Best Kid Picnic Table Reviews

It would great to give little children to gather with their friends and do creative activities together. Have you heard of kids picnic table? The tables that have special design attaching a table and benches create perfect space for the children to have fun time having meal or doing homework.  

You as a parent will be able to rest peacefully while witnessing how happy your kids are to have their own station. Those kids picnic tables are easy to use and suitable for many occasions. For example, you can assemble at home, garden, or classroom.  

Our Top Picks 


What to Consider When Selecting the Best Kid Picnic Table Reviews 

Whether looking for a table where toddlers can do outdoor arts and crafts or something that can accommodate school-aged children and their friends at a backyard birthday party, there are likely to be several factors to consider when selecting the ideal picnic table. 


Children enjoy picnic tables for eating and playing outdoors as soon as they can walk and climb. There are two categories of available models: those for toddlers and those for older children. 

Children between 18 months and 5 years will be most comfortable using a toddler-sized picnic table. Smaller dimensions, rounded edges, and attached benches make these tables the safest and most functional for children. 

Children between the ages of 5 and 8 can benefit from having an outdoor picnic table. These are available in various styles and materials, with attached or detachable benches. Always keeping safety in mind, the sizes for this age group are slightly larger than those for toddlers. 

Size and Seating 

Additionally, shoppers should consider how many children will use the table. The length and width of children’s picnic tables and benches vary. For a large family or a child with several neighborhood friends, a bench with seating for six or more children may be the best option. There are also appealing accommodations for two to four children. 

Material and Maintenance 

Most children’s picnic tables are made of plastic or wood. Plastic picnic tables are typically made from polypropylene (PP) or high-density polyethylene (HDP), which are non-toxic and easy to clean with a soapy sponge or cloth. In addition, some parents employ disinfectant wipes, mainly when picnic tables are used for eating. 

Wood is the conventional material for picnic tables and blends well with natural backyard settings and adult patio furniture. Like their plastic counterparts, wooden picnic tables can be cleaned with water and mild soap. Dust, pollen, and children’s messes can be removed from wooden and plastic tables, benches, and chairs using a garden hose. 


Spending time outdoors is essential to protect oneself from the sun; this is especially true for children. Adding an umbrella to picnic tables increases their utility by shielding children from heat and ultraviolet rays. 

These beach umbrellas for children are removable and collapsible for storage. There are holes in the center of the tabletops where umbrellas can be inserted. 


A child-sized picnic table is a practical addition to a camping setup for camping families. Some children’s picnic tables fold up, making them simple to transport on a camping trip, a trip to the park, or even a visit to grandma’s house. 

Alternatively, some children’s picnic tables are simple to disassemble, although they do not fold flat. The compact size of these dispersed units facilitates portability and storage. During the winter, they can be stored in a garage or shed and reassembled when the weather warms up. 

Top 10 Best Kid Picnic Table Reviews in 2022 

Installing a picnic table in the backyard is an excellent way to encourage outdoor activity. They are ideal for barbecues, block parties, dining al fresco with the family, and even working in the sunshine. If you have young children, you may want to add a children’s picnic table so they can play games, make crafts, color, and eat meals and snacks outdoors. 

When selecting a picnic table for children, safety and durability are essential considerations. Manufacturers provide a variety of appealing designs and materials to meet the needs of infants, older children, and everyone else. By reading on, you can discover the best kids picnic table for your family’s needs.

1. Kid’s All In One Convertible Picnic, Sand and Water Table

Svan Kid's All in One Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Picnic, Sand & Water Activity Table w/Removable Top (43 X 35 X 19 in) – Made of 100% Wood for Safe & Fun Play- Great Playbox for Boys and Girls

 From one glance, it is like a normal table with benches with small size for children. However, there is something special about this picnic table. There are two hidden compartments on the top. When you remove the wooden board, you can refill those blocks with sand and water. So, the kids can enjoy playing like they are at the beach. The total size of it is 43 inches by 35 inches by 19 inches.

2. Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella

Little Tikes Fold 'n Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella, Brown (632433M)

 Not four or five, these all-around brown kids picnic table has benches surrounded the table which enables more children to gather. To be specific, it can support maximum weight up to 200 lbs about 6 to 8 kids. Interestingly, it has a canopy to block hot sun and protect the kids from rain as well, though the umbrella is a bit narrow. This product is collapsible so you can change places frequently.

3. KidKraft Outdoor table and Chair Set with Cushions and Navy Stripes

KidKraft Outdoor Wooden Table & Bench Set with Cushions and Umbrella, Kids Backyard Furniture, Navy and White Stripe Fabric, Gift for Ages 3-8

 Although comes as a set, they are separated pieces. For instance, you can use only the table or only the benches. To add, the dual long chairs have padded cushion seat which attached by two elastic straps. You children will enjoy having their lunch or chit chatting there. In order to endure high protection from UV, the table has a middle hole where you can put the matching canopy.   

4. Lifetime 280094 Kid’s Picnic Table

Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic Table, Size 1, Almond

 For you can have more accessibility to move around, these kids picnic table is specially produced from durable polyethylene that can support at least four kids. The table and benches are attached together by heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame. Thus, you just need to lift this 21-pound construction at once and relocate it. To add, you can place it outdoor as the materials are weather resistance.

5. Step2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella

Step2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella

 You can get this set of kids picnic table for your little kids to play in the yard. Your child can invite friends over. Due to the plastic material, it weighs only 14 pounds so that you can transport it at ease. But it can handle weight up to 40 lbs per one lounge. In addition, there is a detachable square umbrella providing shade on sunny days so the children can sit down and enjoy their time.

6. Merry Garden Kids Wooden Picnic Bench

Merry Garden Kids Wooden Picnic Bench Outdoor Patio Dining Table, Natural

 These wooden kids picnic table is suitable to place both indoor and outdoor. With the total dimensions of 31 inches by 35 inches by 19.6 inches, it allows about 4 kids to settle down. Though it is a wooden table, it weighs less than 20 pounds. One adult can move it effortlessly. It has simple yet elegant design without additional features, nonetheless, it is sturdy and long lasting.   

7. Costzon Kids Picnic Table & Bench Set

Costzon Kids Picnic Table, Wooden Table & Bench Set w/Removable & Foldable Umbrella, Toddler Patio Set for Backyard, Garden, Lawn, Girls & Boys Gift, Kids Table and Chair Set for Outdoors (Natural)

 Perfect for outdoor thanks to the detachable big umbrella, this is mini picnic table made of durable wood that endurable to water. The table has a small hole to hold on the umbrella still. Furthermore, children will be protected from strong sunlight with the 51 inches shade area. Each bench is enough for two kids with its size of 35 inches in length by 6.5 inches in width.

8. Costzon Easy Store Large Picnic Table with Umbrella

Costzon Kids Picnic Table, Indoor & Outdoor Table and Bench with Removable Umbrella, Portable Picnic Table Bench Set for Toddlers, Great for Garden, Backyard, Patio (Red & Green)

 What makes these kids picnic tabled unique is its colorful attachments of blue, red, and green. Kids will be happy to spend their leisure time there. The main material of this product is strong and non-toxic plastic. Hence, it weighs less but can support limited capacity. For example, the product is 13 lbs, while the table and the chairs can handle weight over 100 lbs.

9. Teamson Kids – Wooden Outdoor Child Children Kids Picnic Table

Teamson Kids – Wooden Outdoor Child Children Kids Picnic Table & Chair Bench Set – Wood/Petrol

Bring playtime outside with the Teamson Kids Outdoor Picnic Table Set with Bench. This colorful picnic table set features a classic natural wood finish with a bright blue base for a colorful addition to your home’s outdoor area.  

This table provides a perfect surface for picnics, homework, crafts, and more so your children can have multiple outdoor playtime options. This fun table includes 2 built-in benches that provide plenty of seating for your little ones. Constructed from solid pine wood and finished in an eco-friendly and weather-resistant stain, this durable picnic table is built to provide your children with long-lasting entertainment.

10. Gardenised, Stained Wooden Kids Outdoor Picnic Table

Gardenised, Stained Wooden Kids Outdoor Picnic Table for Garden and Backyard

A beautiful and timeless design that let the kids enjoy the company of their friends and siblings in style. This Kids Picnic Table is perfect for snack time, coloring, or even arts and crafts. The simple and elegant design complements any outdoor seating area. The lightweight table can also be used indoors in a kid’s playroom. 

This Wooden Kids Outdoor Picnic Table features a middle table that can be used for eating, crafting, or simply playing with toys. Includes 2 built-in benches that provide plenty of seating for your little ones. Use as an outdoor dining table for kids, patio dining table, kids picnic table, and activity table. This kid’s picnic table is sized for preschoolers and is roomy enough to seat 4 children. 

Made of solid wood composition, this Wooden Kids Outdoor Picnic Table with a Bench is Easy to assemble and maintain. Plus, when it comes to basic outdoor furnishing, this picnic table is what every kid calls for to play, relax or dine in warm outdoor weather. 

How We Chose the Best Kids Picnic Tables 

We conducted extensive research to determine the best children’s picnic tables. We began by reading articles describing children’s picnic tables’ desirable characteristics and providing specific recommendations. We took note of products that stand out for their superior quality. Next, we read the product descriptions of over thirty children’s picnic tables to identify the most desirable characteristics. More than a dozen manufacturers and retailers sell these products on the market. 

During our product research, safety was our top priority. We searched for child-friendly materials and designs, such as rounded tables and bench edges. Next, we looked for models resistant to heavy wear and tear. We also looked for children’s picnic tables that are simple for adults to assemble and disassemble. Included among the desirable features are umbrellas for shade and units designed to fold flat for storage or transport. 

Best Kid Picnic Table Reviews - FAQs

The best outdoor picnic tables allow children to play, eat meals or snacks, do homework, make crafts, and more for hours of entertainment. In addition, they encourage children to spend time outdoors, gaining exposure to nature and fresh air. Buyers of children’s picnic tables frequently pose the following questions. 

Yes. Young children should not attempt to sit on adult-sized picnic benches because they are prone to falling. Children’s picnic tables typically include safety features such as rounded edges and benches or seats with nonslip feet. In addition, young children cannot reach adult picnic tables for eating and other activities. 

Some models require simple assembly tools. Others have components that snap together for tool-free assembly. 

A foldable, lightweight children’s picnic table that is easy to transport and store is an ideal camping accessory. 

Picnic tables made of wood may be painted or stained. Apply a sealant to them to create a waterproof surface. 

When the picnic table is not in use, it is advisable to cover it with a waterproof tarp. However, many children’s picnic tables are made of weather-resistant and waterproof materials. Therefore, they will remain undamaged during rainstorms. 

Our Verdict

The Lifetime children’s picnic table is our top pick for durability, adaptability, and long-term use. The Costzon children’s picnic table offers excellent value at a budget-friendly price for parents with young children who wish to save a few dollars. 

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