Best Gaming Mouse Black Friday Deals

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Best Gaming Mouse Black Friday Deals – Sales Discount Offer 

Just in time for Black Friday, we have gathered the best gaming mouse deals available! Whether you are in the market for a new one or just want to see what is out there, we have you covered.  

So, whether you are a hardcore PC gamer or just like to play a little Farmville on your lunch break, read on for the best gaming mouse deals this Black Friday! 

Why should you buy a gaming mouse? 

Let us talk about why you should buy a gaming mouse. Gaming mouses are used by gamers while playing online games, shooting games and while battling in war games. It is especially useful for multiplayer FPS (first person shooter) games like Counter Strike where a millisecond counts when aiming at the enemy. 

A gaming mouse is a piece of hardware that assists in the advancement of your skills and capabilities towards playing video games. The best ones are designed with three attributes, each listed below: 

  • A good sensor to give you control over input accuracy  
  • Loaded with buttons so you can bind complex actions to them  
  • Look great on your desk 

A first-person shooter (FPS) is a type of game where you view your character from the perspective of his eyes and use that as part of the gameplay. For this kind of game, you want to have as much control as possible over how finely you can tune your input controls. A good gaming mouse will allow you to alter dpi, which is how sensitive your pointer movement is.  

You should be able to easily access all the buttons on your gaming mouse, especially if it is an FPS or fighter game you are playing. This means that buttons should be placed near the thumb so you can keep both hands on the keyboard without needing to move them around too much. For FPS games, the ability to alter macros on-the-fly is especially useful.  

A gaming mouse can help you maintain immersion in your game by matching up with the color scheme of the desk or mouse on. It is also awesome looking at the lights up through the desk which are shining from it! 

Factors to consider when buying a gaming mouse 

How do you know which type of mouse is right for you when looking to buy a new gaming mouse? There are many options out there and it can be tough trying to figure out what will work best for your specific needs.  

All gamers have different preferences when it comes to comfort, grip style, sensitivity settings and responsiveness. This article should help give you some general knowledge of the factors that you should consider when looking to buy a new mouse. 


When buying a gaming mouse, one of the most important things you will need to take into consideration is the sensor type. The sensor determines how well your mouse reads its movement across your surface – so if there are any obstructions in its way, or if you are exerting a lot of force into your movements, the sensor will let you know. This factor is very important because it will influence how accurate and responsive your mouse is when playing games. 

Some mice have laser sensors which can pick up on surfaces that they would not be able to detect with an optical sensor – such as clear glass or glossy wood. There are also optical sensors that can work on most surfaces, including reflective ones like aluminum. A newer technology used in gaming mice is the PMW3366 sensor made by Pixart (owned by ASUS) which combines both laser and optical technologies to give you superior tracking quality on almost any surface. 

The last thing you should be aware of regarding sensors is whether you choose an optical sensor, laser sensor or the PMW3366 – each one will give you a different feel when moving your mouse. The difference can be very subtle but it’s important to keep in mind what the differences are. 

For example, if you choose an optic sensor with high DPI, you may find that your mouse feels ‘twitchy’ or choppy while moving – whereas a laser sensor with the same DPI will feel smoother while moving. 

Another thing to keep in mind is how high DPI counts are required for the games you are playing. If you are playing fast-paced FPS games then 1800 or above may be necessary for accurate control over your character, but if you are playing slower paced games like MOBAs, you can get away with a DPI count of 800-1200 without any problems. 

Sensor size also plays a large role in how well the mouse tracks and responds to your movements. Some mice will track better than others – and will not track at all on some surfaces that it should be able to detect. You can determine whether the sensor size is right for you by considering the playstyle you have while gaming and deciding how much of your hand’s movements are accurate enough to warrant using a larger sized mouse. A bigger sensor also means more room for more buttons, so if you are looking to have a ton of buttons on your mouse, you should consider larger sensor sizes. 

Mouse Shape/Grip Styles 

When it comes to the overall shape of the mouse, there are many different options that will offer unique grips or playstyles. There are mice that are incredibly ergonomic which allow for long periods of comfortable use without aching joints or stiffness, and there are also mice that provide enhanced grip comfort. The shape of a mouse mainly comes down to personal preference – some people swear by ergonomic shapes while others will only be comfortable using standard shaped mice. 

One of the most recent innovations in the gaming industry is the shift from bulky ergonomic mice to lightweight ergonomic mice. The idea behind this is to reduce the amount of stress on your joints over long periods of use, so if you are someone that has issues with your wrist or hands then you should consider lighter weight designs. 

There are also many different sizes that come into play when it comes to mice – small, medium and large. Basically, you want to consider your hand dimensions and how comfortable they will be with the size of the mouse you are looking into purchasing. For example, if you have small hands then a large sized mouse might not be comfortable for you – but if your hands are larger than average then a large sized mouse may work just fine. 

Next, we’ll look at some of the buttons and what you should consider when purchasing a new gaming mouse. 

Mouse Buttons/Customizability 

Some mice will come with more buttons than others, this is mainly because there are different shapes and sizes of mice – so for example you may need more buttons on a large sized mouse than on a small one. However, you also need to consider how many buttons are necessary for the games that you play. 

If you are playing MOBAs or other slower paced strategy games, then one of the best options is a mouse with only 4-5 buttons which will be enough for your needs. If you are someone that plays MMOs or faster paced competitive games like CS: GO or DOTA 2, you may want to investigate mice with more buttons. 

Nowadays the industry standard for FPS games is 4 button mice; left click, right click, scroll wheel and one DPI switcher button (used to change mouse sensitivity on-the-fly). For other genres like MOBAs there are a variety of mice with different shapes and button layouts to play MOBAs. Some have a total of 5 buttons while others have a total of 7 buttons – all depending on the specific mouse you are looking into purchasing. 

When it comes to customizability there are mice out there that allow for extensive personal customization. For example, the Razer DeathAdder allows you to change the color of your mouse wheel and logo lighting – as well as being able to use software to create custom macros using all its buttons. 

There are also mice out there with adjustable DPI settings which allow you to quickly change between different sensitivities depending on what you need at a given time. For example, if you are sniping someone in CS: GO you might want to use a lower sensitivity as your hand movements will be less dramatic. However, if you are playing an FPS where you need to sprint constantly then a higher DPI setting which allows for quick maneuvers may benefit you more. 

In addition to adjusting DPI settings – other gaming-oriented mice allow you to adjust your lift-off distance (LOD) and angle snapping (can be used to make your cursor ‘snap’ to certain objects in-game). 

Brand & Price 

When it comes to mice, the biggest factor you must consider is whether it will suit your needs. You need to ask yourself what games do I play? What kind of hand shape/size do I have? What’s my budget? 

There are a variety of brands out there that all focus on making gaming-oriented mice, however some companies will put more money into key components such as sensor vs weighting system. Also, how the mouse fits in your hand are also important so you should look at reviews and decide whether the mouse you are looking into purchasing is comfortable for you. 

You also need to consider what kind of grip do you use when playing games – some companies focus more on claw-grip while others focus more on palm-grip; all depending on your individual playstyle.  

Lastly, there is a huge variety of mice to choose from in terms of pricing. For example, there are some good quality mice out there that only cost $20 and some very expensive ones which can go upwards of $200+. You need to pick a price range and stick within it to find the best mouse for you. 

Picking a gaming mouse can be confusing, but by considering all the factors mentioned above you should be able to find a mouse that suits your needs. 

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a gaming mouse? 

Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving where many stores offer special deals and discounts on products. On this day, people hunt for the best deals they can find in preparation for Christmas gifts or their own personal use. Would Black Friday be a good time to buy a gaming mouse? 

Gaming mice are designed specifically with purposeful ergonomics, fast tracking, and high accuracy. They are also much more expensive than regular mice that can be found at discount retailers or bargain sales. 

Due to the nature of a Black Friday sale, gamers would really have to be on their feet ready to take advantage of any sales available. Other factors such as weather conditions may also affect a would-be gamer’s ability to shop. If a gamer were able to start shopping for a new mouse on Black Friday, they would not be guaranteed the best deal available compared to other times during the year (notably June and December). 

However, depending on which store they are shopping at, Black Friday may yield some good deals if gamers are ready with their feet and their wallets. 


With Black Friday just a few days away, it’s time to start thinking about where you want to spend your money this holiday season.  

If you’re looking for some of the best gaming mouse deals on the internet, we have compiled a list of all our favorite stores and what they are offering so that you can find one with low prices and high-quality products.  

Whether you need a new wired or wireless gaming mouse for Christmas gifts or maybe even an upgrade from your dusty old office-grade mouse (don’t worry–we won’t judge!), there’s something here for everyone who is avid gamer during the holidays!  

So, stop by our post today to see which store has the lowest price – but don’t forget to leave us a comment letting us know what you bought! 

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