Everything You Need to Know about the Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

If you think that buying a rice cooker is simple, think again. You know exactly how difficult it is to choose the best stainless steel rice cooker. Good news for you, we have made a list of the top 3 rice cooker selections on the market. First, we need to look for some things to consider before purchasing the item.

      • Affordability
      • Design
      • Durability
      • Safety

    Rice cookers have evolved through the years. Now you can confidently search the market because you have a guideline to help you narrow down your shortlist. Let’s start with one of the most influential criterion in the list…

    In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

      Everything You Need to Know about the Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker


      Cutting edge rice cookers made from stainless steel materials are kitchen must-haves. However, these top of the line appliances also come with an expensive price tag. Check out our list to find a budget-friendly match:

          • 6-in-1 Cooking Pot (Secura). The most affordable in the price scale is this electric and completely programmable pressure cooker. The multi-functional cooking pot highlights a slew of some of the best designs in the contemporary rice cooking niche. However, it is reasonably priced, making it a great deal for a moderately priced appliance.
          • JAX-T Rice Cooker (Tiger). With a microcomputer design for its control system, this midrange rice cooker is truly worth every dollar. It has a 4-in-1 function that allows you to choose from the 10 computerized and one-click cooking menu settings. The competitive price and plethora of innovative rice cooking technology earned this unit numerous thumbs-up.
          • JNP-S Rice Cooker (Tiger). This high-end model is the most expensive in our brood of stainless steel rice cookers. You get loads of amazing designs and features that contribute to the overall performance of this kitchen appliance. It features the 12-hour keep warm feature plus the multiple ensembles for support.

        Our Top Choice for AFFORDABILITY: 6-in-1 Cooking Pot (Secura)


        When you see the design of the kitchen appliance you bought, you’ll know if it is high quality or otherwise. We look up close and personal at our top selection of rice cookers made from durable and tough stainless steel materials.

            • JNP-S Rice Cooker (Tiger). The 7.7 pounds rice cooker showcases the slick and polished unit with all its innovative and cutting edge design. The black and silver combination of the unit’s color makes it tougher to look at with a futuristic aesthetic. It comes with a rice measuring cup, spatula, and non-stick inner pan.
            • 6-in-1 Cooking Pot (Secura). The stylish and heavier 12 pounds cooking pot is a thing of beauty, giving it a great display quality anywhere in the room. It comes in a wide array of digitized designs such as the time and temperature control micro-computerized system. This rice cooker/cooking pot in one is dishwasher-safe and a great alternative appliance for food steaming, slow cooking, and pressure cooking. It also has a design for sautéing, browning, and even soup making.
            • JAX-T Rice Cooker (Tiger). The capsule-like design of this rice cooker model makes it a stylish and innovative piece of appliance. It highlights the micro-computer control which determines the warmness of the rice, along with its synchro-cooking feature. It comes with other freebies such as the 1.5mm inner pan, cookbook, and cooking plate.

          Our Top Choice for DESIGN: JNP-S Rice Cooker (Tiger)


          All the models in our selection are made from stainless steel material that’s why we can vouch for their durable and tough design. However, there are other amazing features that the unique rice cookers have, making them more resilient and versatile than ever.

              • JAX-T Rice Cooker (Tiger). The tough and durable rice cooking appliance is more than just that. In fact, it is also slow cooker and steamer, with a food warmer function. The model also boasts of its 1.5” inner pot thickness, making it a reliable appliance for all types of cooking and food preparation, even with frequent use.
              • JNP-S Rice Cooker (Tiger). The additional feature of this rice cooker from Tiger is the totally washable and removable steam vent. The low maintenance demand of the unit makes it easy to wash and clean, thus maintaining the quality of its construction.
              • 6-in-1 Cooking Pot (Secura). The 18/10 stainless steel rice cooker comes with a cool-touch handle and the tough and secure lid also made from quality stainless steel. You can choose optional accessories to add to the versatility of this model particularly the steam rack and steam basket made from stainless steel as well as the non-stick pot.

            Our Top Choice for DURABILITY: JAX-T Rice Cooker (Tiger)


            All rice cookers must be first and foremost safe to use, and this has been like an unspoken rule of thumb among consumers. The most commendable rice cooking appliance must have the best security measures for safe and hassle-free food preparation.

                • 6-in-1 Cooking Pot (Secura). There are various safety measures incorporated in this rice cooker including the convenient stainless steel lid that guarantees no burning. The lid racket along with the 24-hour delay timer keeps the food warm without even burning it. Other security measures include the dishwashing safety design, digital display time and temperature control and the optional accessories for worry-free cooking.
                • JNP-S Rice Cooker (Tiger). The urban satin rice cooker offers its safety features including the up to 12-hour food warming system, the inner non-stick pan, and the easy to remove and wash steam vent. It automatically clicks when in the keep warm mode and notifies you that your food is ready.
                • JAX-T Rice Cooker (Tiger). The key security features of this cutting edge rice cooker include the removable inner lid, BPA free certification, easy to clean steam cap, and fully digitized control. It monitors the cooking temperature and gives you the best results through an LCD control panel.

              Our Top Choice for SAFETY: JAX-T Rice Cooker (Tiger)

              So, what grabs the crown for the Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker?

              There is no absolute, single winner for the rice cooking appliance category. The best model for you may not necessarily be the best for others. Here are some of the questions you need to consider in making an informed and sound choice:

                  • How often do you use the rice cooker?
                  • Are you willing to shell out extra for your appliance?
                  • Do you need an entry-level or more advanced rice cooker?
                  • What else are you planning to cook and use the cooking pot for?

                Based on our outlined criteria and the pressing questions above, here are our verdicts:

                • Best for Low to Moderate Budget: 6-in-1 Cooking Pot (Secura)
                • Best for Frequent Use: JAX-T Rice Cooker (Tiger)
                • Best for Beginners: JAX-T Rice Cooker (Tiger)
                • Best for Versatile Use: JNP-S Rice Cooker (Tiger)

                The best stainless steel rice cooker will always have its advantages as well as limitations because there is no perfect kitchen appliance to begin with. Know your needs and preferences and choose the right model that caters to those requirements. You can also refer to other reviews about the latest Pizzelle maker, shaved ice machine, and food steamer.

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