Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Black Friday Deals

Most garden power tools benefit from being cordless, but this is especially true for the humble hedge trimmer. Nothing is more inconvenient than dealing with an extension cable and a dangling power cord when you have a large hedge to trim and tidy. Additionally, hedge trimmers’ inherent design makes it far too easy to cut through the cord if clipping at an angle without paying attention. It happens – and when it does, it can be dangerous. 

Fortunately, cordless hedge trimmers have improved significantly in recent years while also decreasing prices. Additionally, they come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from lightweight trimmers ideal for creative topiary to monstrous monster trimmers capable of tackling the most epic of coniferous hedges. Whatever your requirements and regardless of the size of your garden, there is a cordless hedge trimmer that is ideal for you. 

The size of the blade is your most important consideration. Hedge trimmers range in length from 35cm to 65cm, excluding the smallest topiary clippers. Trimming a long hedge will be easier and faster with a longer blade, and you will have more reach to deal with taller shrubs and hedges. A longer blade means a heavier hedge trimmer to get the best of both worlds. 

The gap between the teeth on the blade and the size of the teeth themselves plays a significant role in determining how thick a branch or twig can be before the trimmer cannot cut it. Longer blades, overall, tend to have larger teeth and a wider gap, but even within the same blade length, there are some variations. A more powerful electric motor will be necessary to cut through thicker materials, so keep that in mind when making this purchase. 

Consider the type of hedge you are trying to trim when determining how big a twig or branch can be cut with a trimmer, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations. Conifer branches, for example, are much more difficult to remove than a hedge of lonicera or hornbeam. 

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Black Friday Deals – Sales Discount Offer 

Everybody admires well-maintained shrubbery. However, what about the trimming task? Certainly not. You will need a tool that is optimized for speed, mobility, and power to shear those bushes quickly and easily. 

Only one type of hedge trimmer meets this requirement: the battery-powered hedge trimmer. It lacks a tangled power cord and a roaring gas engine with a scorching muffler. 

It is powered by a small but powerful electric motor that powers the reciprocating blade and the drivetrain. Additionally, it utilizes the same battery as a cordless drill or string trimmer, simplifying the process. 

Even a light-duty and inexpensive hedge trimmer will suffice if you only have a few yews to shape. For tall and long hedges, you will need a tool that is up to the task, something that is close to professional grade. 

Trimmers with a larger motor, a more critical drive mechanism, and a longer cutting bar are larger, more expensive, and more powerful. 

These are trimmers equipped with a higher-voltage battery and motor (36 volts and higher). The large-voltage motor can long trim sessions and be cutting through thick branches. Overall, heavy-duty models have sharper blades and produce a cleaner cut. 

However, when you upgrade to a heavy-duty, long-bar trimmer, you will gain between one and two pounds in weight. That may not seem like much, but on a sweltering day, it is noticeable, especially if you are kneeling or bending. 

Use a trimmer with a 22- to 24-inch-long bar unless you are trimming a large hedge with only one side accessible. For wide or extremely tall bushes, use a trimmer with a bar length of 26 inches or longer. Increased bar length adds weight to the trimmer and creates a cantilever effect when trimming with your arms extended. 

There are, of course, additional features to consider, such as a large handle opening if you intend to trim while wearing work gloves. Alternatively, a hedge-sweep bar could be used (a fin that brushes fallen trimmings off the top of the shrub as you work). This is especially useful when trimming large, flat-topped hedges, as the trimmings tend to fall over and become stuck in the bush unless they are moved. 

Electric hedge trimmers do not require fuel refilling, but they need you to be near an outlet, making them ideal for smaller yards. Here is our list of the Best Black Friday Hedge Trimmer Deals for 2022. 

In general, you can say that Hedge Trimmer offers many benefits. 

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Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Black Friday Deals – Buying Guide 

After determining the needs of your yard and selecting the best type, it is time to consider the numerous additional factors and features that different hedge trimmers have to offer. The following are the primary factors to consider during your search. 


Hedge trimmers are practical tools, but the amount of power available varies by product. The primary indicator of strength is the source of energy. 

Gas hedge trimmers will provide more power than electric hedge trimmers. However, electric models come in a range of power outputs. Those with a higher voltage can complete more complex tasks more quickly than some more affordable models with a lower voltage. 

The amount of power required is entirely dependent on the type of hedges being trimmed, their size, and your level of comfort with power. 


The primary benefits of paying a premium are increased power and convenience with hedge trimmers. The cheapest hedge trimmers will be corded, lightweight models ideal for smaller jobs. These can be purchased for as little as $30. 

When the convenience of a cordless model is added, the minimum price increases to around $60, but the ability to trim more hedges from further away from the house significantly increases. Additional features such as a more robust battery, a longer blade, and a faster charging time can add to the cost, making larger jobs easier. 

Gas hedge trimmers are typically more expensive than electric ones, starting at around $250 and reaching well over $500. While the more expensive gas models are advantageous for contractors and businesses, most home users should be able to meet their needs with a less expensive option. 


Hedge trimmers are available in a variety of blade lengths. Longer ones can help you trim your hedges more evenly, but they can also be challenging to manage and unwieldy if you are working in a small space. 

An 18″ blade will suffice for most typical hedges. If your hedges are larger than usual, a 20″ or larger blade may make the job easier, provided you have the space to maneuver it. If you are new to hedge trimming, it is recommended that you begin with a shorter blade, as it is safer while you are still getting used to the work. 

Types of Blades 

Apart from length, the two most crucial factors to consider for blades are the spacing between the blade teeth and whether the edges are single or double-sided. 

The distance between the blade teeth, or blade gap, determines the utility of your hedge trimmer for various branch types. Commercial hedge trimmers typically have blade gaps of an inch or more, but many home users will be content with blade gaps between 3/8 and 34 inches. 

Single-sided blades are more secure and maneuverable, as you can easily keep the trimmer’s side with the edge facing away from you. However, for those familiar with hedge trimmers, a double-sided option can significantly increase the speed of your trimming work, as it cuts on both sides simultaneously. 


The weight of a hedge trimmer has a significant impact on its ease of use. Heavy hedge trimmers are more challenging to hold aloft and can quickly tire even experienced users, but they are typically more powerful. In general, lighter models will be much easier and safer to use, especially for those new to operating a hedge trimmer. 

Utilization Ease 

As previously stated, weight is a significant factor in ease of use. The other crucial factor is the hedge trimmer’s power source. 

Gas engines require more maintenance and can be more challenging to control, whereas electric motors are lighter and easier to start. Cordless electric models offer even greater convenience, as they can be taken anywhere without being tethered to a cord. 

Along with these primary factors, various features contribute to ease of use. Some hedge trimmers include an on-lock feature, eliminating the need to press the trigger continuously while working. 

Wraparound handles make it more comfortable to hold the trimmer for extended periods. When maneuvering around a fence or wall, a rotating blade makes it easier to keep your trimmer at various angles. Additionally, a cordless hedge trimmer equipped with an extra battery can save you the hassle of waiting for a charge to complete a project. 


It is critical to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions regardless of the type of hedge trimmer you purchase to ensure safe use and long life for your hedge trimmer. While all hedge trimmers require some maintenance, the work needed varies depending on a few factors. 

With gas trimmers, you will need to monitor their fuel levels and refill with the proper mix of oil and gas as required. Additionally, you will need to replace the spark plug regularly and keep the intake vent clear. At the end of the season, run the stabilizer through the engine and ensure the trimmer is stored correctly. 

It is necessary for all types of hedge trimmers to monitor the blades and ensure they remain sharp. You may need to periodically sharpen your blades or replace worn-out blades with new ones to keep your hedge trimmer in good working order. Additionally, you will want to keep your hedge trimmer clean between uses. 


Safety must be paramount when working with a tool as powerful as a hedge trimmer. High-powered blades are not to be trifled with. Anyone new to using a hedge trimmer should choose a lightweight model with good safety features and carefully follow all instructions. For years, even those trimming hedges should avoid becoming complacent and always treat the blades with care while cutting. 

Numerous hedge trimmers incorporate safety features into their design. Tooth extensions assist you in keeping the blades away from your body. Some hedge trimmers automatically cut power to the edge when the trigger is released, reducing the risk of an accident. Additionally, some include front-handle shields that assist you in keeping your hand away from the blade during use. 

At least as critical as the features included with the hedge trimmer are the precautions users take while working. To minimize your risk when using a hedge trimmer, it is recommended that you wear safety glasses and gloves and, for louder models, invest in some earplugs or other hearing protection equipment as well. Additionally, thoroughly read all manufacturer-provided information before using a new hedge trimmer to ensure that you are following all manufacturer-provided safety guidelines when using your new tool. 


Electric hedge trimmers are frequently significantly quieter than gas-powered trimmers, which is a significant advantage for users who dislike loud noises and wish to avoid upsetting their neighbors. 

However, if you require the power of a gas hedge trimmer, be prepared to purchase earplugs or another form of hearing protection. If you are concerned about the noise level of a hedge trimmer you are considering, check the reviews to see if other customers mention how loud it is, or contact the manufacturer to request the decibel level. 


Ideally, you want to invest in a hedge trimmer that will last for years. Since powerful machines like this have many moving parts, your best bet is to look for a brand with a formidable reputation for providing a good warranty on their products. 

Customer reviews can also provide insight into how long a hedge trimmer will last. However, how you use it and how well you maintain it will also play a significant role in its lifespan. 

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Black Friday Deals – Conclusion 

Check out some Hedge Trimmer from various brands while you are shopping for Black Friday deals because you will get a ton of value. Be confident that these Hedge Trimmer will not break the bank because brands are expected to provide a significant discount. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our review of the best Hedge Trimmer. If you have any questions about our blog or our reviews, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can. 

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