Best Weighted Blanket Black Friday Deals

When you need some stress relief, a few things bring quick relaxation, quite like a giant bear embrace from a friend or family member. What is the next best option?  

A blanket that is weighted. If you have not yet experienced the peaceful sensation of a weighted blanket, or if you have been waiting to find a more affordable alternative before purchasing one, we have some good news: Some of the greatest ones are on sale this Black Friday.  

We have simplified the decision process even further by categorizing the top-weighted blanket deals across various pricing points. 

While the holiday shopping season may feel far away, several of your favorite companies, including Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart, have already begun celebrating with loads of Cyber Monday offers this year. Therefore, if a weighted blanket has been on your list for some time, add one to your holiday shopping list this season. 

Weighted blankets are well-known for their ability to alleviate tension and promote relaxation. However, they offer a lot more benefits than your usual throw blanket. When looking for one this season, bear in mind that most manufacturers recommend buying one that is 7-12 percent of your body weight. Avoid selecting big blankets, as you want the blanket’s weight to be distributed equally. 

Discover which weighted blankets our favorite retailers are discounting this year. 

Weighted Blanket Black Friday – Sales Discount Offer 

Weighted blankets are exactly what they sound like—dense blankets, often the size of a throw but occasionally larger, that are filled with metal pellets or glass beads. They are available in various weights (from 5 to 40 pounds) and are designed to precisely apply the correct amount of pressure to the person resting beneath them; most brands recommend choosing one that is approximately 10% of your body weight. 

Customers note that the impact can significantly improve anxiety and sleep quality, and while clinical research on weighted blankets is currently limited, there are rising reports confirming their usefulness. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, individuals who used weighted blankets were more likely to maintain a regular sleep schedule and feel more energized during the day. Another study, published in August 2020 in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, discovered that weighted blankets helped chemotherapy patients cope with anxiety. 

While experts caution that weighted blankets should not be used in place of established therapies, they can be an excellent addition to your self-care toolkit when you are feeling overwhelmed (or could use a little extra R&R). “It can feel wonderful and luxurious—almost like a big hug—which may be beneficial for some people,” Jeneane Solz, Ph.D., a psychology instructor at Columbia University Medical Center, previously told Health. 

The ideal weighted blanket for you will vary according to various circumstances. If you are looking for a blanket to sleep beneath regularly, you may prefer one that comes with a machine-washable cover. If you are looking for a throw blanket to keep on the couch, a knitted design is excellent for afternoon naps and cozy movie nights. 

Fortunately, there are lots of weighted blankets on sale this holiday weekend, including options from Vellux, Casper, and Gravity Blankets, so you should have no trouble finding the ideal match at a price point that matches your budget. 

Black Friday offers on weighted blankets are here to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible. With Thanksgiving only a few days away, some companies offer significant discounts on weighted blankets. These Black Friday offers are an excellent way to save money and start shopping for the holidays early. 

Weighted blankets are intended to keep you warm while you recline on the couch. They frequently supply varying amounts of weight based on your body weight. Weighted blanket enthusiasts claim that the increased weight makes people feel calmer, reduces anxiety in bed, and alleviates insomnia. Weighted blankets are available from Casper to Saatva. 

Following a thorough search of the leading retailers, these are the most outstanding early Black Friday weighted blanket discounts we have discovered. Additionally, be sure to check out our coverage of Black Friday mattress bargains for discounts on beds, bedsheets, and more. 

Weighted Blanket Black Friday – Buying Guide 

When put on the body, a weighted blanket — typically between 10 and 20 pounds — produces a relaxing effect through deep contact pressure. Weighted blankets, sometimes known as “anxiety blankets” or “gravity blankets,” have several health benefits, including aiding in sleep, alleviating restless limb syndrome symptoms, decreasing nervous system activity, raising serotonin, and alleviating anxiety symptoms. 

Before purchasing a weighted blanket, several critical questions to ask yourself. Learn how to choose a weighted blanket for yourself or someone else by reading our instructions below. 


A weighted blanket, as the name implies, is all about heaviness. They are designed to provide just enough pressure on the body to calm the central nervous system, just like a hug might help you relax and promote more profound, more restful sleep. 

Generally, choose a weighted blanket that is 10% of your body weight. (A 150-pound person, for example, would want a 15-pound blanket.) The weight will certainly not be exactly 10%, but you want it to be near; whether you err on the light or heavy side is entirely up to you. If the garment is too light, you may not receive the desired advantages; if it is too heavy, you may experience constriction. 

For children weighing 50 pounds or more, weighted blankets weighing as little as five pounds are available. (Consult a physician before purchasing a weighted blanket for younger children.) Going a little heavier to allow children to grow into their blankets may be an excellent option, mainly if the blanket will be used for years. 


Most blankets are designed for a single user and are the size of a throw blanket. Some firms provide more oversized weighted blankets for couples who wish to sleep together but double-check the proportions before purchasing to ensure enough area is below for both of you. Individuals taller than typical may want to carefully check the measurements of blanket alternatives to ensure they are long enough. 

Type of filler 

Plastic, glass, or foam beads can fill weighted blankets. (Glass beads are now the most excellent choice for weighted blanket filler due to their endurance, but each blanket is unique.) While fillers are the most frequently used weighing, other weighted blankets, such as those from Bearaby, employ weighted weaves instead. 

The importance of selecting a blanket with a suitable filling cannot be overstated: Fillers of inferior quality may become crushed or clump together at one end of the blanket. Consider coverings with a sturdy filler material and weight-distribution techniques such as gridded stitching or clasps. The disadvantage of these more durable blankets is that they are typically more expensive, but they will last significantly longer. 


Weighted blankets with fillings typically come with a detachable duvet-style cover. These covers serve a variety of reasons, including simplified washing (the weighted blanket itself requires less washing than the outer cover), temperature regulation, and the ability to switch out duvet colors and materials without purchasing a new blanket. The cover can even be removed to allow for more excellent sleeping beneath the blanket in the summer. 

The traditional cover for a weighted blanket is soft microfiber; however, bamboo and specially designed cooling covers are also available. Anyone who gets hot at night should search for a cover made of a cooling or moisture-wicking material—weighted blankets may retain a lot of heat even when the covers are removed, and the last thing you want to do is spend money on a blanket you cannot sleep under. 

Price range 

The unexpectedly unaffordable prices may put off any well-intentioned purchaser for weighted blankets. Numerous high-quality alternatives, including some of our favorites, Reviv, Bearaby, and Gravity, sell for $250 or more daily. (The highly rated Quality weighted blankets retail for approximately $150, which is more reasonable.) There are more economical choices available, many of which cost less than $100, but make sure to scrutinize their materials if durability and endurance are a priority. 

When selecting a weighted blanket for a child, consider how long the child will use the blanket as they grow. If the period is concise, it may be worthwhile purchasing a budget blanket, as it will be less noticeable if the veil did not last year. 

Weighted Blanket Black Friday – FAQs

Weight should be approximately 10% of your body weight. Additionally, while it may be tempting to get the most oversized blanket available, a huge blanket is more likely to drape over your couch or bed. Due to the weights in this sort of blanket, an overhang can cause it to slide off while you sleep. 

Weighted blankets are safe for children over two if the weight is appropriate for their size. If your child has any risk factors for asthma, a weighted blanket may not be the best option. Consult your pediatrician before purchasing a weighted blanket for your child. 

Observe the manufacturer’s directions. Most weighted blankets are constructed with a cover and an inner blanket. While the cover is frequently machine washable, the interior is typically only suitable for a spot or dry cleaning. 

Weighted Blanket Black Friday – Conclusion

Utilizing a weighted blanket decreases self-reported stress, increases feelings of relaxation, improves sleep, and decreases time awake at night in individuals who struggle with sleep onset and maintenance. 

We knew it would take a lot to convince us that something was better than Simba orbit, but Mela’s eucalyptus weighted blanket narrowly pipped the rotation to the top spot. The silk cover sealed the deal for us, and we enjoy the way it feels on our skin in bed. It has never failed to lull us into a deep, pleasant slumber, and we adore how opulent it appears for the price. 

However, the orbit is still a strong contender, and we believe it is the most OK blanket for those with a more budget. We cannot suggest the Snoozzzy dinosaur weighted blanket enough for youngsters. It boasts a playful design and a comfortable soft fabric that can assist calm nervous, and excitable small children in need of a good night’s sleep. 

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