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If you think that wood floors are fragile and challenging to take care of, you couldn’t be more wrong. A well-cared-for one can withstand the rigors of pets, children, spills, and dirt track-ins. Hardwood floors are a breeze to clean and maintain.  

Vacuuming regularly removes the fine, abrasive dust that can scratch the finish. This is the best method. Use products that clean and protect the finish to ensure it can withstand the abuse of your family dishes out. Even though cleaning wood floors is not difficult, finding the right product to suit your needs can make the process go more quickly and smoothly. 

We test hundreds of soaps, sprays, and stain removers each year in search of the best cleaning products, including wood floor cleaners. Cleaners are tested for their ability to remove a gelatin mixture that has been precisely painted onto hardwood planks and how quickly and thoroughly they remove scuff marks, ease of application, and drying time.  

The best cleaners are formulated specifically for use for complex, surface-finished, or polyurethane-treated floors. Ingredients in these cleaners break down dirt and grime without harming the coating or reducing the gloss. If you have a floor that has been waxed or has another brilliant finish, do not use any of the products listed here. The following are our top picks for the best vacuums for wood floors, as well as two such vacuums: 

Best Wood Floor Cleaner Black Friday Deals – Buying Guide 

If you are unsure whether a wood floor cleaner is suitable for your home, our buying guide below will provide you with all the information you need about these cleaning machines, as well as the liquid formulas that should be used with them. 


If you do not have a lot of storage space for cleaning products, you should avoid those that come in large bottles. Additionally, we recommend trying a product before purchasing a large bottle if it is not suitable for you. Most of the cleaners for wooden floors on our list are 500ml to 1 liter in size. 


Wooden floor cleaners are available in screw-top or spray bottles. While we believe that a screw-top bottle is preferable, especially if you have a spray mop, if you intend to use it to clean wooden furniture, a spray bottle is convenient. 


Certain wooden floor cleaners are not suitable for all types of wooden floors, so it is best to verify compatibility before purchase. 

How Should Hardwood Floors Be Cleaned And Shined? 

True, this is always a critical question. To begin, disregard everything you have heard about pure vinegar. Vinegar’s acidity can cause damage to the flooring, resulting in dullness.  

Of course, if vinegar is included in a professionally prepared formula, such as Parker & Bailey’s, this is acceptable. Additionally, you should avoid using excessively harsh detergents, as these can leave a sticky layer on your flooring, highlighting footprints and smudges. Our recommendations above should suffice. 

Before beginning the cleaning process, you will want to ensure that the floor is free of dirt and debris, for which a microfiber mop is always a clever idea. Vacuum cleaners should be kept in the cupboard as they can scratch hardwood.  

Once this is completed, you can proceed with the deep cleaning, a job for a product such as the Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Spray. After spraying the floor, begin cleaning with a mop or cloth, working with the grain of the wood, removing stains, and buffing the surface. Additionally, it is an innovative idea to dry your floor afterward, as this will help prevent any smearing. 

By this point, your floor should appear significantly shinier. However, if you want to go one step further, it may be worthwhile to consider applying a liquid hardwood scratch concealer.  

Alternatively, polishing may be a prudent course of action. All you need is a flat-head mop equipped with a microfiber pad and a wood floor polish such as this one from Weiman – available on Amazon. Are you attempting to repair unsealed flooring or a tung-oil finish? opt for a wax rather than a polish. 

How to Maintain Wooden Floors 

Despite what you have read, we do not recommend using vinegar to clean your wood floors. White vinegar can remove surface dirt; its acidic nature can eventually dull the surface.  

It’s best to avoid wearing your shoes in the house, vacuum regularly to remove abrasive dirt and dust (with a straight suction vacuum or with the rotating brush turned off to avoid scratching), clean up spills immediately, and trim your pet’ snails. 

Avoid over wetting the floor by using a light application of one of our recommended products and working in small 3-foot square sections. Before moving on to the next section, make sure the area you just cleaned is arid. Moisture left on wood for an extended period can cause damage.  

Clean in the direction of the wood planks for quick touch-ups. To remove dirt that has been trapped in the planks’ crevices, work your way along and across them. Depending on how much traffic passes through, only clean the floors when necessary. Doing so can do more harm than good, so there is no need to over-wash them. 

Best Wood Floor Cleaner Black Friday Deals - FAQs

While both steam mops and wood floor cleaners are capable of cleaning wood floors, their methods differ slightly. While steam mops use hot steam to remove dirt and grease, a wood floor cleaner uses rollers to lift dirt away while vacuuming and drying at the same time. 

This not only saves time but may also result in a more desirable outcome. The best wood floor cleaners feature dual water tanks, one for fresh water and another for suckling up wastewater. This ensures that only clean water is dispensed through the rollers, ensuring that you will never have to wash with contaminated water. They provide a more thorough clean than a standard steam mop when used in conjunction with a good antibacterial hard-floor cleaning solution. 

In general, wood floor cleaners are safe for all types of hard floors, including laminate, linoleum, and stone. However, it would be best if you never used a wood floor cleaner on an un-sealed hard floor, as moisture can seep into the gaps and cause damage. 

To achieve the best results, always use a cleaning solution with your wood floor cleaner. Floor cleaning liquids provide a variety of benefits, including the removal of grease and bacteria, as well as the enhancement of the appearance and smell of your floor. 

One thing to keep in mind. While some manufacturers recommend using only their own-brand formulas, you can use any liquid cleaner in your hard floor machine if it is labeled for use with wood floor cleaning machines. 

In high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, and conservatories, we recommend wiping down your floors with wood floor cleaner every few days to keep them clean and hygienic. For rooms that are not used frequently, thorough cleaning once every couple of weeks should suffice. Ultimately, however, it comes down to your personal preferences and your home’s unique requirements. 

The best wood floor cleaners are not inexpensive, typically costing between $100 and $300. At the lower end of the spectrum, you’ll receive only the most rudimentary amenities. Spend more money to get a larger tank and more features – many premium cleaners are “multi-surface” models, which means they can also be used to clean rugs and low-pile carpets. 

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