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Working in a restaurant or hotel kitchen, you need the best chef shoes aside from your knife skills and cooking talent. There are many kinds of these shoes based on your needs or condition, like a plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

Looking for the right kind of chef shoes is important because it will improve your overall comfort and work enjoyment, as you will be standing, moving and walking on what you’re wearing on your feet. And you don’t need an ordinary pair of shoes that might cause you to slip due to oil and soap in the workplace. Plus, any regular shoes might not be able to keep up with the abuse and use you will need them for in the kitchen.

So whatever you’ll be choosing for your feet will affect your entire work experience. Just imagine how many hours each day you will be wearing these shoes and what level of safety a typical pair of plastic or rubber shoes could give you in a busy commercial kitchen. Without even saying, you should choose the right chef shoes for plantar fasciitis, let’s say.

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But on the market, many choices abound, and they could easily confuse anyone who is a first-timer in buying these types of shoes. No worries, though, as the following are the top picks that you might want to consider with a particular feature, as follows, that you should also look into when buying chef shoes.

      • Price
      • Material
      • Design
      • Comfort
      • Special Features


    When looking for chef shoes, you should know how much you’re willing to spend. There are high-quality shoes at affordable prices, yet they are also durable. On the other hand, there are also more expensive selections that can offer added features, including support for your back for its ergonomic design. In the following, we’ve compared the three featured products based on price.

        • Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog : This pair isn’t the most affordable in the group, but you will love it for its cool design and comfortable feel, especially for sore feet. It is a top rater chef shoes on the market that you might want to consider for yourself so that you will have a total work enjoyment, no matter how many hours you’ll be using it. So if the price isn’t a concern, you may want to select the Dansko versus other footwear.
        • Townforst Resistant Eamon Shoes : This pair is the middle-ranged product in our selection, and it may be for you if you’re not looking to spend too high on your chef shoes. It is more affordable than the Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog , but it may also be as durable.
        • Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog : This is the most affordable in the selection of chef shoes we’ve featured today. And so if you’re asking “What are the best chef shoes on the market?” then you might want to consider this one for its affordability while being a durable option. This is the budget shoes versus the more expensive Townforst Resistant Eamon Shoes and Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog.

      Our Top Choice for Price: Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog


      When it comes to materials, you should look for slip resistance, such as a grippy outsole to ensure that you won’t slip and fall when the work area is wet with oil and soap. Sometimes, you might also have to deal with spilled food and grease, or even fruit skins. And if you’re working on a hard kitchen floor, it may be unforgiving when you slipped and fell on it. What is more is when you’re carrying and then poured hot cooked food over yourself or someone else due to slipping on a wet floor.

      So in that case, you have to find slip-resistant materials when looking for chef shoes that can keep you safe all the time. But aside from slip-resistance, you may also want to choose comfortable materials, especially if you have to stand on your two feet for long hours. Thus, you should be looking for the most comfortable chef shoes ever so that you can have proper arch support with its cushioned heel.

          • Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog: The pair is made of imported and synthetic materials, along with synthetic sole. With such material, these shoes are water-resistant and durable. They are comfortable to wear even in the most demanding and wet conditions in a kitchen. You may want to choose this one if you’re looking for an affordable and at the same time durable chef shoes on the market. The description didn’t mention something about with arch support for back pain, but it states that it has a massaging footbed to provide you with comfort even for standing long hours in the work area. It also has a grippy outsole for added support and slip-resistance.
          • Townforst Resistant Eamon Shoes: This pair also has a slip-resistant outsole that passed the INTERTEK professional slip test. Thus, it might be better when it comes to slip resistance versus the Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog . The pair has the highest slip test level, and it is designed for pastry chef and anyone working in a busy commercial kitchen. It is also chosen by people in the service industries and healthcare as well. The smart shoes can also provide shock absorption for added convenience.
          • Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog : Versus the Townforst Resistant Eamon Shoes and the Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog , this pair proves to be the best option for its imported leather material and its rubber sole for safety and convenience. The product is also dependable for its durable shock absorption outsole.

        Our Top Choice for Material: Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog


        Aside from the price and material, you should also look into the design. For one, the pair should have breathable uppers or cushioned heel units for more comfort. Second, you may want to look for those with a great design for support that will protect your joints, legs and back as well as that have a breathable design to keep your feet feeling comfortable and prevent fungal infection and sores. The shoes should also have removable insoles that you can remove and change easily to suit your gait and arch structure, which is why you may want to look for shoes for flat feet, let’s say.

            • Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog : When it comes to design, this pair is perhaps one of the best options on the market. It has an open-heel clog design that has a padded front collar with a stapled welt that has an elegant heel and platform. It also fits perfectly for enough space behind the heel.
            • Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog : Crocs is one of the most known brands among healthcare, service and restaurant professionals for its durability and cool design. For this particular model, it has an excellent construction to meet high standards in the workplace, and it has closed heel and toe. And if you’re looking for more support, the chef shoes is designed with arch support to prevent back pain and sore feet. So when it comes to design, this product might be a better option than the Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog .
            • Townforst Resistant Eamon Shoes : Versus the Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog and the Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog , this pair wins regarding design. It has a fashionable look that keeps you in style while feeling comfortable all day long. It is lightweight and it is designed with cushioned insoles and a flexible midsole.

          Our Top Choice for Design: Townforst Resistant Eamon Shoes


              • Townforst Resistant Eamon Shoes: The chef shoes can provide you with support and comfort you need. It has a lightweight construction, along with supportive midsole and well-cushioned insole.
              • Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog : This footwear is made with the Croslite material for that custom fit and it can ensure comfort even if you wear it all day for its improved arch support. The product is also better than the Townforst Resistant Eamon Shoes for its tiny nubs that can provide you with a massage-like feel.
              • Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog : When it comes to comfort, you can rely on this option for its platform measuring about 0.75 and its open-heel clog design, which offers added support. The product is also made more comfortable for the ample space behind it heel and its shock absorbing outsole. It is also an easy slip-on product that has a padded instep and PVC frame. This product is best versus the Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog and Townforst Resistant Eamon Shoes in terms of comfort.

            Our Top Choice for Comfort: Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog

            Final Thoughts

            Finding the best chef shoes, you may want to start looking using this guide highlighting the top features to look for as well as comparing the featured picks. By using this review guide, you might be able to find the most comfortable and supportive shoes that will keep you safe and feel at ease no matter how many hours that you’d be wearing them daily. For this round, we find the Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog most recommended for its amazing design and intelligent construction to provide chefs, kitchen workers, healthcare professionals and service industry experts with the comfort, safety, and support they need in the workplace, although the two other products are also great in their own ways.

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