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Are you looking for the best home theater speakers Black Friday deals? You have come to the right place! We have gathered all the best deals on home theatre speakers so you can find the perfect set for your needs.

Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option or want to splurge on top-of-the-line speakers, we have something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our roundup of the best home theater speakers Black Friday deals and start shopping! 

Best Home Theater Speakers Black Friday Deals – Sales Discount Offer

What is Home Theater Speakers? 

Home theater speakers are used to create a surround sound. The surround sound that the home theater system provides an immerse movie-like experience, which can be hard to replicate in a standard stereo or TV without home theater speakers. 

The main speakers of the home theater are called front channel speakers. They create most of the sound you hear during a movie. They are usually bigger than other speakers because they must house larger components, including woofers. 

Surround channels are responsible for creating ambient sounds in the room when you watch movies. Their smaller size makes them ideal for placing on walls around your TV or listening spot in the room. 

Subwoofers are responsible for producing low bass sounds in the room when you watch movies. The speakers produce the sound at a very low frequency, which can feel like it is coming from everywhere in the room when done right. This creates an immersive experience that is hard to replicate with just two front channel speakers. 

Behind speakers are used to create the feeling of sounds coming from behind you. This is something that can be difficult to do with two front channel speakers alone. Behind speakers are usually much smaller than front channel speakers, and some models even come with a wall mount for installation on walls. 

Soundbars are becoming popular alternatives to traditional home theater speaker systems. They are used to producing surround sound when watching movies, but they do it from a single box. This keeps things simple and takes up less space than more traditional speakers. 

What are the benefits of using Home Theater Speakers? 

It is important to note that there is no set “best” brand or model of speakers. Although people tend to have preferences, it comes down to personal preference. That said, here are some general benefits of home theater speakers: 

The 5 Most Important Benefits of Using Home Theater Speakers 

1.    They make watching movies and playing video games more immersive. Having a nice set of surround sound speakers can really add to the experience, especially when you have multiple people in various parts of the room watching or playing together. 

2.     Home theater speakers enable you to hear any special effects that may be hard to detect with TV speakers alone. 

3.     The sound is more balanced, which makes it easier to hear the dialogue. This is especially important for people who may have trouble understanding what is being said on TV or in movies. 

4.    You can customize them however you want. For example, you could connect your CD player to your surround sound speaker system to play music. 

5.    They deliver a fuller range of sound that enhances the listening experience. This is especially helpful for music lovers who love to listen to songs on their home theater systems instead of their portable devices. 

7 Types of Home Theater Systems 

First, in today’s article we will be talking about the different types of home theater systems that you can purchase. 

Second, we will provide a little background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: 

Home theaters vary with how many speakers and what kind they contain. 

  • A “5.1” (meaning 5 speakers, 1 subwoofer) surround sound home theater has the most common setup. 
  • A “7.1” (meaning 7 speakers, 1 subwoofer), while rarer, is gaining in popularity especially with the growth of Blu-ray content. 
  • An even more advanced configuration is a 9.2 system which consists of two additional side/back surround speakers. 
  • “2.0” or “2.1” systems are like a 5.1 system but without the dedicated subwoofer speaker which provides for lower powered audio options using one of your existing speakers instead of wiring in another specific subwoofer unit. 
  • A “7.2” system is a 7.1 system with 2 additional surround back speakers; however, they can easily be confused and in most cases will not match up correctly to your surround sound receiver’s capabilities causing the added back speakers to generate “mirror” or “phase reversed” audio which is undesirable for most home theater applications. 
  • A “9.2” system is a 7.1 system with 2 additional side surround speakers; however again they can be easily confused and will not correctly match up to your receiver’s capabilities causing the added back speakers to generate “mirror” or “phase reversed” audio which is undesirable for most home theater applications. 

Beyond these basic 5, 7, 9, or 11 speaker systems, some manufacturers have begun to release more complicated configurations such as “13.2” and “15.2” where each pair of numbers represents a separate channel being generated from a single speaker location which typically means a surround back + left/right combination, a center + left/right combination, or sometimes even a dedicated subwoofer. 

While these are not for everyone, if you are looking into a home theater system and want to get the most “bang” for your buck out of any additional channels then consider this option. 

There are also other systems such as DTS:X which is like Dolby Atmos but currently only available in expensive commercial applications and Barco’s Auro 3D which currently is available in select theaters but there are no plans to release the technology for home theater. 

Factors to consider when buying Home Theater Speakers 

The speakers you pick will determine how good your surround sound system is. 

Your surround sound system’s components should be carefully selected to deliver the best possible performance for your unique needs and budget.  

There are several aspects to consider when looking for a home theater speaker set, but there is no such thing as one perfect choice. There are more speaker options than ever before, and each set has its own characteristics. The speakers you pick will determine how good your surround sound system is. 

How much do I have to spend?  

This may be the most important question when buying home theater speakers. As with anything, you get what you pay for, but more importantly, each price range has speakers that are specifically designed for that price range. 

On the lower end, you will find mostly satellite speaker systems with poor sound quality and small woofers (the loudest part of the speaker). As you move up in price, you get more mid-range speakers with decent sound but without high-end components like tweeters (high-end audio speakers to improve the high range of sounds). At the upper price tier, you get to choose from actual surround sound systems with multiple speakers totaling seven or more. 

What are my other home theater components?  

Ideally your surrounding sound should complement your other equipment. Look for speakers that are compatible with your receiver or amplifier. For example, 

 if your receiver or amplifier is Dolby Digital enabled, then all the speakers must be also Dolby Digital-compatible. Also look for speakers that are Energy Star qualified, as this saves you money on electricity costs. 

What room size do I have?  

The next step in buying home theater speakers is figuring out how much space you must work with. Surround sound speakers are recommended to be placed above or below the TV, and they should be at least 36 inches from the wall. 

However, if your room is larger than 16 by 20 feet (225 square feet) you’ll need multiple sets of surround sound speakers; otherwise, the bass will not be as strong as it would be if you had a larger room. 

How many surround sound speakers do I need?  

Just as there are different price ranges, there are also different numbers of speakers to go with these ranges. Again, it is recommended that the surround sound system has more than one set of speakers so each can produce full-range frequencies. 

For example, there should be at least one set of smaller speakers (called satellite speakers) for the back and two sets of larger speakers (a center channel speaker and a subwoofer) placed in front.  

Using multiple sets of speakers provides a better sound blend between all the different ranges because each speaker can produce a specific range. For example, the front speakers produce mid-range sounds while the center channel speaker produces high-end sounds, and the subwoofer produces low-end sounds. 

What is a subwoofer?  

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies. These should be placed in front of you between your two main speakers if possible because you do not want them to produce sounds that are too loud. If the subwoofer produces sounds that are too loud it can damage your hearing. 

What is a center channel speaker?  

The center channel speaker sits directly in front of your TV, creating the vocal range for multi-channel audio sources. It works with the left and right speakers to deliver a more cinematic listening experience. The center channel speaker is placed directly under or above the TV screen, with three speakers being preferred over two for a better sound blend. 

What are the main speakers?  

Main speakers produce most of the sounds you hear throughout a movie, and they should be placed at least 36 inches from the wall; ideally, they should be placed two feet from the TV and angled towards the listening position (which is usually where your couch or theater chair will be). 

What speakers should I avoid buying?  

Be wary of any surround sound system that only has one set of large speakers for all channels, because it will not produce full-range sounds. Also avoid purchasing a surround sound system with a single subwoofer, because low-end response will not be balanced. 

A surround sound speaker system usually consists of five or more speakers placed around your home theater area. The front main speakers should ideally be at least six feet apart and the center channel speaker should be placed between the two front speakers; it can also be positioned above or below your TV screen, so it is more visible. During the buying process, consider the size of the room you must work with and ensure that speakers should be placed both above and below your TV. 

Your receiver will determine what type of surround sound speaker system you need because some are Dolby Digital enabled while others are not. Also look for speakers that are digitally ready so you can take advantage of the latest audio formats. 

Your surrounding sound speakers should produce unmistakable sound with no static, crackling or popping noises. Each set of speakers should be well-constructed and not rattle or vibrate when turned up high.  

If any speaker sounds distorted, move it away from the wall or any other speaker. The five speakers should also be equally balanced in terms of volume, tone, and clarity. Finally, try to purchase speakers that are within the same price range because you will get better sound quality when comparing related products. 

Is Black Friday the best time to buy home theater speakers? 

Electronics retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy typically hosts annual sales on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. However, if you are trying to find the best deals for home theater speakers, there are several things that you need to consider before buying during this time of year. 

There is usually an influx in holiday customers during Black Friday weekend, which means that the selection of home theater speakers is likely to be slim. It may also take longer than usual for the items you select to be brought out and stocked on shelves. If you are buying a speaker system, it is important to make sure all the components are there before leaving the store, so you do not miss any savings. 

Electronics are popular purchases during Black Friday weekend, so you are likely to encounter more people shopping in the aisles. The increased foot traffic may make it harder for you to hear each speaker and truly test its sound quality, which is essential when buying speakers. With less selection and longer lines, some customers may consider waiting until Cyber Monday to get better deals on home theater speakers. 

While you may find some great holiday deals for home theater speakers during Black Friday weekend, keep in mind that you will need to be patient and plan before buying. Before leaving the house, make sure your car is up to date with its maintenance and gas, so you can take advantage of Black Friday deals without any unnecessary distractions. If you are set on buying home theater speakers, Cyber Monday is another wonderful time to find deals online. 


There are several home theater speakers on sale as we head into Black Friday, and if you want to find the best deals for your new surrounding sound system, be sure to keep reading.  

We have compiled some of the top options from varied brands that should help ensure you get everything you need without breaking the bank.  

If space is an issue and you want something small but powerful, consider adding one or more bookshelf speakers with built-in subwoofers to create a great listening experience in any room.  

For those looking for larger speaker systems, there are plenty of floor standing models available at discounted prices that can fill even large spaces with high quality audio. Be sure to check out all the offers before making your decision. 

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