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A tumble dryer is a luxury, especially if you have a baby and must regularly wash and dry a large amount of clothing. You no longer must rush to remove your clothes from the line when it begins to rain, and your clothes are ready to be worn immediately rather than in a few days. When it comes to dryers, the market is flooded with options, so if you are uncertain about what to look for, please consult our buyer’s guide below.¬†

Tumble Dryer Buyers Guide 

We’d all like to see sunshine and lollipops outside our windows, but we can never be sure that the weather will be warm and dry enough to hang our laundry.¬†

Therein lies the role of the tumble dryer. The larger the drum, the more efficiently hot air flows through the machine, resulting in faster drying times. However, the drum size is not the only factor to consider; before purchasing a new machine, please read our buying guide. 


Like washing machines, each kilogram of a tumble dryer is roughly equivalent to a complete outfit consisting of pants, a shirt, underwear, and socks. The greater the capacity of the drum, the more you can dry. 

Large drums provide better airflow for the machine’s heat, and the more space your clothes must spin, the less likely they are to emerge wrinkled. A smooth, stainless-steel drum will also prevent your clothes from tangling during the spinning process.¬†

Before purchasing a new tumble dryer, it is prudent to consider the amount of laundry you will need to dry. Then buy a slightly larger drum dryer, increasing airflow and speeding up the drying process. 

Vented, Heat-Pump, or Condensed? Which Dryer Should You Buy? 

Vented Tumble Dryers 

The characteristic of a vented dryer is how it expels air after it has passed through the machine. It directs warm, moist air through a hose and out of a wall-mounted vent or an open window. 

Typically, vented dryers are less expensive than condensed dryers, but they must be placed close to an open window, or a vent must be installed in the home. 

The fact that you must either install a vent or allow a hose to dangle from a window will indicate whether this type of tumble dryer is suitable for you. For example, if you rent your home, you may not be able to install a vent by breaking through the wall. Equally, if you have high regard for your home, you might not like the idea of a house dangling from your window and emitting warm, moist air. 

Condenser Dryers 

These dryers do not require a hose protruding from a window or vent; instead, they collect the water that comes off your clothes in a container that must be periodically emptied. 

Due to the nature of condenser dryers, you are free to place them anywhere, so long as they are in a room with adequate ventilation. Some models permit you to drain excess water through the same plumbing as your washing machine. 

Heat Pump Dryers 

The newest tumble dryers on the market are heat pump dryers. You will save money on your utility bills overall due to their energy efficiency. 

Heat pump dryers utilize the warm air used to dry your clothes instead of releasing it outside or collecting it as water. The dryer’s exhaust air is passed through a heat pump and reused in the drying process, hence the name. The method allows it to retain a substantial amount of its heat and, as a result, consumes approximately 50 percent less energy.¬†

Energy Rating 

The simple equation regarding the energy rating of a tumble dryer is that the higher the rating, the less it will cost to operate the machine. 

Most heat pump dryers have an A+++ rating, making them the most energy-efficient tumble dryers available. They typically operate on all standard programs, but how the machine works means that drying times are not compromised. 

Each year, condenser models become more energy efficient, with some models achieving an A++ energy rating. 

Like washing machines, tumble dryers are tested to a series of standardized levels, with manufacturers responsible for classifying their devices. 

Dryers are more expensive than washing machines, but you can reduce your financial obligation without purchasing a heat pump dryer. Ensure that the device is not overloaded; the more you put it in, the longer it will take to dry. Additionally, you will benefit from spin-drying your laundry at the highest spin speed before loading it into the dryer. 

Sensor Drying 

Obtaining a tumble dryer with sensor drying is another way to reduce operating expenses. Sensor Drying machines detect when the clothes are dry and turn them off accordingly. This saves money by preventing the engine from running unnecessarily and reduces static and fiber shock by returning the clothes to room temperature with cooler air. 

Some dryers feature a cool air setting, which can air out clothes that have been stored for an extended period, causing them to smell musty and stale. 

Temperature Functions 

A temperature-adjustable function enables you to dry your clothes at the ideal temperature without damaging the fabric. You can also set the dryer to retain a specific amount of moisture, depending on whether you intend to iron, fold, or wear the garments immediately. 

Most dryers offer two temperature settings: one for cotton and another for synthetics. Some models will also have additional settings for drying delicate or woolen garments. However, if you wash your woolen sweater without this setting, you may discover that it is significantly smaller than you remember! 

Many modern tumble dryers include a reverse tumble function. This indicates that the drum is rotated in both directions with a brief pause between rotations. This causes your garments to be separated more efficiently, resulting in a quicker, more uniform drying process. 

If you dislike ironing, you should consider tumble dryers with a crease care function. If you cannot empty the washing machine, these machines will periodically tumble your clothes around the drum. This prevents the clothes from piling up and forming terrible creases as they dry. 

Washer Dryers 

You may consider purchasing a combined washer and dryer if you have limited space. If this interests you, please review our Washing Machine Buying Guide. We elaborate on the benefits of a washer and dryer after this guide. 

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