Best Curved Gaming Monitor Black Friday Deals

Last updated on May 2, 2023 3:04 pm

Best Curved Gaming Monitor Black Friday Deals – Sales Discount Offer

Even though we’re technically into the weekend of leftover turkey sandwiches and reheated pecan pie, these Black Friday curved monitor deals are still available. If you’ve only recently decided that you need to upgrade, or if you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to treat yourself, now is the time to act. 

Curved monitor deals on Black Friday are particularly appealing because these wraparound marvels are frequently more expensive than bland, straight edge counterparts. If you need one final check before you buy, consult our list of the best-curved gaming monitors to gain a better understanding of what to look for in a bendy bargain. 

One of our favorite Black Friday curved monitor deals is still available through Sunday morning, but only for a limited time. The Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor for $1,099.99 at Dell represents a savings of $850 on a stunning piece of equipment. If your purse strings are a little tighter, Amazon is still offering an $80 discount on a Samsung 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor. 

Whatever you’re looking for, you can also see what’s still available in our Black Friday gaming monitor deals, Black Friday 1440p monitor deals, or even Black Friday 4K monitor deals if you’re looking for a specific resolution. However, if it’s the refresh rate that gets your pistons pumping, the Black Friday 144Hz monitor deals are almost sure to have something for you. Here, however, we’re exclusively focused on Black Friday curved monitor deals. While Black Friday has passed, we will continue updating and refreshing this list until our eyes fall out, so check back frequently. 

Where will the best-curved monitor deals be on Black Friday? 

We will be covering all the best Black Friday curved monitor deals right here, so bookmark this page and check back on the big day. However, we know that certain retailers on both sides of the pond will carry the best of the bunch. The stores listed below are the best places to shop for the best and biggest bargains. 

When do Black Friday deals on curved monitors begin? 

The best Black Friday curved monitor deals will occur on November 26, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, or on ‘Friday’ in the United Kingdom. 

It will also be worthwhile to keep an eye out for deals before that, as monitor prices frequently begin to fall further once the calendars turn to November. The best ones may sell out quickly on Black Friday. However, we will be updating this page well in advance on Friday to ensure you do not miss any great deals. Black Friday week, which begins on Monday before, will significantly ramp up retailers’ efforts. 

Is it worthwhile to purchase a curved gaming monitor on Black Friday? 

Since curved gaming monitors are currently one of the more expensive gaming panels available, particularly in QHD and 4K, Black Friday curved gaming monitor deals are a lifeline for snagging one of the best screens for less. We strongly advise you to wait until Black Friday for the best deals, as you are unlikely to find significant discounts on any given day. 

What To Expect On Black Friday For Curved Monitor Deals 

It is always tricky to predict the exact details of the Black Friday curved monitor deals. Monitor prices are also volatile – they are just one segment of gaming technology where prices rarely remain constant for an extended period.  

This is beneficial because it ensures that there is always a deal to be made – even during the leanest of times – but it is detrimental because it makes it quite challenging to pin down what constitutes a genuinely great deal.  

Utilizing price comparison websites such as Camel is an excellent way to view the price history of an item on Amazon – both from the retailer and from third-party sellers; this piece of advice applies to any deal you want to check this year. 

However, there may be some models to keep an eye out for in more specific terms of monitors. This year, Samsung’s Odyssey monitors have been an excellent addition to the gaming monitor market. While the extra-premium Odyssey Neo G9 may require a significant price cut to become genuinely affordable this year – its list price is $2,500 – we have seen only a smidgeon of its price drop since it became available. With Samsung constantly involved in deals, this one may be worth monitoring for something more substantial. Its non-Neo cousin, the regular G9, starts at a lower price ($1,400) and reaches a low of just under $1200 in December last year. We believe that a cost of around $1,000 would be an excellent compromise this year. 

Alienware and Dell monitors are perennial favorites for Black Friday curved monitor deals. The Alienware premium has always distinguished them at the low end of the price spectrum, but when the sales come along, this premium is wiped out and completely negated. And a little more. This makes Dell a store worth bookmarking now, as they frequently have the lowest prices of the year during the winter – which can then be matched by retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. 

 Some so many monitors will be available at delectable prices this year from the likes of LG, ASUS, AOC, and BenQ that we cannot go into detail about them all and their prices – just know that if you keep an eye on the retailers, understand what you are looking for, and are familiar with its price history, you will be able to snag a deal. 

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