’re going out to buy a stand mixer this Black Friday weekend, you can save yourself some money if you know when and where to look for the best promo codes and discounts.

This article will show you what brands have the best discounts and tell you where to get a great deal on a KitchenAid or Cuisinart brand stand mixer from Amazon.


What do I look for in a Black Friday stand mixer deal

The few weeks after Halloween and before Christmas are for discounts, deals, specials, and low prices. This time of year, many stores have sales to boost profits for the end of the year quarter or fiscal period.

The day when this is most noticeable is Friday after Thanksgiving in America (but becoming more common in other countries), which has been nicknamed Black Friday due to its association with retail ‘revenues’ going from red to black by increasing income.

Stores offer great deals on products in hopes that you will buy something impulsively, thinking it was a deal worth taking advantage of without doing research or comparison shopping. So what should one look for when trying to make a purchase decision?

We’ve noticed over the years that four key characteristics should be compared when deciding whether or not to buy a product (whether it’s for yourself or as a gift). These include price, warranty, features & functions, and customer reviews. Let’s look at each individually.


The first thing to consider is affordability. While purchasing something that is low priced may seem like you’re getting a good deal (and sometimes you are), remember, nothing is ever ‘free.’

You may want this particular item, but if your budget can’t afford it, what is good to think about buying it until the right time? If an item is on sale for 50% off, do you think it will still be on sale after Black Friday? What about an additional 10%? 15%? If not, is it worth waiting for the next time that item goes on sale (which may be before Christmas or even later)?

What if I can’t afford to wait?

A lot of people can’t afford to wait. They want it now, and they don’t care if the price is $15 higher than last week. Or maybe you like buying things impulsively.

There’s nothing wrong with this either, but at least try to find out the best discount price, so you know what you’re buying into. Don’t just pay a full retail price because that’s how much you’re ‘willing’ to pay without knowing any better. With the internet, you can compare prices before making a purchase decision.


Make sure that if something goes wrong with this ‘great deal,’ you’ll be taken care of. Look for what is covered by the warranty and how long it lasts.

Think about what will happen if something happens to your new mixer two years down the road (can you afford another one at a total price?). Will it still be under warranty, or do they no longer make parts for these mixers?

What does the website say? If they mention that only authorized service centers can fix it, this could be an issue depending on where you live. The servicing facility may not be around when (or close enough) that you want to send it in for repairs.

What are the features & functions?

Now that you have an idea of the price range, you can think about whether or not this item has everything you need. Maybe it looks nice, but does it have all of the required functionality to do what you want it to do?

Are there attachments? How many speeds are there? Is one speed too fast for what you’ll be using it for?
If there are multiple speed settings, how fine are they (for example, if it goes from 1-10 with 10 being fastest, will 2 be fast enough, or should I look for a lower number)

What kinds of attachments come with it (all mixers should come with beaters, but some offer more things like ‘cookie paddles,’ meat grinders, dough hooks, etc.).

Is Black Friday the best time to buy stand mixer?

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, has been a traditional holiday for shopping for much longer than people have been proclaiming it as such.

In recent years, this day has become one of the most popular days to go out and buy a new television or a laptop because many electronic stores offer discounts to their customers in order to get a jump start on a profitable season.

However, Black Friday is not just limited to electronics- plenty of apparel and toy stores have gotten into the Black Friday spirit by offering steep discounts on their merchandise.

While shoppers could certainly find some interesting deals during this time of year, they must also be aware that there are certain things which should not be purchased during this period because could actually end up costing them more than if they had just simply waited until December.

One of the most common items that is purchased during this time of year is a new stand mixer. These can range in price from $50 to well over $500, depending on what type and how many features you want your mixer to have.

There are generally two types which shoppers will run into when they go out looking for a mixer: hand mixers and stand mixers. Hand mixers are much more affordable ($30-40) and lightweight, making them easy to function with one hand, while standing mixers ($100-250) tend to be rather bulky but include several functions such as kneading dough or whipping cream.

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