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Showering is an essential part of any morning routine, but it can be tough to get the perfect shower when you’re pressed for time. This year, skip the hassle and upgrade your shower with a handheld shower head.  

Handheld shower heads offer more flexibility and versatility than traditional showers, making them a great choice for busy people who want to get clean quickly. If you’re looking for a great handheld shower head this Black Friday, we’ve got some great deals for you. Check out our picks below! 

Benefits of using Handheld Shower Heads 

Handheld shower heads are a great way to save money, conserve water and put the environment first. With each year costing Americans over one trillion gallons of clean drinking water, it can become difficult to stay on top of your monthly bills.  

Whether you’re replacing an old shower head or looking for something new, switching to a handheld shower head might be the way to go. 

Handheld showerheads are commonly used in bathrooms, to allow for water flow and pressure to be directed in a specific manner.  

A handheld showerhead can help save on water usage when compared with other styles of showerheads by delivering water in a smaller, more precise stream than what is typically seen in fixed mount models.  

These popular fixtures also offer convenience and ease of use, allowing the user to change the direction of water flow with a simple movement of the wrist. 

Handheld showerheads are available in multiple styles for almost any bathroom design. They can also be used to temporarily direct bath water during children’s bathing, or even installed on a long hose so that they may be used outside functions that require increased mobility.  

The fixtures are available with various spray patterns, including focused streams, multiple sprays, or gentle showers. 

Saving Money With Handheld Shower Heads 

Handheld showerheads are an affordable option for saving water usage when compared to standard fixed mount models. Their convenience and ease of use makes the stream of water flow more adjustable, so it can be minimized to a gentle trickle when desired.  

This feature is especially helpful during the summer months to lower overall water usage and reduce cooling costs by reducing the need for air conditioning to offset excess humidity from showers. 

Using a handheld showerhead also reduces the amount of wasted water that goes down the drain while waiting for hot water from the water heater to reach the shower area.  

If you are more comfortable waiting for warm or hot water, but like the option of having direct control over water flow, using a handheld fixture will help reduce this type of waste. 

Sizes and Styles for Any Bathroom Design 

Handheld showerheads come in a variety of styles to match nearly any bathroom motif. They are also available in an extensive range of sizes, to accommodate bathrooms with limited space or those that have multiple users sharing the same shower.  

The most common types of handheld showers feature a detachable head that can be removed for easy cleaning or replaced when worn down. Handles with on/off switches are also available for added convenience. 

Factors to consider when choosing Handheld Shower Heads 

The handheld shower head is a great assistance for a person who has trouble reaching all the way back. They are usually mounted on a flexible hose and can be raised or lowered at will. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a good one. 

Shower Type 

When it comes to choosing the right handheld shower head, one of the first things you need to do is determine exactly what type of shower head you desire. There are three main types: wall-mounted, fixed and adjustable handhelds. The wall mounted version usually takes up less space while the latter two versions take up more space but offer more versatility. Wall-mounted handhelds are usually used by the elderly and disabled. 

Fixed Handhelds 

A fixed handheld shower head is great for bathing children or washing pets, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of flexibility. The best thing about a fixed handheld is that it offers a very powerful spray. Another option for many people would prefer would be a rainfall handheld shower head. This type of shower head is a bit on the pricier side, but it offers a great soothing rain-like spray which many people prefer. 

Adjustable Handheld Shower Heads 

Finally, adjustable handhelds are preferred by most adults and pretty much everyone else. They offer a lot more flexibility by allowing you to direct the spray at will and not necessarily in a specific direction. The adjustable handheld is also much easier to clean as compared to their fixed counterparts, thus making them great for those with back problems or disabilities. 

Type Of Hose 

Some people prefer a very strong flow of water which can be hard on the skin and tender to the touch. Other people prefer a softer flow which is ideal after a long and arduous day at work. Some people also like it when the shower head sprays in multiple different patterns while others want it in one specific pattern or flow, depending on their mood that day. 

Flow Of Water 

The flow of water is another important consideration to make. Some handheld shower heads come with a very strong flow of water that can be too hard on the skin, while others feature a very soft flow that is ideal after an exhausting day at work. Many people also like it when their shower head has multiple patterns and flows making it great for washing children or pets which require a lot of bending and scrubbing. 

Price And Brand 

Finally, make sure you take the price and brand into consideration before making a purchase. Remember that high-quality shower heads usually cost more than regular ones but offer much better performance as well as added features such as adjustable spray patterns or flows to name a few. If you are on a strict budget, there are many models of handheld shower heads that will fit your requirements and price range perfectly. 

Is Black Friday the best time to buy Handheld Shower Heads? 

If you’re in the market for a handheld shower head, there’s no better time to buy than Black Friday. In fact, if you can’t buy it during the Thanksgiving weekend sales, then you might have to wait until next year!  

And if your home needs a new tub or bath faucet, it might be in your best interest to wait until after the holiday sales are over, in case you’re in the market for a completely new unit. 

You can expect to save up to 50 percent off the regular price. That goes for other water-saving features too, like low flow toilets and faucets, which will be slashed in price during Black Friday weekend.  

And while this is one of the best times of the year to buy a tub, Whalin says that January is another great time. After all the holiday water-saving devices have been installed, people are ready to “reward” themselves with an upgrade. 


Thanks for reading our blog post on the best handheld shower heads. We hope you found what you were looking for and that it helped answer any questions you had about this product!  

Be sure to come back next week when we’ll be talking more about Black Friday deals, or if there is anything else that interests you feel free to contact us here. 

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